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Sneak Peek: Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew

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Top Chef isn’t the only reality show spinning off into specific genres.

Starting next month, Dr. Drew Pinsky will be lending a sympathetic ear to a new round of celebs in his latest VH1 series. For two seasons, the board certified addiction specialist worked with drug and alcohol addicts on . He then followed their progress on a season of Sober House. Now he’s tackling “a different type of addiction…one that lies in a deeper shroud of shame.”

On Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, eight patients - ranging from athletes to porn stars -  will enter the Pasadena Recovery Center and, in some cases, “unearth the pain” of previous childhood traumas. In ‘s case, sexual addiction didn’t even rear its ugly head until the Celeb Rehab vet had moved past other urges.

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Celebrity Rehab Presents: More Misbehaving Celebs

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That’s right: VH1’s Celebrity Rehab spin-off, , premiered last night. All the faces but one were very familiar to faithful Rehab viewers, and sadly little else has changed, either.

Most of the Sober House participants were released from Rehab just one week prior to their arrival in a clean living “facility” (which, oh yeah, is really a beautiful mansion in the Hollywood Hills). But for some, perhaps one week was a little too long.

Amber Smith, Mary Carey, Shifty Binzer, Nikki McKibbin and Rodney King arrived at the house without incident. , ex-Guns n Roses drummer, did not. Adler showed up very obviously loaded (that’s slang for under the influence of substances) and packing drug paraphernalia. House manager Jennifer Gimenez, freaked out, called Dr. Drew Pinksy.

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Celebrity Rehab Trailer Unveiled

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Dr. Drew

VH1’s unexpected reality hit will return for a second season as soon as October 23. For those of us who got addicted to the series, it’s a been a long, hard detox (made tolerable at times only because the media has done its best to keep us all apprised of casting news, future tidbits and other behind-the-scenes extras). Need a quick fix? VH1 has unveiled the Rehab trailer to give us all a little dose of what we’ve all been missing. Ready for a relapse?

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Sober Living: Possible Celebrity Rehab Spinoff?

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Celebrity Rehab

It’s one thing to get clean, it’s another thing to stay clean.

According to the New York Post, VH1 could soon be inviting more controversy to its channel. The network - which just wrapped filming on its second season of - may begin production on a spinoff as soon as next week.

If the rumored project is given the greenlight, we could see several of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s former patients reunited Real World style. In Sober Living, the recovering addicts would live in one home for 30 days while trying to piece their lives and careers back together. (Could this be why Dr. Drew had a ‘Celebrity Addiction’ special recently? Probably.) Those supposedly approached for the new series include Seth “Shifty” Binzer (Season 1), rocker Steven Adler (Season 2) and model Amber Smith (Season 2).

Until then, you can expect the next round of counseling sessions to begin when Celebrity Rehab returns

on August 4

sometime this October.

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Celebrity Rehab Welcomes Back Jeff Conaway

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Jeff Conaway in Celebrity RehabWhile I was really hoping to see an appearance from Heidi Fleiss in next season’s edition of (only a former madam could top a porn star), it looks like I will have to settle for something even better: another visit from Jeff Conaway!

Earlier today, VH1 officially named the next round of participants who’ll be voluntarily airing their dirty laundry. Later this fall, Sean Stewart (Sons of Hollywood and Rod Stewart’s son), Amber Smith (model/actress), Rodney King (victim of the LA Riots), Nikki McKibbon (American Idol), Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses) and Tawny Kitaen (the Whitesnake chick) will all be seeking Dr. Drew Pinsky’s specialized help.

Those six will receive counseling for their various issues along with Conaway (who has had a series of ‘setbacks’ since his last stay) and Gary Busey, the most talked-about person from this year’s Academy Awards. (Jennifer Garner will be safe for at least 21 days.)

Look for resident tech Shelly Sprague to become frustrated once again sometime this October.

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