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Lindsay Lohan Mocks Troubles on SNL

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Lindsay Lohan on SNL

Lindsay Lohan poked fun at her troubled personal life when she hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend.

The Mean Girls actress - who has endured several stints in rehab and a string of legal problems in recent years - kicked off the show by referring to her stint under house arrest in the opening monologue. "Wait, so the alarm goes off if I leave the stage?" she joked.

Bridesmaids actress Kristen Wiig also mocked the guest host, giving her a hug that turned into a body search for illicit substances, quipping "she's clean" at the end.

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TV Talk: Syfy to Air Greatest American Hero…and Cooking Show

The Greatest American Hero-Believe it or not, I’m walking on air! Syfy plans to air a 20-hour Greatest American Hero marathon on July 4. The show hasn’t been on TV since 1983.

-Speaking of Syfy, the channel plans to do something out of this world: air a cooking show. Former Top Chef contestant Marcel Vigneron will front Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen.

-Homer Simpson ranks #1 on Entertainment Weekly‘s list of the 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years. Harry Potter came in second; Buffy Summers was third.

-Rehab will have to wait for Tila Tequila and Jason Wahler. Due to a lack of notable participants, taping on the next edition of Celebrity Rehab has been postponed.

-Maybe Dr. Drew should talk to Sonja Morgan? The Real Housewives of New York City star was arrested over the holiday weekend for suspicion of DUI. She is expected in court on June 21.

Katherine Heigl: I Left Grey’s for Family, not Film

Katherine Heigl on Entertainment Weekly cover

Although many people assumed (like I still do) that Katherine Heigl chose to leave Grey’s Anatomy for the big screen, the actress says that simply isn’t true.

In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, Heigl claims that her early exit from the show - she cut her contract 18 months short - was prompted by the arrival of her adopted daughter, Naleigh. “I started a family and it changed everything for me,” Katherine stated. “It changed my desire to work full-time.”

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TV Talk: Top 10 TV Shows, Menzel on Glee, MST3K on Hulu

The Comeback's Lisa Kudrow-Entertainment Weekly has just named their 10 Best TV Shows of the Decade. Am I the only one who didn’t care for The Comeback?

-It looks like Rachel Berry’s lookalike may be visiting Glee after all! Wicked‘s Idina Menzel is in talks to play the coach of a rival glee club.

-Real Housewives’ Kim Zolciak took the party to Ellen DeGeneres when she performed “Tardy for the Party” in front of an actual audience. You can (try) watching her again here.

-Episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 were recently put up on Hulu. Now you can make running commentary in front of your own computers.

-VH1 has ordered a reality series based on the spouses of athletes. Basketball Wives will debut on March 15.

Upcoming Heroes Death Not So Shocking

Kristen Dos Santos

While reporter Kristin Dos Santos has been the source of many a good TV spoilers, she posted a breaking story on E!‘s site regarding Heroes that wasn’t quite so… shocking.

On top of divulging the “spoiler” flat-out in the title, Santos confirms the fact that Adrian Pasdar has been offed on the NBC action-drama. Wait a second—hasn’t he already been dead as of last season? I doubt that anyone was counting on a hero to bring him back from the afterlife…

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VIDEO: Dehydrated Survivor Contestant Collapses During Challenge

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Even though he’s already seen a contestant medivaced out of the Australian Outback after falling into a fire (you can relive that moment after the jump), Survivor‘s said last night’s incident with Russell Swan frightened him. “It was the scariest moment I’ve ever had on this show…nineteen seasons I have never been more afraid in my life of how bad things were.”

During a reward challenge, Swan collapsed in the middle of the competition due to hydration. Although the severity of the problem was initially unclear (all of the survivors were blindfolded), Probst immediately paused the challenge once he recognized the situation. The challenge was later canceled altogether.

“For the next 45 minutes we monitored Russell’s vital signs. We gave him water from his canteen. We gave him oxygen. We propped him up and gave him time to try to relax and get calm,” Probst detailed for Entertainment Weekly. Although there are times contestants return to the game after a visit with medics, the 42-year-old attorney was never given a choice. An unexpected drop in blood pressure forced the producers to end Swan’s run for him.

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Get Obsessed with Glee

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Glee cover - Entertainment WeeklyIf you’re not already among the multitude of Gleeks - that’s fans of the FOX show - it’s probably only a matter of time before catchy tunes, compelling stories and great acting turn it into your obsession, too.

Entertainment Weekly’s newest issue, scheduled for a Friday release, will reveal the inside scoop on upcoming episodes and music. Best of all, it also includes a feature on the hilarious , who plays Glee Club enemy Sue Sylvester. This sneak peek at the cover is only the beginning of what the issue offers.

But you don’t have to wait for Friday to hear all the recent Glee news. Want a hint about where the club is going musically? Just keep reading…

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Lost Season 6 to be one hour longer than expected

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Lost season 6

This is good news for fans that love so much that they can’t wait for the next season, but hate the fact that it’s the last, can take a bit of solace in the fact that season six will go one hour longer than originally planned. According to Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello on Twitter, “ABC confirms that Lost’s sixth and final season will total 18 hours, including two-hour premiere and two-hour finale.”

We still don’t want Lost to ever end, but hey, at least it’s something!

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Is T.R. Knight Leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

T.R. KnightAlthough it seemed like we had moved past the Isaiah Washington controversy and Katherine Heigl’s controversial remarks, the backstage drama at Grey’s Anatomy continues. Just over a month after Dr. Erica Hahn’s exit comes word of another possible Seattle Grace departure. This one being a voluntary one.

According to Entertainment Weekly, T.R. Knight (Dr. George O’Malley) has asked Shonda Rhimes to be released from the show - three years shy of his contract’s expiration date. This news comes after earlier rumors that Knight had been skipping table reads and had recently walked off the set during filming. (A source denied that ever happened.)

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24 Temporarily Halts Production

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Kiefer Sutherland on 24We should have known the show was troubled when they decided to bring Kim back

Even though the writers of were given extra time to craft a new season, production on the show will be halted for nearly three weeks starting September 15. (Filming will resume October 9.) The program’s executive producer told Entertainment Weekly this creative pause was needed to perfect the ending.

“We had a couple of scripts that we weren’t happy with. We just couldn’t get this direction to work, and we found another one that we liked better, so we wound up retooling it,” Howard Gordon stated.

While this news may be upsetting to impatient 24 fans - the show was already pushed back a year thanks to the writers’ strike - the delay will supposedly not affect the drama’s start date. Since eight episodes were already in the can before the last work stoppage, production was already ahead of schedule.

Day 7 of 24 will premiere sometime in January. Until then, a two-hour prequel will air on November 23.

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