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What are President Obama’s Favorite Shows?

EntourageCould President Obama’s secret love of HBO have anything to do with the channel’s inaugural coverage?

Thanks to his highly-publicized selections before the NCAA tournament, the country already knows that our POTUS likes to watch a little basketball. But what other programs does he like to follow when he has some free time?

Although he referenced Simon Cowell during his recent appearance on Jay Leno, American Idol apparently doesn’t rank at the top of Obama’s must watch list. According to Politico, the President has a preference for two shows coincidentally on the same pay channel.

“We would talk about all the time,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs revealed. “I remember one time I e-mailed him because [a] call was scheduled for the last 15 minutes of Entourage and I said, ‘Just be late and we can just watch Entourage and still get on and do the call,’” Gibbs added. (On a side note: Jeremy Piven’s character is based on Ari Emanuel, the Chief of Staff’s real-life brother.)

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Tuesday Ratings: Reaper Reaps the Benefits

Yesterday’s Obama presser may have been a nuisance for some networks, but it worked out well for one. Those not interested in another news conference brought Reaper to season-high numbers. Meanwhile, the back half of the evening was owned by CBS.

Reaper's Tyler Labine8pm

  • Approximately 9.9 million (2.0/6) in 18-49) watched President Barack Obama on CBS.
  • ABC saw 8.7 million (2.0/6) tune in for their coverage.
  • NBC (2.2/6) chalked up 8.3 million for their broadcast.
  • FOX (1.6/5) pulled in 4.3 million for its newser.
  • (2.7 million, 1.1/3) rose by 800,000.

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American Idol: Simon Cowell and Barack Obama…So Happy Together?

Barack Obama Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell recently let the beans spill during a routine radio interview: the minds behind hope to receive a visit from President Barack Obama in the near future.

“We’re trying,” Cowell admitted that the show would like to book an appearance from the Head Honcho himself. The acerbic judge also noticed that Obama mentioned his name during the much talked-about appearance on The Tonight Show. Cowell related the moment, saying that “was on the Tonight Show, talking about how everyone in Washington is a critic.” Indeed, it was one of the funnier moments of the interview. “And then he said: ‘unfortunately, they’re all like Simon Cowell.’ I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not.”

I’m not, either, but there’s no question about whether or not wants to compliment the country’s Commander-in-Chief. The famously hard-to-please judge thinks Obama is “a really cool guy.”

Cool enough to appear on reality TV? We’ll have to wait and see.

(You can find all the American Idol 8 posts here.)

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Obama Delivers Big Numbers for Jay Leno

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President Barack Obama on The Tonight ShowWhether they tuned in to see him laugh or make a gaffe, people were definitely watching President Obama last night.

The president’s appearance on The Tonight Show gave the late night program its best numbers in four years. The sit-down’s 11.2 household rating (26 share) tied a mark achieved in January 2005. That was when the show paid tribute to the recently deceased Johnny Carson.

The number was an 187% improvement over the show’s average (3.9) for this year.

The last time Jay Leno saw a higher household rating was back in 1998. A post- finale broadcast that May pulled in a 12.4.

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Barack Obama Entertains with Leno

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, the forty-fourth president of the United States, appeared Thursday on The Tonight Show to chat basketball, presidential life and AIG with Jay Leno.

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Obama Scheduled for Leno, Third Press Conference

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President Barack ObamaIn the next week, will be addressing the television public on two different stages.

This Thursday night, Obama will hitting up during a trip to Los Angeles. Although it’s not unusual to see presidential candidates on late-night fare, his visit will mark the first time a sitting POTUS has made such an appearance.

The chat with Jay Leno will be followed up by a more formal affair next Tuesday (Feb. 24). That is when President Obama is scheduled to hold another primetime event. There’s been no word yet as to how this hour-long presser (starting at 8:00 PM EST) will affect the schedules for or Dancing with the Stars.

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Tuesday Ratings: President Obama Gets a Standing Ovation

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President Barack ObamaAlthough he addressed the nation only two weeks ago, viewers were still curious to hear what had to say last night.

  • Yesterday’s appearance before a Joint Session of Congress drew in 52.4 million across all the channels. That’s an increase of 2.9 million from his speech on February 9th.
  • The event was only watched by 32.7 million over the four major networks. That’s actually a 12% drop from the President’s first primetime presser.
  • Pres. Bush’s 2008 State of the Union, in comparison, only drew in 37.5 million. But his 2003 address (prior to the war in Iraq) pulled in 62.1 million.

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Barack Obama Delivers Hopeful National Address

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President addressed the nation last night with proper Congressional ceremony, with just about every major member of government in attendance. The President’s cabinet, which was finalized only hours before the big event, trotted in after the Supreme Court Justices to shake hands and show support. Obama was properly introduced by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as Joe Biden looked on from her right. Before them spread both sides of Congress, many of whom rose to their feet in applause during Obama’s more rousing points.

It was not unlike so many similar speeches conducted in years past, and yet it was. Obama delivered a mixture of hope and grave words, much as expected. He praised the recently-passed stimulus package and announced the online address which details the spending of the bill (). He spoke of future goals - health care, clean energy - and ended on a positive note.

Want to see for yourself? View the President’s entire speech after the jump.

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Monday Ratings: Obama Rules Over Primetime

As depressing as economy talk might be, President Obama had people listening. Last night’s news conference raked in approximately 49.5 million over eight networks. While it was clearly the biggest event of the evening, the presidential presser paled in comparison to Bill Clinton’s first newser in February 1993. (That primetime event drew in 64.3 million.) Although its news coverage came in second, CBS ended up winning the night in both categories.

President Barack Obama8pm

  • ‘s coverage of the Obama presser (3.1/8 in 18-49) pulled in 11.49 million.
  • Approximately 9.78 million watched the conference on (3.0/8).
  • had 9.75 million (3.1/8) listening about the economy.
  • attracted 5.9 million (2.2/6) for the newser.
  • * (1.7 million, 0.8/2) was down 600,000.

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President Barack Obama Calls for Support

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, President of the United States of America, held a press conference Monday night. He led the evening with a speech and he primarily wanted to talk about his stimulus package, which is his answer to the current economic crisis. The commander in chief called for support from the Senate and House, who are currently divided on the package. He addressed criticism for the package and openly talked of his plans. But President Obama seemed ill-prepared to talk about anything else.

The President neatly changed topics when asked about a comment made by Vice President and remained somewhat cagey when asked about his foreign policy regarding Iran. He stayed on topic and on point when it came to the country’s current economic crisis, which seems to be his current focus.

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