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TV Talk: Lower Numbers for Entourage, Longer Episodes for Project Runway

Thomas Jane-Enthusiasm for the men of HBO was down this summer. Viewer numbers for the Sunday premieres of Entourage and Hung were down 25% and 13% respectively.

-Would you be enthusiastic to watch The Office without Steve Carell? The NBC star thinks his eventual exit could bring a “dynamic change” to the comedy.

-Change will also be coming to Project Runway. The Lifetime reality program will expand to 90 minutes per episode when it returns on July 29.

-Expect more drama ahead for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. According to a report, NeNe Leakes - who recently had a nose job - is splitting from Greg, her husband of 14 years.

-The soon-to-be canceled As the World Turns nabbed three Daytime Emmys for acting over the weekend. The Bold and the Beautiful won for Best Drama.


Sneak Peek: Julianne Moore’s Return to As the World Turns

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This Monday, April 5th, Oscar nominee will return to the place where she won her first Emmy: As the World Turns.

The actress, who played half-sisters Frannie and Sabrina Hughes between 1985-88, will make a quick appearance to say farewell to her parents.

After 50+ years on air, CBS will dim the lights on ATWT this September.

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Julianne Moore Returning to As the World Turns

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Julianne Moore, As the World Turns

Did someone get a hold of James Franco’s idea bin?

She may have already racked up four Academy Award nominations, but that doesn’t mean is afraid to star on primetime - or even daytime - television.

Earlier this season, the actress appeared alongside Alec Baldwin in a few episodes of 30 Rock. Now she’s scheduled to return to the show that helped launch her career: .

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Daytime Dish: As the World Turns Canceled by CBS

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As the World Turns logo

Come next September, CBS will have a new hole to fill on its daytime calendar. That’s the month will come to its end.

Today’s cancellation announcement comes just three months after Guiding Light officially closed up shop. World, like Light, has been on the air for over 50 years.

“We are disappointed and saddened by the news that the show is not being renewed,” exec producer Chris Goutman said. “It will certainly be a loss for all of us, and for the show’s loyal audience.”

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As the World Turns’ Gay Kiss

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Back in January, we told you about a grassroots campaign some fans of As The World Turns had started.

Although the sudser was the first soap to introduce a gay kiss, the program for some reason left the characters - and the viewers - wanting more.

Yesterday, 7 months later, the drama finally allowed Luke and Noah to show some more PDA:

Hallelujah!  Who knew this issue would still be so controversial in 2008?

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After Elton

Daytime Dish: ‘GH’, ‘One Life to Live’, ‘As The World Turns’

Sarah Brown, the first of four actresses to play the role of Carly Corinthos, will be making a return to . Interestingly enough, she won’t be there to take her old spot back (like recently did on ).  Brown will be making a splashy entrance as an entirely new character: Claudia Zacchara, mobster Johnny’s sister.  (Don’t try and question how this could happen; played a different character on the vampire-filled before she became Sam on the bloodsucker-less GH.)

Sarah, who originated the role of Carly back in 1996 (she left in 2001), will not only have a juicy face-to-face with the current Carly (played by ), she’ll have a heated encounter of the bedroom kind with her old hubby, Sonny Corinthos.  I can’t wait!  Brown currently has a one-year contract with the daytime drama and is scheduled to make her debut on Thursday, Jan. 31.

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‘One Life to Live’ Star Arrested for Assault

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Nathaniel MarstonActor , who plays Dr. Michael McBain on ABC’s , was arrested Sunday morning in New York.  Unlike other celebrity scandals which usually involve misdemeanors, Marston is facing at least one felony charge.

The actor, who was reportedly enraged after exiting a cab, used a crate to assault three men; one of his victims suffered a broken leg.  It’s unclear what ignited his attack, though officers believe he was under the influence of a narcotic at the time.  Nathaniel, 32, was arrested for felony assault, reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon and resisting arrest.  He was later transported to a local hospital where he was listed as ‘emotionally disturbed’.  This would not be Marston’s first brush with the law.  Back in 1999, while he was working on CBS’s , he was arrested for taking his rage out on an ATM machine.  (Dude, no money means no money.)

It is unknown what the producers of One Life to Live will do about the situation at this point; Nathaniel is currently involved in a major storyline on the show.  Meanwhile, a rep for told TVGuide.com that they ‘are aware of the incident and are reviewing the details.’  If fired from OLTL, this would be Marston’s second time around.  He was killed off back in 2003 (reportedly due to questionable work habits) but later brought back as a different character due to strong fan reaction.

(You can read a follow-up to this story here.)

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