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Lindsay Lohan Goes Straight to Basic Cable

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“For once my life doesn’t suck.” - in Labor Pains.

She may have been let go early from her job on ABC, but Lohan is still good enough for ABC Family. It was just announced that the last movie the 22-year-old has filmed will not be hitting the big screen as originally planned. Later this July, Labor Pains will avoid a straight-to-DVD label and premiere on the basic cable channel first.

In the comedy, Lohan stars as Thea, an employee who lies about being pregnant to avoid termination. (ABC Family loves a good pregnancy storyline.) Be sure to also keep out an eye out for . The American Idol 5 contestant plays Greg, one of Thea’s coworkers.

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American Idol’s Elliott Yamin—No More Snaggletooth

Elliott YaminElliott Yamin had a crazy fan base when he competed on American Idol. Will even more fans jump on board now that he’s undergone $50,000 worth of dental work? Elliott, don’t you know beauty is only skin deep? With porcelain veneers and 20 hours of dental time to fix his crossbite, we’ll see if the makeover was worth the pain of a new smile. Girlfriend Jaime Paetz said, “He loves to laugh, he loves to smile. I liked his old teeth, but if (the veneers) make him happy, then I’m happy.”

Beverly Hills dentist David Frey provided the dental work free of charge, so I guess it was a no-brainer to have the work done. “I’ve always wanted to have a nicer smile,” says Yamin. “I used to look at old pictures of myself, and I figured out how to kind of smile without displaying all my teeth.” Yamin just signed on with Sony’s publishing division for a songwriting deal and his debut album will drop in early 2007. Ah, plenty of reasons to smile.

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American Idol Finalist Arrested For Child Porn

DJ BoydDaniel James “DJ” Boyd - a semi-finalist on Amerian Idol in 2004 - was indicted Tuesday on child pornography charges. Boyd has been accused of having sex with underage girls and videotaping these encounters.

He was first accused last month, after two girls, ages 14 and 15, claimed he gave them alcohol and engaged in “sexually explicit conduct” with them. 

He has been charged with 11 counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, and two counts of unlawful supply of alcohol to minors, by the Salt Lake D.A.‘s office. Boyd pleaded not guilty to all charges and faces up to forty years in federal prison if convicted. He goes to trial on September 18.

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Taylor Hicks Wins American Idol 5

Taylor HicksIt took a few months, but the man that Simon passed up during the auditions turned it around and made a believer out of a nation. Taylor Hicks has become your newest American Idol. In a two-hour finale that went a bit over it’s allotted time (causing me to watch the clock intently, hoping my DVR had at least caught the announcement of the winner) we saw the Idol contestants sing together, and a few of them even sang duets with the likes of Live, Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, and Meatloaf. Speaking of which, we are unsure as to who we felt did worse…Meatloaf looked like he was having a seizure, while Toni Braxton looked like she wanted to sex Taylor up, and sounded absolutely dreadful. Prince even made an appearance, performing a song on his own.

Of course, the best celebrity moment happened when Clay Aiken walked out and freaked out one of the early Idol contestants. Just golden. In the end, Taylor Hicks walked away with the American Idol title, and Katharine McPhee walked away with a well-deserved second place. It will be interesting to see if Taylor follows Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood to superstardom, or if he fades into obscurity like Ruben Studdard and Fantasia. For now, congrats Taylor.  You deserve it.

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American Idol 5: The Final Showdown

Katharine McPhee and Taylor HicksDrum roll, please!  After endless weeks of competition, tonight came down to—as USA Today put it best—Gray vs. Anatomy.  The contestants were armed with three songs tonight—two from their Idol past and a original song that may eventually be recorded by the winner.  Would Taylor’s soulful style resonate with people outside the southern states and those without a touch of gray?  Would Katharine’s youthful voice and pretty face be able to branch out beyond the West Coast? For the last time this season—read on!!

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American Idol 5: The Final Three

The more songs the contestants are forced to sing, the closer we must be to the end of the season.  With only three contestants left—it was down to three songs each tonight.  The first one selected by legendary producer Clive Davis, the second by the judges and the third song chosen by the contestants.  With more opportunities to sing give them more chances to fail?  Read on!

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Tons of American Idol News and Notes

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American IdolAlways popular in the press, news reports regarding American Idol have absolutely exploded, with new developments on the way and the finale so near. But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you. There’s no need for you to spend hours combing the Internet; just enjoy the massive selection of Idol tidbits below.

  • Love him or hate him, you gotta respect Simon Cowell. But not Randy. And especially not Paula.
  • Randy Jackson finally stops playing hard to get.
  • American Idol: is a gimmick more important than talent?
  • Kellie Pickler airs her woes and gratitude. And her daddy is released from his bonds.
  • Song list leaked, and winner chosen by fans.
  • Is American Idol (gasp!) fixed?
  • Michael Bolton was once in charge of Paula Abdul...and called her a brat.
  • Teri Hatcher sets us straight on The Kiss Seen ‘Round The World.
  • Top American Idol producer appears on Ellen, denies Paula Abdul’s insanity.
  • Compared to last season, this season apparently sucks.
  • American Idol hits the road.
  • Gambling addicts beware: betting on American Idol is hard to resist.
  • Taylor Hicks was on drugs. If you consider Star Magazine a reliable source.


Downloadable American Idol Performances

American Idol DownloadsBeginning as early as today, you may be able to download both video and audio performances of your favorite contestants from the official American Idol website. Audio performances will be 99 cents, and you can view a complete video performance for a cool $1.99. This is good news for fans, who will understandably regret any missed episodes this close to the finale.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be American Idol without some drama: the show says nothing is certain yet, and the downloadable episodes could be delayed or even scrapped altogether. Of course, what producer would ever miss a chance to make some extra money? We’re betting this will receive a green light.

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American Idol 5: The Finals - Week 8

Tonight the Idol contestants performed two songs—a song from the year that they were born and a song from the current Billboard charts.  Did appearing twice in show hurt or help their chances?  Read on!

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American Idol 5: The Finals - Week 7

So now we’re down to the Final Six and about to witness a side of the contestants that we may not have wanted to see—their romantic, mushy sides.  Were the finalists up to delivering the Greatest Love Songs of All Time? Or would they simply end up performing their swan songs?  Read on!

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