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Wednesday Ratings:  Red Sox Score More Than Homeruns

Both and had to take a back seat to baseball last night.  Game 1 of the World Series was a huge ratings victory for .


  • Approximately 16.7 million fans rallied for the Red Sox/Rockies game (5.6/14 in 18-49 demo). Life
  • (9.4 million, 3.0/8) wilted a bit from last week.
  • The debut of (8.4 million, 2.9/8) underperformed Deal or No Deal’s usual numbers, but it remained close to Daisies in the demos.
  • (8 million, 2.5/7) was slightly up from last Wednesday; (4.7 million, 2.3/6) was slightly down.



  • (13.6 million, 3.8/10 in 18-49) took the hour’s viewers and demos.
  • (8.6 million, 3.2/8) pretty much repeated last week.
  • (6.8 million, 2.5/6) was at least consistent; it lost viewers (900,000) again.

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America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 9: The Girl Who Gets A Mango


Note to future contestants:  If you want to become , it would be advisable to learn something from your time before the judges.  Realizing she received a loud wake-up call at the last elimination, Ambreal made a call of her own —to her dad for a little prayer.  Hoping to break from her side-profile tendencies, Heather sought posing advice from a surprisingly friendly Bianca.  Then there was sour-faced Ebony.  Although she felt her personality was far from dry (is that better than having a ‘prickly’ personality like Victoria?), she vowed to smile more for the judges.

Interrupting a lazy day at home, Jenah opened up the front door to welcome a surprise guest.  Much to the shaggy-haired model’s dismay, the hunky Tyson Beckford was standing right in front of her.  As the news rippled through their pad (Testosterone in the house!  Testosterone in the house!), bursts of shrieks and screams could be heard.  Once the girls were all quieted down, they all gathered round to listen to whatever he had to say.  The world-famous male model was sent by Tyra for a purpose:  he was there to give them tips on being a spokesmodel.  For their instruction, Tyson asked the ladies to grab any object out of the kitchen.  The goal was for them to promote any product thrown their way.  Interestingly enough, not only did he not demonstrate his own selling techniques, he apparently told them to sound like phone-sex operators.  From popsicles to glasses and mangoes, the ladies pimped their products without any shame…and Tyson loved every minute of it.  (I’m sure the CoverGirl reps will appreciate what the future winner ends up bringing to their table.)

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This Week On TV (10/22-10/28)



MONDAY (10/22)

**No new episode of Ellen today.  She’s still recovering from all the doggy drama**

  • Live With Regis and Kelly (ABC, syndicated):  will be pulling double-duty this week as he fills in for Regis Philbin in NY and tapes his show in LA.  (I’m guessing we’ll still be seeing him on as well.)  If we’re lucky, Guillermo will fill in for Gelman too.
  • Prison Break (FOX, 8pm):  The show returns tonight after being preempted by baseball last week.  What?  You don’t care either?
  • Heroes (NBC, 9pm):  Many fans have been waiting for Kristen Bell’s debut tonight.  Unfortunately, she’s one more new character I’ll have to ignore.

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Wednesday Ratings: ‘Daisies’ and ‘Practice’ Hold Strong

Wednesday night saw another close race between ABC and CBS.  Although Pushing Daisies and Private Practice both saw a drop in viewers, their demos helped the Alphabet network win the evening. 


  • (12.3 million, 3.1/9 in 18-49 demo) had another strong night and grabbed the hour’s largest audience. CSI New York
  • Although down 250,000 viewers, (9.7 million, 3.6/10) had the biggest numbers in the valuable age group.
  • (7.4 million, 2.4/7) improved up on last week’s numbers.
  • (6.9 million, 2.3/7) and (7 million, 2.7/7) both saw slight increases.
  • (5 million, 2.5/7) lost about 300,000.


  • (11.8 million, 4.3/11 in 18-49) had the evening’s best demo turnout.
  • At 14.9 million, (3.9/10) had the night’s largest audience.
  • NBC’s (8.5 million, 3.3/8) dropped over 1.5 million fans.
  • (6.7 million, 3.2/8) held steady from last week.
  • (2.4 million, 1.2/3) turned away about 450,000.


