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TV Talk: Lawsuit for Hayden Christensen, Paycheck for Don Johnson

Hayden Christensen-Hayden Christensen and his brother are suing USA Network for allegedly stealing their idea behind Royal Pains. I’d like to sue him for everything he did in Star Wars.

-Who knew Nash Bridges was worth millions? Former star Don Johnson just won $23.2 million in back profits from Rysher Entertainment Inc.

-Speaking of profit, that’s what Jeremy London will do as a result of his strange kidnapping/drugging story. The Mallrats star will now get time with Dr. Drew on Celebrity Rehab.

-A recovering Barbara Walters will make a video appearance this Monday on The View. The co-host, who had heart surgery in May, won’t return to her chair until September.

-Want to relive Alex Wong’s amazing routines (sniff) from So You Think You Can Dance? Now you can watch episodes online!


VIDEO: Teary Hasselbeck Apologizes to DWTS’ Erin Andrews

UPDATE: Erin Andrews says she’s never received that so-called apology from Hasselbeck.

Seeing Elisabeth Hasselbeck cry is something we’re all used to by now. (Remember that heated debate with Whoopi Goldberg on the use of the “N-word”?) But it’s not often that we see The View co-host cry over something she did.

While discussing the latest Dancing with the Stars events yesterday, the outspoken conservative felt the need to speak out about contestant Erin Andrews’ ballroom wardrobe. Elisabeth - who was for some reason shocked by the amount of skin the contestant had been showing lately (does she not watch the show on a regular basis?) - thought it would be appropriate to bring up the ESPN reporter’s stalking scandal.

“I mean, in some way if I’m [Michael David Barrett], I’m like, ‘Man! I just could’ve waited 12 weeks and seen this — a little bit less — without the prison time!’” Hasselbeck joked.

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TV Talk: Doctor Who Sets Records, Steven Seagal Shut Down

Doctor Who's Matt Smith-Reboots can be successful in the theaters and on television. Saturday’s debut of Doctor Who gave BBC America it’s largest audience to date. The premiere also earned the channel it’s best numbers in the 25-54s.

-Vice President Joe Biden will likely have to address his “big f**king” gaffe when he sits down with the ladies of The View next week. Biden will appear on Monday as part of the show’s “Red, White & View” series.

-There’s a slight possibility that Ugly Betty will live on on the big screen. “It’s something that we’ve been talking about and it’s something that America Ferrera would really love to do. That woman has so much determination that I can’t imagine anything she puts her mind to not getting done,” actress Ana Ortiz (Hilda Suarez) said.

-Production on Steven Seagal Lawman has been indefinitely shut down in light of a civil lawsuit filed against the reality show’s star. Kayden Nguyen, a former assistant to the star, has accused Steven Seagal of sexual harassment and is asking for $1 million.

VIDEO: The View Has Its Own Health Care Debate

“What more do you want?” - Sherri Shepherd questioning

Elizabeth Hasselbeck

the Republicans about the health care reform bill.

Whether you’re for or against it, the HCR bill passed last night by the House probably has you talking. Well, at the very least, it has the ladies of fired up.

Although this morning’s discussion initially focused on the shameful actions some people took during yesterday’s proceedings, today’s hot topic took a heated turn when referenced those who were allegedly “bribed, bullied, and shut out” because they didn’t want to vote “Yes.”

I can only hear Kristen Wiig saying this phrase right now: “Just let me make my point - it’d be easy!”

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TV Talk: Spike Orders Tiger Woods-Esque Show, Octomom Heads to The View

Nadya Suleman-Spike TV has ordered a pilot about a golfer (John Schneider) and his sex-crazed caddy…named Tiger. It’s not known who’ll play John’s buddy in Back Nine.

-Tina Fey’s admits her Saturday Night Live hosting gig this April will likely include a Sarah Palin sketch. At least there’ll be one funny part that night.

-Nadya Suleman will be leaving her babies behind to co-host The View next Wednesday. The noise may send the Octomom running back home.

-Meanwhile, Barbara Walters has decided that her upcoming Oscars special will be her last. Having to keep ten Best Film names straight is more than she can handle.

-Stewart Bailey, a former co-executive producer on the Daily Show, is now in charge of helping Last Call with Carson Daly. It’s a shame to see talent like that wasted.

ABC Taking No Chances with Adam Lambert

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Now that ABC has decided to allow back into the studio, everything should be business as usual, right? Wrong. Though Glambert appeared on The View Thursday morning, his segment was pre-taped. You know, just in case he decided to grab a random crewman and kiss him in front of the cameras.

The interview was as boring as expected. Lambert then got up to sing “Whataya Want From Me?” All of his dance moves were very appropriate for daytime TV.

And everybody at breathed a sigh of relief. Let us not forget that this network is very much affiliated with the Walt Disney Corporation. D’ya think one has to do with the other?

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ABC and The View Welcome Adam Lambert

DescriptionAdam Lambert might not be suitable for early morning TV or late night programming, but he’s apparently controversial enough to sit down for .

Today, ABC announced that Adam Lambert will be joining the daytime ladies on the Dec. 10 broadcast. This surprise decision comes just two days after the American Idol finalist was pulled from both Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Wondering if there’s a catch? Well, there is. Not only will the interview and musical performance be pre-taped, it comes at a convenient time. Lambert is one of the honorees in this year’s Most Fascinating People special. That Barbara Walters program will air the evening before on December 9.

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Whoopi’s Oops on The View

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It seems Whoopi Goldberg has the same problem I do - telling long-bearded wizards apart. Ian McKellen (that’s Sir to you) stopped by the set of to talk about Lord of the Rings…and ended up getting asked about Harry Potter instead. Specifically, he was asked if he was “coming back” in the next Harry movie.

He explained that he might return to the Potter movies - if he was , the actor who is in them. “But I don’t play Dumbledore,” McKellen remained smooth - leave it to an Englishman. “I play in Lord of the Rings,” he explained to Whoopi. Aw, heck, who can tell the difference under all that facial hair?

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Rod Blagojevich and Wife to Appear Together on The View

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The View cast

Daytime talk show has become the No Excuses jeans of the new millenium. You remember No Excuses jeans, right? No Excuses Sportswear spent the late 80’s and early 90’s capitalizing on infamous media stories by using the women involved in those stories to model their cheesy blue jeans. Donna Rice (disgraced Presidential Candidate Gary Hart’s “Monkey Business” lap mate) and Marla Maples (the reason for Donald and Ivana Trump’s divorce) are just a couple of the flash-in-the-pan media darlings who squeezed into a pair of No Excuses for a quick buck and some extra noteriety.

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ABC/Disney Shows Coming to Hulu

Hulu logo

Catching up on missed ABC programs will soon become that much easier.

Thanks to a deal that is still being finalized, programs ranging from to General Hospital will eventually be made available on Hulu. ABC, owned by Disney, will now become the third major network (alongside NBC and FOX) to allow ad-supported webstreaming of their shows via the site.

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