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Dancing With the Stars 12: Week 6 Elimination

Dancing With the Stars kicked off its sixth elimination episode with a performance from New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys, and the energetic numbers ("I Want it Thataway," "Step By Step") thrilled the in-house ground.

In the wake of such positive vibes, only good news could follow. Front-runners Romeo and Chelsea Kane were declared safe, and they enjoyed the rest of the elimination show in peace. Hines Ward and Kirstie Alley, both fan favorites, were quickly let off the elimination hook as well.

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Dancing With the Stars 12: Week 3 Elimination

Dancing With the Stars 12 - Wendy WilliamsAnother celebrity was kicked off Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night, but the elimination was hardly a shock. Monday’s performance round gave us the biggest surprise of the week when Kirstie Alley fell to the floor after being dropped by her partner.

Low vote-getter Wendy Williams was handed her walking papers at the end of the results show. She managed a combined score of only 15 from judges during the performance round, and found herself in the bottom three last week.

“It has been a wonderful opportunity for me,” the talk show host said of her time on the show. Williams thanked partner Tony Dovolani for teaching her “how to dance” before she said her final good-bye.

Kirstie Alley and Ralph Macchio, who both earned a combined score of 21 on Monday, were never in danger once. Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett and Chris Jericho found themselves in danger instead, though both received good marks and praise from the judges. Sugar Ray Leonard, who was in elimination danger last week, was declared safe early on in the episode.

Keep track of all the eliminations -- read all our Dancing With the Stars 12 posts.

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Dancing With the Stars 12: Kirstie Alley Dropped, But Favorites Stay Strong

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Kirstie Alley looked beautiful together on Monday night’s Dancing With the Stars… until his leg gave out early on in the routine. The actress fell to the floor, the audience audibly gasped, and both performers quickly scrambled to their feet. The dance -- this week, it was the rumba -- was flawless after that. Watch the performance in the video above. The judges admired Alley’s spunk and quick recovery; they each awarded her a 7 as a balm.

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Dancing With the Stars 12: Partners Announced

Dancing With the Stars 12 Cast

ABC has unveiled its new Dancing With the Stars cast, and now they’ve got the cast all paired up. Everyone has a DWTS vet to coach them through the steps. Each couple will perform the Foxtrot or the Cha Cha Cha on the two-hour season premiere which airs later in the month.

Follow the jump to see all the partnerships...

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New Dancing With the Stars Cast Revealed

The 12th season of Dancing With the Stars is scheduled to premiere this month, and ABC has finally released its cast list.

The new cast is peppered with athletes, actors, reality stars, musical entertainers, even a talk-show host and a supermodel. Follow the jump to see the complete list...

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TV Talk: Katy Perry is the Teen’s Choice, Chris Jericho Prepares for Downfall

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Description-Singer Katy Perry will be the Mistress of Ceremonies at Teen Choice 2010 on August 9. I wonder if the California Gurl will have any cupcakes for the kids.

-ABC has recruited pro-wrestler Chris Jericho to front their new game show titled Downfall. Chris will first enter the ring on June 22.

-Speaking of hosts, Jimmy Fallon has appointed the emcee of the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards. The NBC broadcast will air on August 29.

-In need of some change in your life? Let Tony Robbins help. NBC will debut Breakthrough with Tony Robbins on July 27 at 8 p.m.

-Is Jeff Probst angling for Larry King’s job? The Survivor fixture says he would love a chance at the CNN post should King leave after his contract expires next year.

WWE RAW Reflections (12/17)

Triple H vs. Ric Flair?Fresh off of last night’s Armageddon pay-per-view, it’s time for Monday Night RAW! Last night, Edge became the World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Batista and The Undertaker, WWE Champion Randy Orton retained the title over Chris Jericho when JBL interfered and Shawn Michaels beat Mr. Kennedy. Tonight, we’ve got a big divas match, Ric Flair vs. Umaga, a tag title match and a big return to RAW.

The show kicks off with a delicious “Santa’s Little Helper” match featuring Victoria, Layla, Jillian Hall and Melina taking on Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Michelle McCool and Maria. Jillian opened with her usual entertaining destruction of a Christmas classic. All the girls look absolutely amazing. Kelly Kelly has really gangly looking legs. Lillian Garcia accidentally announced Kelly with the heel team - awkward. Maria wrestled the least, while Kelly botched a move at some point. McCool is starting to get some respect and seems to be getting to work a good portion of women’s matches. Once again, Mickie seems to be the sexiest of all the divas. I don’t know what it is, man. She is just on fire. Mickie scores the pin on Victoria for the win. Couple of nice impact moves and sells from Melina in this one.

Join me after the jump to find out which retired WWE Champion is joining the RAW roster.

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WWE RAW Reflections (12/3)

Jericho and Orton face offWWE Monday Night RAW opens with “Y2J” Chris Jericho in the ring doing his whole “me want title shot” schtick. Jericho replays the video of WWE Champion Randy Orton accepting Jericho’s challenge for Armageddon. Orton comes out and it’s pretty much more of the same. The two get in each others faces - threat, threat, threat - and it almost comes to blows. Of course, Regal comes out and stops them. Orton and Jericho will pick each other’s opponents for the night. It would make sense for them to make Jericho face Flair. Now, that would be a good match. Instead, Jericho will face Umaga. Orton will face off against Shawn Michaels. Not bad main events!

After the jump, three WWE legends and an “Attitude Era” tag team make surprise “returns”!

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WWE Smackdown Spoilers (11/23)

Edge is back on Smackdown It’s been a big week for WWE - Survivor Series, the return of “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge and the long awaited return of “Y2J” Chris Jericho on Monday Night RAW. This week on Friday Night Smackdown, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered, including why Edge returned at SS to cost The Undertaker the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the “Hell in the Cell.” The answer might surprise you.

Join me after the jump to find out which legendary WCW and WWF tag team made a dark match appearance, as well as a moment that will have you saying, “Edge made out with who???”

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WWE RAW Reflections (11/19)

RAW IS JERICHOBREAK_DOWN_THE_WALLS … OF JERICHO! The wait came to an end tonight and the questions (or lack thereof) behind the SAVE_US.222 videos have been revealed. Chris Jericho has returned to the WWE. Was it worth the wait? You may be surprised …

Monday Night RAW kicked off like every RAW should - with “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. Michaels lost a fantastic match last night at Survivor Series against WWE Champion Randy Orton. I knew he’d lose considering that he has such a limited schedule and doesn’t wrestle house shows - it’s highly unlikely that they’ll put the title on a guy who can’t won’t wrestle a full schedule. Shawn invited Orton to the ring and Orton answered by appearing on the Titon-tron and turning him down. According to Orton, HBK will also not get a re-match because Orton will apparently receive a figurative and literal torch-passing from some sort of marathon runner.

Continue RAW Reflections after the jump - SAVE_US.222 revealed!

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