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VIDEO: Why Ewoks and Alcohol Don’t Mix

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If the show producers ever decided to replace Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb for an extra hour of this every day, I might actually start watching.

On today’s Halloween-themed broadcast, we all - even die-hard Stars Wars fans - learned a few new facts about those creatures called Ewoks.

  1. They don’t know crap about decoupage.
  2. They love drinking vodka in the morning.
  3. They know how to moonwalk.
  4. They will kick each other in front of the cameras, even before you even say “Action.”
  5. They will hump anything…whether it be ‘s leg or the ground.

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Octuplets’ Mother Speaks to Ann Curry

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UPDATE: You can watch the first portion of that interview now.

NBC may have recently lost a highly-coveted interview to CBS, but the network is now making up for it in a big way. This Friday, the Today show will begin airing clips from the first sit-down interview with Nadya Suleman.

While you might not be familiar with Suleman’s name, you’re probably quite familiar with her “accomplishments.” The California woman - already a mother of six - recently gave birth to octuplets. The 33-year-old’s interview with happened shortly after she left the hospital Thursday morning. (The newborns, still hospitalized, are currently in good condition.) Although it was rumored that Nadya would be selling her story for a big price, NBC says she was not paid for the exclusive.

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Ann Curry Gives The Soup More to Talk About

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Regular watchers of The Soup are aware of the comedic material Ann Curry has provided .  Ever since she repeated the phrase ‘Good Morning’ a gazillion times in one breath, the Today show co-host has become a fixture of the E! show.  (If you haven’t seen that classic clip, you can watch it after the jump.)

Unfortunately, Curry made another a slip-up this morning that probably won’t get her off McHale’s mind anytime soon.  Maybe she’s been secretly hoping for Katie Couric’s return to NBC?

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Kathie Lee Gifford Returning To Morning TV

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Kathie Lee Gifford TodayJust when you were absolutely sure you’d never have to sit through another excruciating story about Kathie Lee Gifford’s children she is coming back to morning TV.

The 11-time Emmy winner has been named co-host of the 4th hour of NBC’s Show. The new gig starts April 7.

is obviously no stranger to this day part. She was on TV for 15 years as co-host of Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Gifford left the show in 2000. She was replaced by fellow, overly-perky personality, .

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This Week on TV (9/10-9/16)

Denis Leary


MONDAY (9/10)
  • Today (NBC, 7-11am):  The show expands to an unnecessary 4 hours.
  • Oprah (syndicated):  Season premiere includes a first appearance by David Letterman.
  • Rachel Ray (syndicated):  Ray’s Second Season premiere includes guests from
  • The View (ABC, check local listings):  The official introduction of their final new host (a.k.a. Sherri Shepherd).
  • Wheel of Fortune (syndicated):  25th season premiere.
  • Monday Night Football (ESPN):  A double-header special.  Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens (7pm ET)/ San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals (10:15 ET).
  • The Closer (TNT, 9pm):  Part-two of the season finale.

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Stone Phillips Gets Walking Papers

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Stone PhillipsKind of startling to find out that newsman Stone Phillips, who is the cornerstone of NBC’s Dateline, was canned due to budget cuts. You wouldn’t think that a big name like Phillips would be one they would cut loose, but NBC opted not to extend his contract after it expires in June. No replacement has been named, so that should really save the net some money. Instead, Ann Curry, who currently co-anchors Dateline NBC, will go it solo, with other NBC reporters pitching in to present their respective new pieces. Phillips released a statement, saying, “It’s been a wonderful 15 years. I’m profoundly appreciative of the many friends and colleagues, past and present, who have been a part of the Dateline family. This is a great news division with a bright future. I wish the people of NBC News all the best.” What a trooper, huh? Pity they’re letting him go too—with a name like ‘Stone,’ he’s born to do the news.

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