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Jeopardy Exhibition Ends, Ken Jennings Welcomes New Overlord

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In this week’s three-day exhibition, Jeopardy pit two of its finest minds -- champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter -- against the newest artificial mind designed by IBM. The supercomputer Watson took on the two champs in a two-game session that left the human contestants battling for a moment just to buzz in as each question was fired out by Alex Trebek.

At the end of the two-game, three-day session, Watson dominated. The computer scored a sum of $77,147 (the total comes from Watson’s odd penchant for betting off dollar amounts in Double and Final Jeopardy rounds), with Jennings scoring $24,000 and Rutter $21,600 at the end of two Final Jeopardy rounds. For his Final Jeopardy answer (which he got correct), Jennings added a personal message: “I for one welcome our new computer overlords.”

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VIDEO: Alex Trebek Gets Auto-Tuned

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I’m not sure if this is what Christina Aguilera meant by using Auto-Tune in a “creative way,” but Jeopardy went there on Wednesday night.

While I pray isn’t forced to “meet” rap anytime soon, I have to applaud the guy for at least trying. A show can’t stay on air for over 25 years without a little



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Alex Trebek Hospitalized

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Alex Trebek

, host of since 1984, was admitted to the hospital late Monday night after suffering a heart attack.  Although the incident is being described as minor, Trebek, 67, is expected to remain at LA’s Cedar-Sinai Medical Center a few more days for tests and evaluation. 

Reps for the game show fully expect him to resume taping of the program come January.

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Jeopardy Makes History

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Alex Trebek Who knew Jeopardy could be so exciting, right? Three contestants all finished with the exact same dollar amount after the Final Jeopardy question on Friday’s show—$16,000. The tie marks a first for the long-running game show, and Alex Trebek’s glee over the event could barely be contained. The category was “Women of the 1930s” and all three contestants answered Bonnie Parker. “We’ve had a lot of crazy things happen on Jeopardy! but in 23 years I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Trebek said. To prove just how crazy this occurrence is, Jeopardy contacted a mathematician and discovered that the chances of a three-way tie is one in 25 million. Since all three men tied, they were all announced as winners and competed again on the show, which will air today.

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Celebrity Jeopardy Contestants Announced

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Alex Trebek Jeopardy I’m not a huge fan of Jeopardy, but I’ve been known to pause while flipping to see if I can answer any questions. It still baffles me that contestants need to provide their answer in the form of a question, but that’s the twist of Jeopardy, I suppose. I do always enjoy the celebrity appearances though for a few reasons: (1) it’s refreshing to see celebs flub up the answers, (2) the money they earn goes to charity, and (3) it always reminds me of those Saturday Night Live sketches with Will Farell as Alex Trebek (and the hilarity of contestant Sean Connery).

This time around the star power is a fun assortment, with Martin Short, Susan Lucci, Regis Philbin, Rachael Ray, James Denton, Doug Savant, Christopher Meloni, Drew Lachey, Carson Kressley, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Kaczmarek, Joely Fischer, Dana Delany, Mario Cantone, Bebe Neuwirth, Paul Shaffer, Sam Waterston, Soledad O’Brien and Isaac Mizrahi. I look forward to Short and Mizrahi the most—Short is just not around enough these days, and well, Mizrahi just has something kooky that keeps me watching. The show will be taped at Radio City Music Hall on October 5, 7 and 8, with the show to begin a two-week run on November 8th. There are no losers, especially since its all about charity—each celeb is guaranteed to get $25,000 for their choice of charity.

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Jeopardy and Wheel in High Definition

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Jeopardy While most of the country will be acknowledging the 5-year anniversary of 9/11, fans of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune will be celebrating the debut of HD programming.  That is, of course, assuming those viewers even have an high-definition TV to appreciate the technology.

King World Productions and Sony Pictures Television are spending over $4 million dollars to get the production and sets ready for this big launch on September 11.  Upgrades will include wider and more detailed sets.  For Jeopardy, this will also include a new video wall to replace the individual TV monitors.  But the question is—will the shows’ primary fan base like change?

And more importantly— how will the personalities be affected by the change?  Let’s be honest—they’ve been around for a while.  Is it really in their best interest to have their features highlighted?  Poor Vanna has probably had enough trouble making sure obsessed viewers don’t see her in the same outfit twice, now she’ll have to make sure her dresses don’t come off bland under increased scrutiny.  And what about Alex Trebek? If he continues to go back and forth again between his clean-shaven and mustached looks, will we be able to see his in-between stubble?  And let’s not get into Pat Sajak’s ‘laugh lines’...

But then again - who cares?  We’ll all be focusing on more important things that day, right?

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Daytime Emmy Nominations Announced

Television AcademyThe nominations for the Daytime Emmys were announced on Wednesday and The Young and the Restless rose to the top of the pack.  The CBS soap opera received 18 nominations and will compete for Best Soap Opera against 8-time winner . Other expected nominations went out to Ellen DeGeneres for Best Talk Show Host (one of 11 nominations overall) and to Alex Trebek for Best Game Show Host. A highlight of the evening will be the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Carol Spinney—the long-time voice behind Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.

The Daytime Emmys will air on April 28 on ABC.

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