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Thursday Ratings: Another Strong Night For CBS

Still high from Wednesday night’s victory, came back for another ratings blow:

Jorja Fox


  • About 21.3 million saw Jorja Fox’s last episode of (6.4/15 in 18-49 demo).
  • (19.5 million, 8.2/19) did about the same as last week.
  • (8.9 million, 4.8/11) was slightly up; (6.04 million, 3.2/7) was slightly down.
  • (6 million, 2.1/5) lost about 500,000.
  • (2.9 million, 1.2/3) did about the same.


  • Without Grissom to help out, (4.1/11 in 18-49 demo) sailed back down to 14.5 million.
  • About 9.5 million saw Kovac return on (3.8/10).
  • A special episode of (3.2/9) drew in 8.5 million.

(You can review last Thursday’s ratings here.)

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Thursday Ratings: CBS Pulls Off Huge Ratings Stunt

A / crossover pulled in large numbers for the network.  This week, managed to nab the largest audience and the best demos.

Without a Trace


  • (6.4/15 in 18-49) rolled over the competition with its 21.9 million fans.
  • (19.6 million, 8.1/9) still managed to score the hour’s best demos.
  • (8.3 million, 4.3/10) and (6.4 million, 3.2/7) were practically even with last week.
  • (2.3/5) sang its tune to 6.5 million.
  • (1.2/3) rounded off the hour with 3 million.


  • (21.4 million, 6.3/17 in 18-49) retained CSI’s large numbers.
  • (8.4 million, 3.5/9) declined from last week.
  • (8.0 million, 2.8/8) was the smallest show of the hour.

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A&E Showcases Celebrity Junk

Posted by Wendy Michaels Categories: Reality, Cable, Internet,

Illeana DouglasFinally… there’s a show that promises to showcase celebrity junk! Where do I sign up? When it comes to celebrities, I must know everything—so why not see their junk too? is the network to pull it off, with their upcoming series , created and hosted by . Do celebs really have garage sales? Well, I can recall Whitney Houston sold a bunch of her junk and didn’t too? Douglas will uncover the best celeb garage sales in this unscripted pilot—well, at least her celeb friends anyway, which in the pilot is . Eh, maybe not such an interesting star for the pilot episode, but the proceeds of the garage sale (and in his case he raised $5,000) goes to charity. According to Douglas, “I’ve always been a garage sale fanatic, but the fun of a celebrity garage sale is that their throwaways become someone else’s collectables—like an to the stars.” I’ve always thought Illeana Douglas was okay, but her short web series Illeanarama was a riot. I think she’s got the right amount of spunk to pull off Celebrity Garage Sale. She has most recently been seen in .

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The Hollywood Reporter

Will Lindsay Lohan Appear on ‘Ugly Betty’?

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Comedy, Prime Time, ABC, Gossip, Rumors,

DescriptionAlthough she’s only been in America for a few months, has already managed to start a new celebrity trend:  Ugly Betty appearances.  After the Spice Girl’s stint on tonight’s show, fans can expect to see a cameo from this Dec. 13th.  Now it’s being rumored Miss may be soon guesting on three episodes as well.

While I really wouldn’t want a Lohan appearance to overshadow a great show, I would be willing to overlook my feelings for her in this once instance.  Assuming the TV Guide buzz is true, Lindsay may be cast as a former high school classmate of Betty’s.  She would also be the manager of a fast-food restaurant.

Now if that doesn’t scream Lindsay…..well, then it screams K-Fed.  Either way, I’d be watching.

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TV Guide

This Week on TV (11/5-11/11)

Real Housewives

**NBC will devote this whole week to the environment and inject something ‘green’ into all their shows.  To enjoy it, we must turn on our TVs.**


MONDAY (11/5)

**Special times for the ABC lineup tonight; Dancing With The Stars runs until 9:45 (pushing everything else 15 minutes late).**

  • Prison Break (FOX, 8pm):  Two-hour episode.  Michael finally learns that Sara has been murdered tonight.  I’m curious to see how steely his eyes can get.
  • Everybody Hates Chris (CW, 8pm):  ‘When Chris joins the writing staff of the school newspaper, he makes up a story about a serial killer that causes a panic in the community.’  This is what people get when they don’t pay for a real newspaper.
  • How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8pm):  ‘Marshall learns Lily’s dirty little financial secret when he and she decide to buy an apartment.’  As Suze Orman would say: “If he didn’t realize how many pairs of shoes she had, he’s equally to blame.”
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 8:30pm):  ‘The guys ask Penny to join their ‘Halo’ team.’  The only time boys ask me to play Halo is when they need someone to kill.