  • (13.9 million, 4.1/11 in 18-49) won the hour in both numbers.
  • (8.6 million, 3.1/9) lost several million from it’s lead-in.
  • (7.7 million, 2.8/8) was down about 490,000 viewers.

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Wednesday Ratings:  ABC and CBS Both Take Wins

Depending on how you look at it, two networks shared last night’s crown.  CBS may have grabbed the viewers, but ABC had it where it counts: the demos.

Private Practice


  • Despite mixed review, (12.42 million, 4.9/13 share) took the hour’s demos with ease.
  • At 14.55 million, CBS’ (3.9/10) won the night in viewers.
  • (10.28 million, 3.9/10) continued its losing race against Practice.
  • (6.37 million, 3.0/8) was up from last week’s numbers.
  • (1.3/3 share) rounded off the hour with 2.8 million viewers.


  • (4.1/11 in 18-49, 13.43m) pounded the competitors with 13.43 million viewers.
  • ABC’s (8.64 million, 3.3/9) was down slightly from last week as was (8.1 million, 2.7/8).


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‘Pushing Daisies’ Helps ABC Wednesday

Wednesday’s premiere of Pushing Daisies attracted many customers to The Pie Hole.  By night’s end, ABC came out with another win (followed by CBS, NBC, FOX and CW).



  • CBS’ (14.4 million, 3.7/9) took the hour in viewers, but placed 3rd in the demos.
  • (12.3 million, 4.5/11) declined from last week, but still topped that new show on NBC.
  • (10.9 million, 4.0/10) dropped 30% in the demos and lost 19% of its viewers.
  • CW’s (2.8 million, 1.3/3) remained fairly even.


  • (12.7 million, 3.9/10) maintained last week’s viewership numbers.
  • ABC’s (9.7 million, 3.6/10) lost almost 700,000 viewers but moved up to second place.
  • NBC’s (8.8 million, 3.0/8) lost 13% of its audience causing it to fall into 3rd place.

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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Spoiler?

Miss JWhile talking to the NY Post’s Page Six recently, dropped a potentially huge clue about the finale.  While I still haven’t figured out who the next ANTM winner will be—the answer may become more obvious in the weeks to come.

If you want to read the potential spoiler and sort it out for yourself, click below:

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This Week on TV (9/17-9/23)

Wentworth Miller


MONDAY (9/17)
  • Prison Break (FOX, 8pm):  Season premiere.  What will happen to Dr. Sara Tancredi?
  • Deal or No Deal (NBC, 8pm):  Special Monday-night premiere (will regularly air on Weds/Fridays).
  • K-Ville (FOX, 9pm):  Series premiere
  • Saving Grace (TNT, 10pm):  Season finale
  • Weeds (Showtime, 10pm):  Mary-Kate Olsen will begin a ten-episode arc tonight.

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Fall 2007 TV Programming Schedule

Despite having a Tivo and another DVR, I know that a new television season can take some serious planning.  When will your favorite shows start?  What days are they now on?  Which programming ‘conflicts’ will you have to resolve?  Will you need to buy another TV???

Hopefully our detailed scheduling guide can assist you in the weeks to come.  We have compiled information from five different networks (, , , and ) and included the days, times and premiere dates for this fall’s shows.

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Is Tyra Banks a Sociopath?

Tyra BanksI’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist; my training in that department goes only up to and including my Psych 101 class freshman year at Cornell.  I’m just somebody who watches a bunch of TV, and watches clip shows like “The Soup” which boils down even more TV for me.  All this having been said however, let me say this: I think Tyra Banks is a sociopath.

That’s not a value judgment at all.  I guess it’s not technically a mental health judgment either because of my aforementioned lack of psychological training.  But here’s the thing: I’ve been watching Top Model for a few seasons now, I’ve seen many clips of her talk show (I tried sitting through a whole episode and I just … yeah, no), and something’s always bothered me about Ty Ty Baby and I could never quite put my finger on it.  Finally, though, when I saw Tyra salute herself on her talk show for being a trailblazer in African-American history (she was the first person of color to appear as the cover girl on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition), it all came to me.

She’s not just a narcissist; Tyra Banks has absolutely no sense of empathy.  Having no ability to empathize is what (many websites tell me) catapults someone from simple narcissism to sociopathy.

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