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Chace Crawford to Guest Star on 100th ‘Glee’ Episode

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Chace CrawfordGleeks, prepare yourself for Nate Archibald Chace Crawford!

The former Gossip Girl star is rumored to be appearing in the popular Fox series for its milestone 100th episode. To no one's surprise, an insider says that he'll be playing Quinn Fabray's love interest: "[Chace] will play Dianna Agron's boyfriend, whom she brings back to Lima to meet her friends." Also not surprising (hey, we've never heard him - can you blame us!) is that "his character will not be singing -- as of now."

Considering the fact that he's no stranger to teen dramas, the 28-year-old star seems to have fit in on the Glee set among his friends: "Chace is excited to work with [series co-creator] Ryan Murphy and his longtime friend Matthew Morrison... He knows most of the other cast as well."

Glee's 100th episode will air in two parts on March 18 and March 25.

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Dianna Agron: Being Away from ‘Glee’ Is Hard

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Dianna AgronDianna Agron is finding it "hard" to be away from the Glee cast.

The 27-year-old actress is upset at claims there was a rift between herself and the other stars of the show after she failed to appear in last month's special Cory Monteith tribute episode, and admits it has made dealing with the death of her co-star even more difficult.

Dianna - who played Quinn Fabray on the show - told Ireland's Independent newspaper, "Bad news spreads faster than anything good. And I think it's just such a shame, especially involving someone that we love so much, that the good old internet has taken everything that they want to say about it and spread it like wildfire. So I've nothing but love for that show and everybody involved in it and it was such a huge part of my life, so I think it's equally hard when I'm not there every day anymore, I don't see all of them every day anymore to have things like this fly around. It's more heartbreaking than it would be if I was there with everybody. It makes me feel even farther away from our show."

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Is Dianna Agron Leaving Glee?

Dianna AgronDianna Agron has hinted she has quit Glee.

The 26-year-old actress, who plays Quinn Fabray on the show, Tweeted an apparent admission that she isn't sure about her future on the series. After shooting her final scenes for season three, Dianna wrote what appeared to be a summary of her time at the job.

"I don't know all that is to come, but I know what a day like this means. Four years of love, light & support. To the cast, crew & creators. And to all of you that have shown your love along the way. We just can't thank you enough. This has always been a very surreal experience," she wrote.

The posts came an hour after her co-star Amber Riley - who played Mercedes Jones - announced her departure on the micro-blogging website. "Said our goodbyes to the rest of the cast who wrapped for the season just now.. So proud to work with such an amazing group of people," co-star Lea Michele wrote.

The upcoming graduation of several Glee characters has caused confusion about whether several actors will be staying on the show.

Glee: Sue-pervillains and ‘Neglected’ Stars

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Glee  Night of Neglect Gwyneth PaltrowTuesday’s “Night of Neglect” finally put an end to the Glee drought, but the show barely had time to fit in all the tender moments, twists and touching one-on-ones. Only four new tunes were featured in the episode, but at least the show made them count. But did they have anything to do with neglected artists or characters? …No, not really.

The show opened with a classic set-up: Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) rallying his team to participate in an idea that’s just doomed for failure. Because Sue Sylvester’s Cheerios money is all tied up in untouchable Cayman Islands bank accounts, New Directions found themselves again at funding odds. They need big bucks to make the trip to New York, and Will got the idea to fund the entire thing by selling salt-water taffy. At twenty-five cents a pop. This equals out to 20,000 pieces of taffy (egads!).

The bellyaching that followed put Mike Chang (Harry Shum, Jr.) over the edge. He revealed that four of the Glee club members (himself, Tina, Artie and Brittany) are members of the Brainiacs, the school’s academic decathalon team -- and, they’ve done so well they’re heading to finals in Detroit. But no one in the club even noticed. Will quickly added their funding needs to the projected salt water taffy sales.

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Glee: Original Songs and Bittersweet Regionals

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Glee had a lot of stuff (and songs) to squeeze into the “Original Song” episode, and as such viewers were treated to the first-ever cold opening in show history. Rather than wasting time on the usual recap, the show threw Gleeks right into a Warblers number (Maroon 5’s “Misery”).


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Glee: Splits and Sectionals

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Glee’s “Special Education” episode kicked off right away -- no time for a recap in this drama-packed installment. Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) presented Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays) with tickets to the upcoming Sectionals event … but she wasn’t really feeling it. She advised Will not to ignore all the rich talent he has in his New Directions club. This prompted Will to change all his Sectionals plans … and Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) didn’t take it very well.

Will’s decision to feature Brittany (Heather Morris) and Mike (Harry Shum, Jr.) in a dance number, and Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) in a solo didn’t upset Rachel alone. Finn Hudson (Cory Montieth) quickly incurred the wrath of Santana (Naya Rivera), who let the beans spill that she and Finn had a liaison last year … which Finn subsequently lied about to Rachel.


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Glee: Big Moments, Big Changes

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Glee’s latest episode had so much packed into it, our heads are still spinning. Burt Hummel (Mike O’Malley) and Carole Hudson (Romy Rosemont) had a big announcement for Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Finn (Cory Monteith) at the top of the episode: they’re getting married. Who else squealed with delight when Kurt announced, “you’re having a glee wedding!”?

Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) was also thinking of marriage. After exploring the wide world of Internet dating and finding only one match for her interests (extreme taxidermy, tantric yelling, poking the elderly with hidden pins), she began to mail out invitations…for her wedding to herself.

The video above shows Lynch singing “Ohio” with guest star Carol Burnett, who plays Sue’s Nazi-hunting mom. Rumor has it that Burnett suggested the song (which is from “Wonderful Town”) to Ryan Murphy. Sue’s mom is exactly what you’d expect - mean and tough as nails. We can’t wait to see more of her.

Finn’s mom wasn’t the only receiving a proposal. Another couple moved forward in their relationship this week …

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VIDEO: Chord Overstreet Talks Glee and Getting Naked

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The press caught up to Glee’s Chord Overstreet during a Lotus Cars event held over the weekend, and he offered up a few tidbits on working with gorgeous gals like Gwyneth Paltrow and Dianna Agron -- and why he won’t pose for Playgirl.

Overstreet was reportedly offered $100,000 to strip for the women’s mag, but turned it down. In the video above, he explains that he doesn’t really feel comfortable posing for such adult materials. “I’m not one to flash my business,” he explained.

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Glee: Spoilers, Rumors and Tidbits

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Been hearing rumors about upcoming episodes of Glee? So have we -- and we know whether or not they’re true.

Follow the jump to find out what you can expect from your favorite musical TV show this fall and winter.

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Glee Makes Music with Duets Episode

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Glee was little more somber , but the show balanced it out with plenty of fun on last night’s “Duets” episode. Not only did we get two Finn and Rachel numbers, we saw sparks fly between a new potential romantic pairing…and, we delved a little deeper into one of our new favorites: Brittany Pearce.

Did you see it? Do you want to re-hash it? Check out the full spoiler alert after the jump.

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