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Thursday Ratings:  Another Close Battle at 9PM

It was another tight race between the Eye and Alphabet networks.  On the first night of sweeps, walked away with the viewers while scored a win in the demos.

Big Shots

  • (4.8/13 in 18-49 demo) had 14.3 million viewers watch the two tribes merge last night.
  • (9.9 million, 3.4/9) remained about even with last week.
  • A 2-hour (8.5 million, 2.5/6) came back after a World Series break.
  • A full hour of (7.3 million, 3.1/9) was down almost 1 million.
  • (1.7/5) rounded off the hour with 4.3 million.


  • (18.76 million, 8.1/19 in 18-49) bested CSI in both the viewers and demos.
  • (18.75 million, 5.6/13) barely landed in second.
  • Both (8.4 million, 4.5/11) and (6.7 million, 3.7/9) were down from last week.
  • (3.3 million, 1.3/3) was pretty much even.


  • (14.6 million, 3.9/11 in 18-49 demo) rebounded with nearly 2 million more viewers than last week.
  • (9.1 million, 3.8/10) did about the same.
  • (7.5 million, 3.0/8) was slightly down from last Thursday.

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This Week on TV (10/29-11/4)



MONDAY (10/29)
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS, 9pm):  “Charlie’s girlfriend does not like to be seen with him in public.”  She’s afraid she’ll be attacked by .
  • Samantha Who? (ABC, 9:30):  “Sam assumes her role as a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding, but upon arriving, she learns that the friend does not want her there.”  If only she knew that before she paid for the dress.
  • The Bachelor (ABC, 10pm):  “The final four contestants bring Brad home to meet their parents.”  The dads all envy his cool beard.
  • Californication (Showtime, 10:30pm):  Season finale.  Hopefully I’ll stop singing the Chili Peppers song now.

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Thursday Ratings: ‘Viva Laughlin’ Off to Disappointing Start

The debut of CBS’s Viva Laughlin (and the temporary departure of Without A Trace) should have made it an easy night for ABC.  But despite low numbers at 10pm, CBS still came very close to taking the night in both viewers and demos.


  • With 13.4 million viewers, the aging (4.3/13 in 18-49 age group) shows no signs of slowing down. Viva Laughlin
  • FOX’s Red Sox/Indians game (3.3/8) averaged about 11.6 million fans through the evening.
  • (9.7 million, 3.1/9) dropped about 730,000 viewers this week.
  • NBC’s (7.3 million, 2.7/8) and (6.3 million, 2.6/7) were both down from last week.
  • (5.1 million, 2.0/6) saw a 300,000 increase.


  • (20.8 million, 6.4/15 in 18-49) gained over 1 million new viewers to claim the night’s biggest audience.
  • (17.7 million, 7.1/17) took another 9pm win in the demos category.
  • An hour-long episode (8.5 million, 4.4/11) lost about 400,000.
  • (1.3/3) rounded off the hour with 3 million viewers.


This Week On TV (10/15-10/21)

Samantha Who


MONDAY (10/15)

**Prison Break and K-Ville will not air tonight due to MLB playoffs**

  • The Price is Right (CBS, check local listings):  The 36th season begins with new host Drew Carey.
  • Dancing With The Stars (ABC, 8pm):  Co-host Samantha Harris returns.  Did you miss her?
  • Samantha Who? (ABC 9:30pm):  The show, once titled ‘Sam I Am’, debuts tonight.
  • The Salt-N-Pepa Show (VH1, 10pm):  Series premiere.  We’ll finally learn which one’s Salt and which one’s Pepa.
  • Gotti’s Way (VH1 10:30pm*):  Series premiere

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Thursday Ratings: ‘Grey’s’ and ‘CSI’ Both Come Out on Top

The 9pm hour proves to be Thursday night’s most heated battleground.  And just like Wednesday night, ABC ruled the 18-49 age group while CBS gathered the largest audience.



  • (18.9 million, 7.8/19 in 18-49) led the night in the demo market.
  • (19.6 million, 6.0/14) raked in just enough viewers for evening’s win (despite being down about 1 million).
  • (8.9 million, 4.7/11) gained about 410,000 viewers from last week while (3.2 million, 1.2/3) was up over 250,000.
  • (1.8/4) came in fourth with 5.6 million viewers overall.


  • Although down 18% from its debut, (13.6 million, 3.6/10 in 18-49) ruled the hour in viewers.
  • (9.3 million, 3.6/10) was up 600,000 while (8.4 million, 3.4/10) was down about the same.

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