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Joaquin Phoenix Not All There for Letterman

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Actor-turned-rapper-turned-media-joke appeared on David Letterman’s late show last night, ostensibly to tout his new (and supposedly last) film Two Lovers. But if Letterman expected an actor who wanted to promote a film, he was in for a bit of a surprise.

True to form, the late night King handled himself with considerable aplomb as Phoenix remained uncommunicative and mumbled into his sizable (and unkempt) beard. “You look different than I remember you,” quipped early, eliciting hardly a spark of response from the actor.

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Captain Sullenberger to Visit CBS Programs

Captain Chelsey SullenbergerUPDATE: CBS’ The Early Show will also devote its entire broadcast on Monday to the Hudson River landing.

After weeks of minimal public appearances, Capt. Chelsey Sullenberger is ready to tell his story.

The heroic pilot of Flight 1549 will have his first sit-down chat with Katie Couric on Sunday, February 8th. Although he was once scheduled to speak with Matt Lauer about that Hudson River landing, CBS somehow managed to steal that exclusive right out from under NBC’s foot.

Two days after that interview, “Sully,” along with the rest of his US Airways crew, will hit up the Late Show with David Letterman.

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Sarah Palin Reportedly Set for Oct. 25 SNL Appearance

Sarah PalinUPDATE: The guest appearance has now been confirmed for Saturday, October 18.

It appears as if the rumors are about to become true.

According to the New York Post, Sarah Palin will be visiting 30 Rockefeller Center on October 25. This news backs up an initial report made by the Chicago Sun-Times last week.

Although it’s still unclear what Palin will do (will she be spoofing Tina Fey after all?) on , the Alaskan governor is currently in talks about several different sketches. Rehearsals for her NBC appearance are scheduled for next Friday.

Palin’s SNL debut will come approximately one week after John McCain makes his own late-night waves. This Thursday, the Arizona senator will offer his best apology to Dave Letterman on the Late Show.

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McCain Finally Planning His Letterman Appearance

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David Letterman and John McCain

It’s now time for John McCain to sit down and face the music.

Three weeks after famously snubbing David Letterman for an interview with Katie Couric, the Republican presidential candidate will finally attempt to make amends. Assuming he doesn’t need to tend to another “emergency” in Washington, McCain will be seated next to Dave later this week.

The Arizona senator was originally scheduled to appear on the late night program back on September 24, right before the first presidential debate. Unfortunately, McCain canceled his engagement because he was supposedly working on the economic crisis. When Letterman eventually found out the truth, he bitterly expressed his thoughts for days to come.

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David Letterman Continues Complaining About McCain Snub

Paris Hilton on David Letterman

While last-minute talk show cancellations are nothing new, ‘s absence this week is apparently something David Letterman won’t be getting past anytime soon.

On Wednesday night’s Late Show with David Letterman, the host spent a good portion of the evening reacting bitterly to the presidential candidate’s snub. (You can see that clip here.) McCain, believing he needed to suspend all campaigning to focus on the economy, called Letterman to explain the situation. But instead of heading directly to D.C. like he had claimed, the senator was found taping an interview with Katie Couric during Letterman’s show.

Although McCain’s camp later explained that they didn’t think an appearance on a comedy show would be appropriate, David continued to unleash his disappointment during Thursday’s taping. Coincidentally, one of the guests during last night’s program was Paris Hilton—a former McCain target. You can watch segments from Day Two after the jump.

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Hillary Clinton, Paris Hilton Return to Letterman

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Paris Hilton, David Letterman

In the next few days, the will be welcoming two ladies who - for two very different reasons - have a lot at stake.

This coming Monday, New York Senator will be making a sit-down appearance with the late night host.  Although visits from the former First Lady are not unusual (she did have a short bit on his return show in January), this particular date comes at a critical time for the presidential hopeful.  The in-studio chat will happen Feb. 4th…one day before the very important Super Tuesday.  Will she be able to sway anyone outside of New York?  Who knows?  But she’ll be sure to keep smiling while trying.  (And just for the record, Sen. also made a recent appearance on the show.  He read Dave’s nightly Top Ten list just last Thursday.)

After the uncomfortable experience had back in September, you’d think a reunion with Letterman is the last thing she’d want to do.  But camera time is camera time, and you know how much Hilton loves to be in front of one.  Oh - and she has like this movie to promote or something.  (Then again, she did have a perfume that got very little mention the last time she was there.)

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This Week on TV (12/31-1/6)

Dick Clark, Ryan Seacrest

(Reminder: You can view the whole Revamped TV Programming Schedule here.)


MONDAY (12/31)
  • Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2008 (ABC, 10pm):  and will co-host the event.  Is old enough to be associated with a drinking holiday?
  • New Year’s Eve Live (FOX, 11pm):  Idol alums and will perform.  In just a few short weeks, we’ll start caring about a new batch of .
  • Tila Tequila’s New Year’s Eve Masquerade (MTV, 11pm):  NYC masked ball will include Kid Rock and Mary J. Blige.  Has it already been a year since we were forced to watch and kiss?
  • NBC’s New Year’s Eve With Carson Daly (NBC, 11:35pm):  Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz will be performing.  This may be the first time in a while someone has stayed awake to watch show.

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David Letterman Returns With Writer Support

David Letterman has accomplished what no other late night host has managed to do: reach an agreement with the writers.  Of course, owning your own company does have its perks.

Letterman and his production company, WorldWide Pants, have been sitting down with the for some time now in hopes of working out a deal.  Late today, the two sides came to terms on an independent agreement that would allow both and to come back on Jan. 2nd.  Although the two talk shows will technically be competing with the returns of Leno, O’Brien and Kimmel, CBS will easily have the advantage.  Letterman and will be the only ones with the scripted jokes.

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart will also be returning - sans writers - on January 7th.

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Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Return to Work

Jon Stewart has just announced the January return of its two late-night talk show hosts.  and will ring in their new years on January 7th, five days after Kimmel, Leno and O’Brien have scheduled their starts.  and - like the ABC and NBC programs - will resume production sans writers.  What this means for these ‘news’ shows and their largely scripted formats is unknown.

Stewart and Colbert, who are also members of the , released a joint statement about the decision:

’‘We would like to return to work with our writers. If we cannot, we would like to express our ambivalence, but without our writers we are unable to express something as nuanced as ambivalence.’‘

Meanwhile, we may get details later today about the plans for late-night programs.  company, Worldwide Pants, will be meeting with members of the WGA today.  If they can reach an interim agreement, both and could also be hitting the airwaves - with scribes - come January 2nd.

No matter how you feel about the writers’ situation, what do you think about The Daily Show and The Colbert Report returning?  Could they possibly be as good as they were pre-strike—or do you think the quality will suffer?  Will you simply be happy to see them back regardless of the content?

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Jimmy Kimmel Joins Late Night Returns

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Jimmy kimmel has announced the return of , effective Jan. 2nd.  The talk show will air new episodes the same evening and also start anew.  Despite their support of the WGA, all three hosts hope their participation can prevent other job losses.

Although an official announcement has not yet been made, CBS may soon be seeing a spark of life in late-night as well.  and his company, Worldwide Pants, are hoping to broker an independent deal with the union.  This could allow his program and the to return with their normal writers in tow.

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