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Gordon Ramsay Faces Lawsuit

Chef Gordon RamsayChef is best known for his fiery attitude and interesting way with words. Thanks to FOX and the BBC, he’s become a bona fide reality celebrity – a chef that’s known for fixing problems and whipping other cooks into shape. But now, Chef Ramsay is in the spotlight not for his work on Hell’s Kitchen, but for alleged actions behind the scenes of his new FOX fall show, Kitchen Nightmares. There is no word, yet, on whether or not the lawsuit will hamper the fall premiere of Kitchen Nightmares, but FOX is a network known for thriving on even bad PR.

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Fanning the Flames of Hell’s Kitchen

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Gordon RamsayGordon Ramsay has got to be the most entertaining chef ever to be featured on reality TV. There isn’t a single chef on the Food Network – not Bobby Flay (who could never face off with Ramsay in a direct challenge), not Alton Brown (whose puns are tedious at best), and not even Masaharu Morimoto (my personal favorite) – who is half as fun to watch as Ramsay. I’ve even been tempted – tempted, mind you – to watch him on his other show, the one on the BBC. Such is the compelling draw of Ramsay.

It is hard, however, not to feel a little sorry for the aspiring chefs he roundly abuses in the kitchen. He screams, he curses, he calls them donkeys, and he even very seriously asked Bonnie “are you a dumb blonde?” She didn’t answer – she didn’t have to. Yes, he’s hell to work with. But at the same time, Chef Ramsay can be a pretty congenial, understanding guy. This much is obvious from the kind way he treats poor Aaron, the 48-year-old retirement home chef who broke down and began to cry before the bloody kitchen ever opened. At the beginning of last night’s episode, in fact before it ever began, I was convinced Aaron would be the next male to leave Hell’s Kitchen. After all, he’s already cried and seems to fail at nearly every task to which he’s been assigned – and last night, he didn’t do a whole lot to redeem himself. Yet, Aaron will carry on to cry another day, and I have nothing but trepidation for him. He has, quite obviously, lost himself somewhere in the back burners of Gordon Ramsay’s hard-core cooking world.

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Hell’s Kitchen Heats Up On June 4

Gordon Ramsay FOX’s summer reality hit will return for a third season just as temperatures outside are starting to get hot. Can’t take the heat? Get into Hell’s Kitchen, where world-class chef is serving up much more than fine cuisine. If you still haven’t discovered Hell’s Kitchen, you’re missing out. Think more angry Brits like Simon Cowell should be on TV? Want to see the dreams of young hopefuls shattered? Then you’ll love Hell’s Kitchen – hell hath no fire like chef Gordon. Last season alone, he mouthed off to a customer, called one competing chef a “donkey,” and stormed from the kitchen in a fit of pique. No-holds-barred, Ramsay tells twelve competing chefs exactly what he thinks of them and their cooking – and it’s all fabulous.

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Chef Ramsay Brings “Kitchen Nightmares” to Fox

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Gordon Ramsay For those of you who can’t get enough of Hell’s Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay, he’s cooking up (sorry, couldn’t resist) a whole new hellish reality kitchen show. This time around, Ramsay is developing a show called Kitchen Nightmares for Fox, the same network that brought you Hell’s Kitchen. In this unscripted series, Ramsay visits failing restaurants and gives them his brand of tough love by getting the eateries back on track. This show proves to be a full-scale restaurant makeover—from waitstaff, to chefs—and all in one week. The show begins production in February, and actually has been a successful show for BBC and BBC America.

Never fear though. Hell’s Kitchen will begin production later this month for its third season. You can expect it to air on Fox in the spring.

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