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Much More Antonella Barba to Come?

Description American Idol and scandal have been friends for a long time. The second season of the show alone was rife with media stories, from Studdard’s law suits to Abdul’s affair, to one contestant’s cups that ranneth over. Plenty of Idol fans still remember the day Frenchie Davis was unceremoniously booted from the show because of topless photos. After leaving reality TV, Frenchie went on to find Broadway success. But she hasn’t forgotten her brush with TV fame and shame.

A recent article from the Associated Press brought Frenchie back into the television limelight, when the Broadway star stated that she would like to receive a public apology from American Idol. But that’s not all she wants, according to the article. Frenchie stated that she was humiliated by the show, and thinks that an apology would be “a great start.” The reason all of this is surfacing again, four years later? Her name is Antonella Barba, and despite performances that have been routinely called “pitchy” and photos some might think of as “porn,” she keeps hanging around the Idol contestant pool.

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Idol Cutie Embroiled in Nudie Scandal?

Antonella BarbaBeautiful, 20-year-old Antonella Barba got camera attention early as one of the two best friends auditioning for American Idol together. Both bombshells drew questions and comments from Simon Cowell (“I bet you two are very popular”) and managed to snag golden tickets to Hollywood. While Barba’s best friend half didn’t make it past Group Night, Antonella managed to survive through Hollywood week and find her way to the big Idol stage. Almost immediately thereafter, questionable photos began to surface of a scantily clad Barba (hem, allegedly of Barba) on the Internet. Antonella hails from Point Pleasant, NJ, a town that carries its own notoriety already – Point Pleasant is the home of the Mothman. There’s no word yet from American Idol execs on whether or not Antonella Barba will be asked to leave the competition, though Playboy founder Hugh Heffner did comment that he might ask her to pose in his famous magazine, when all her Idol business is said and done. Judging by the way Barba sings, he might not have to wait too long.

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Idol Producers, Judges Speak Out About Antonella Barba Pics

Simon Cowell If you’re an Internet surfer, chances are you have seen some mention of the American Idol contestant’s scandalous pics—or maybe you’ve even seen them. Racy photos of Antonella Barba have been circulating online, and until now Idol producers have not made a comment about her status in the competition. Producer Nigel Lythgoe is now saying that she will not be disqualified from the show, saying it will be up to voters to determine her fate. On Inside Edition, he said, “It won’t affect anything, Antonella is about her looks and her talent and that’s the only thing that will affect her journey on American Idol.” The other players on American Idol—Ryan, Randy and Simon—are supporting the singer:

  • Simon: “[The photos should] not affect her standing on the show, and if the public wants to keep her in, they’ll keep her in.”
  • Randy: “Nobody’s clean in the entertainment business. “There are definitely some moral things that go on with this show.” 
  • Ryan: “If American Idol is a true representation of American youth, we’re going to find imperfections. And it’s OK to be imperfect.”

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