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VIDEO: SNL’s Jason Sudeikis as George W. Bush

Kanye West and former President George W. Bush (played by Jay Pharoah and Jason Sudeikis, respectively) stopped by SNL’s Weekend Update desk on Saturday to talk about their newfound friendship. The skit was inspired by the real Kanye West’s decision last week to apologize to Bush for suggesting he is racist.

Sudeikis performed ably as Bush, but he’s no Will Ferrell. Pharoah’s Kanye West was pretty good, but it was begging for an auto-tune moment. The skit was one of the more enjoyable of the episode, which starred Scarlett Johansson in the hosting position.

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Bye, Bye Bush: President Bids the Nation Farewell

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Looking and sounding appropriately grave, President delivered his Farewell Address to the nation last evening. He only preempted 15 minutes of programming and talked for about 13…but did it feel to anyone else that his speech utterly dragged on for ever? Once it was all over, I was wondering if Inauguration Day had already come and gone.

But no, not just yet it hasn’t. And as of today, President Bush can still make as many speeches as he want and we’ll all hum “All Hail the Chief” when he walks into a room. But ’s day in the Oval Office draws ever nearer - the event which promises to go down in Washington history is less than one week away.

In his speech, Bush pat himself on the back and spoke lengthy words of praise for America as a nation. He related stories of the aftermath from 9/11. He spoke hopefully of how strong the country shall one day be. He even seemed to provide a rare glimpse into his daily life as President, pointing out that life never returned to normal for him after the chilling terrorist attacks on the country.

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Will Ferrell Joins Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live

What’s better than a Tina Fey cameo on ? A Palin sketch that also includes Will Ferrell.

On tonight’s special Thursday broadcast, the popular SNL alum made a surprise return to play the current POTUS. Not so coincidentally, Will is also prepping to bring his version of Bush to Broadway next year.

Was Ferrell’s visit really a shameless promotion for You’re Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush? Who cares?

Busy Weekend Ahead for SNL

Josh Brolin and George W. BushEven though there are no more debates left to mock, Saturday Night Live has still managed to stack this weekend’s show. And surprisingly, the news is not entirely about politics.

Since Josh Brolin was announced as the October 18 host, it’s been assumed that the actor would do a small screen version of his work on W. But in a recent interview with People magazine, the No Country for Old Men star joked (?) that viewers might be seeing more than one George Bush that night.

“Expect a lot of fun and some surprising moments. There’s a good chance that W. [himself] may appear in a skit. You’ll have to watch to find out.”

And while a real-life POTUS appearance is anybody’s guess, we do know one politician who will be appearing this Saturday: Sarah Palin. Although she was reportedly scheduled for an October 25 visit, the McCain-Palin camp has confirmed the

publicity stunt

campaign stop will happen tomorrow.

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Don’t Count Out Recount

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Recount From the first trailer, I was intrigued. In the next moment, I was checking the upcoming TV schedule to be 100% sure my DVR would capture the movie at the first possible opportunity. And I’ve got to tell you, I just can’t wait to watch ’s Recount.

I had the dubious pleasure of living through the 2000 presidential election - and all the many, many television hours this momentous and highly historical race entailed. Every four years in November, we as a nation go forth to various polling locations to exercise our Constitution-given Democratic freedoms. But on the evening of November 7, 2000 most people went to sleep without knowing just who the hell the President of the United States would be. But eventually, the decision was made…and so was history. The eight years that followed were rife with events which could keep Hollywood script writers busy for the whole of the century. It was a defining moment, it was the catalyst which undoubtedly led to two earth-shattering wars, and it is still something which (at least, for me) remains shrouded in mystery.

No longer will this remain the case…perhaps. The HBO film Recount will take us back to the past, but what sort of picture will this flick paint?

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Presidents and Prime Time: Don’t They Mix?

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President George W. BushDespite big banner headlines and lots of flag-waving pictures, the must-touted visit from President to NBC’s Deal or No Deal didn’t help ratings. In fact, the show met it’s lowest ratings ever for a Monday broadcast despite the promise of the Commander-in-Chief.

Bush offered a taped message for an Iraq War veteran (Captain Joseph Kobes, U.S. Army) on the episode, though only 10 million viewers actually saw the footage. The presidential vote of confidence didn’t help Kobes win the million - in the end, the solider was stuck with a lowly $26,000 which was in turn tripled to $78,000 thanks to the Deal Wheel.

“I’m thrilled to be on with you tonight,” President Bush told his audience. “Come to think of it, I’m thrilled to be anywhere with high ratings these days.” Joke’s on you, Mr. President. Next time, try an appearance on Gossip Girl - that show is getting much better press.

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President Bush Delivers Last ‘State’

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George BushMonday night saw the very last (scheduled) address delivered by our Commander-in-Chief, President (Dubya). He preempted a great deal of network and coverage for this speech to members of Congress and the nation. (A full transcript of the speech can be found at the official White House site.)

The real meat of Bush’s speech centered on the last seven years and bills he wants Congress to pass in the coming weeks. After a ton of hemming and hawing on a number of topics - he did mention voting in the next election at the top of the hour and alluded to the possible recession and economic decline in which the country currently finds itself - he got around to the issue everyone wants to know more about: our troops.

Calling the War on Terror “the defining ideological struggle of the 21st century,” Dubya announced he will require 3,200 more Marines in Afghanistan. He also talked on his Return on Success policy which will help bring 20,000 troops back to U.S. shores in “the coming months.”

He lauded his own success with No Child Left Behind and promised new budget cuts would create a surplus in the nation’s finances. Speaker of the House gamely managed to keep a straight face as Dubya applauded his own efforts with the nation’s education. Bush called for new Pell Grants for Kids totaling $300 million, and at least mentioned the possibility of renewable energy during his time on the floor. But he also asked that Congress continue to fund the troops, praising those who are currently serving on the front lines (to stirring applause from both sides of the aisle).

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CNN: In it for the Long Haul

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Barack ObamaCable news network will try something never-before-seen for this year’s exciting election coverage: they’re going to squeeze all the fun out of it with consecutive forty-hour live coverage. And you thought they couldn’t possibly make poll results more uninteresting.

February’s “Super Tuesday” is the event. Coverage begins at six in the morning Feb. 5, when polls open in more than twenty states. The coverage ends at 11 pm the following Wednesday. Results of the polls won’t even be available until well into the evening of Feb. 5, but that’s not stopping CNN. Meanwhile, the network will show live coverage of candidates through the weekend, including debates. It’s all the politics you can stand, complete with tired TV anchors and plenty of pretty poll graphs. But don’t let’s get too far ahead of ourselves…the White House isn’t empty yet.

So that no one forgets we still have a President in office, will preempt network programming this coming Monday night for an hour-and-a-half-long State of the Union address. I always have a bad feeling when one of these occurs, fearful as always that the US is about to declare war on yet another country. But who knows? Maybe he’s just going to give us all health care instead of going to war. That’ll be that day.

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