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American Idol’s Heavyweight Battle

David vs. David

For the epic battle of the Davids, began the week with a boxing, King of the Ring-type theme. Famous ring announcer Michael Buffer kicked off the night not with his famous catchphrase, but with Ryan Seacrest’s (”this is American Idol”). He called this final showdown between the two the “fight of the century, scheduled for three rounds of competition.”

The competitors were announced as David “Sugarfoot” Cook and David “Babyface” Archuleta. Both were replete with silk robes and boxing gloves, while the season’s other Idols looked on from the audience. finally appeared to hype up the crowd, encouraging the audience to sound off for their favorite David.

David Archuleta looked a little swamped by the Nokia theater, shyly admitting that it was, for him, a “dream come true” just to be there. Randy Jackson urged both the competitors to “leave everything on the floor,” calling the night’s contest a “duel for the King of the Nokia.” He advised each to “drop it hard tonight.”

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Betting on the Davids: American Idol Odds

David ArchuletaDavid Cook

The finale spectacular is a mere days away, but already the eyes of the world are turning to the two remaining contestants: David Archuleta and David Cook. This epic battle between rocker and balladeer has been the hoped-for season ending….but will it all shake out the way you think? Can’t decide which David has a better chance? Maybe the odds makers can help.

BodogSports shows that is the current betting favorite (he has 250 odds, which basically means that if you were to -only theoretically, mind you, as I’m not advocating gambling on this nor any other event- bet $250 on David you’d only win $100 back). Archuleta, meanwhile is the underdog with +170 odds (if you bet $100, you’d get back $170).

Bet365, another site, also shows that is no longer the odds-on Idol favorite. This British-based site does not take bets from American citizens, showing that the David-David conundrum has captivated the entire world.

Remember, these odds are by no means accurate portrayal of the voting wave which is sure to come after Tuesday’s performance episode. For all we know, David Cook could trip over the microphone stand and David Archuleta could forget every word to one of his songs. In other words, vote the way you want - blast the betting odds.

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After American Idol: Syesha Mercado

Syesha Mercado

Most of the media was treating Syesha Mercado’s elimination as a foregone conclusion before the results episode of aired this week. Now, everything is going as planned (and predicted) while Mercado makes the press circuit. Recently, Syesha spoke with Entertainment Weekly.

The questioner actually put it to her like this: “The whole country seemed to know it was going to be a David versus David finale. How was it, being on stage when you knew your fate?”

I wouldn’t have been able to find fault with if she called a halt to the interview and walked off in a huff right then and there, but she didn’t. “Well, I didn’t read the press. I didn’t get the memo,” she joked, “I heard rumors that it was going to be a David-Syesha finale.” She clarified, “David Cook,” a moment later.

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Ryan Seacrest Dishes About Idol

Ryan Seacrest

host Ryan Seacrest recently sat down with CNN guru Larry King to talk about - what else - the final episodes of Idol’s seventh season, and everything that led up to them.

When asked about David Archuleta, answered “David Archuleta is extremely comfortable and poised and powerful when he sings.” Ryan admitted, “He’s a little uncomfortable and fidgety when he’s not singing, but he’s a master with the songs.” Seacrest went on to say “David Cook is very different. He’s a rocker. He’s a nice guy. And he’s been through quite a bit.”

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American Idol: Make Way for the Finals

Top 3 Idols Perform

The will be named next week, but before the finale extravaganza can begin there was one last piece of business to deal with: elimination. For this special night, all the judges and contestants dressed in black and white (or, one or the other).

The Top 3 Idols danced around the stage and judges’ island singing “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now.” I didn’t really love the performance, but nerves probably played a big part for the singers. The week’s Ford video followed, Idols crooning “Heaven” inside an MTV Cribs theme. This one was actually pretty cute, which is more than what can be said of weeks past.

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Which of American Idol’s Top 3 Will Survive?

American Idol Top 3

host Ryan Seacrest called this year’s Top 3 competition the “closest race this show has ever seen,” but that was before the three performed their three songs. Now that the music has faded and the votes are in, there’s only one question left: who will make it to the finals, and who will make it only as far as elimination?

Each Idol contestant visited their own home towns last week, a traditional event for all Top 3 American Idols every season. For this year’s crop it meant a visit to Murray City, Utah (David Archuleta), Kansas City, Missouri (David Cook) and Tampa, Florida (Syesha Mercado).

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Archuleta’s Dad Banned by American Idol?

David ArchuletaA recent article from the Associated Press reports that Jeff Archuleta, father of popular contestant David Archuleta, has been banned from the backstage and rehearsal areas of the show.

Some of this could stem from ’s version of “Stand by Me,” performed recently on the Idol stage. Rumor has it that Archuleta pressured his son into using lyrics from “Beautiful Girl” in the ditty, causing FOX to fork over additional funds for publishing rights. Some sources say Archuleta was warned not to make the change.

In a past interview with Us Magazine, Jeff Archuleta defended himself against all the bad press, as rumors of his stage-controlling ways have been evident since very early on in the competition. In the interview, Archuleta called himself a “musical consultant” for son David.

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Three Still Standing on American Idol

American Idol Top 4

The Top 4 results night on began with the usual self-congratulatory feelings as host Ryan Seacrest announced the Tuesday vote totals were the highest for the season, with nearly 51 million cast. The Top 3 competitors of the evening were separated, he added, by a paltry million votes.

took a moment to talk with the judges about Syesha Mercado, who in weeks past has barely slipped past the long arm of elimination. “I was just judging her the way I saw the vocals,” Randy Jackson defended his less-than-complimentary Tuesday praise. “She did an amazing job last night,” Paula Abdul went to bat for Mercado. The host then asked Simon Cowell if the latter was angry Tuesday night. Of course he wasn’t - “just surprised,” Cowell explained, at the rather “disastrous song choices.”

As the time for banter ended, an almost-final glimpse of the Final Four Idols was presented as the quartet crooned “Reelin’ In the Years.” I thought the choice was totally odd, but I must admit that the number was pretty good all the same. The American Idol tour of the Top 10 contestants, by the way, begins July 1. Tickets go on sale May 17.

Banter and performances aside, there’s only one reason to watch Idol on Wednesdays: to find out, first hand, which one of the contestants is going home.

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Fame and the Top Four Mix on American Idol

American Idol Top 4

Performance night for the top four on began with host Ryan Seacrest announcing the “competition is closer than ever before.” The same could be said of every episode every week, sure, but it was a good enough intro for the evening.

The theme: songs from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. This gave contestants a wide umbrella to show off their personalities, their style and their potential to take the coveted crown: the title of American Idol. These days, the prize is little more than the title itself. The remaining contestants all stand a great chance of getting recording contracts no matter what. But, the show must go on.

“Song selection is everything,” reminded. With such a wide range to choose from, his words were only too true.

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American Idol to Celebrate Fame

American Idol logo

fans have found themselves in this position before. A final four competition comprised of three men and one woman. One’s a rocker, another is a diva and two more have huge fan support. Will Idol history repeat itself? Is this the last week we’ll see the season’s resident rocker, David Cook?

Not if FOX can help it. Tonight the theme will be songs from the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, a wide umbrella of tunes which will no doubt give Cook the opportunity to shine in his chosen genre. It was in the fourth-place position that rocker and seeming shoe-in for the title was eliminated. But does that mean Cook will follow his footsteps?

Even if he did, that certainly wouldn’t be too bad. Daughtry now enjoys huge success with his famous band and probably isn’t at all displeased with how it all turned out. By this time Thursday, Idol will narrow the field down to only three. Will this year’s rocker have more longevity than others from seasons past?

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