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Dolly Parton: “I Turned Down X Factor”

Dolly PartonDolly Parton has turned down American Idol and The X Factor. The legendary singer was approached to join both shows as a judge over the years but admitted the only TV talent search she would ever consider appearing on is The Voice because it is more nurturing to its contestants.

"I've been asked to do American Idol and The X Factor almost every time there's a new season. [On The Voice] you don't have to judge that much and I hesitate to judge people," she said.

Dolly previously revealed she will always be grateful to Whitney Houston for making her song "I Will Always Love You" famous and credits her friends and God with preventing her from going down the same road as the tragic singer, who drowned following an accidental overdose in a hotel bathtub in February: "I thank God every day for that song - and Whitney made it popular worldwide. It's a very simple song, really, as simple as anything I've ever written. I've always had good and close friends, and a spiritual faith. God will take the wrong people and things out, and teach me to have the right people and the right things. Some people don't have that, and that's where it can go wrong."


This Week on TV (12/13-12/19)

MONDAY (12/13)

  • Two and Half Men (CBS, 9 P.M.): "Charlie and Courtney split up, and a depressed Charlie seeks solace from his psychiatrist, Dr. Freeman." Attend therapy while on the show? Could life be any easier for Charlie Sheen?
  • Hawaii Five-0 (CBS, 10 P.M.): "Chin Ho is abducted and an explosive device is strapped to his chest." If there's anything we've learned from Daniel Dae Kim, it's that he can survive explosions.
  • Hoarders (A&E, 10 P.M.): "A home in an upscale area is filled with items inside and out, and the owner has a homeless person living in the front yard." The owner's certain he could make use of that homeless guy some day.

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Carrie Underwood Holiday Special: Why Bother?

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Carrie Underwood

American Idol winner will take over the TV tonight for a two-hour holiday special that begins airing on FOX at 8 pm. Dolly Parton, Christina Applegate, David Cook and Brad Paisley are only a few of the stars you can expect to see. But should you actually spend your time watching this primetime event?

If you’re expecting a sweet holiday tear-jerker, don’t. Underwood’s special will undoubtedly be a star-studded event filled with great music and moments meant to make you laugh…but it’s also going to be over-stuffed with blatant promotional techniques that help suck any benevolence out of the season. Don’t forget that will be returning soon, and FOX has got an important agenda to push.

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American Idol: Another One Bites the Dust

American Idol Top 9

The contestants were all smiles as they performed the Dolly Parton hit “9 to 5,” but tensions seethed just below the surface as this group was quickly shuffled backstage to await their respective fates. The routine was peppy and poppy, with the singers gathering around the judges’ island to finish the number. Joy was short-lived, however, as attentions quickly turned to talk of elimination.

Idol very cleverly turns information which might take less than a minute to deliver (“hey, by the way, you just got kicked off the show”) into an hour-long spectacle replete with stage performances, video clips, and of course the endless cross-promotions. Elimination action is always very cleverly placed, little tidbits leading up to what is supposed to be a dramatic end. Were you shocked?

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