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Paris Hilton’s BFF Chase Renewed

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Paris Hilton and BFFs

“This season I made it like a sorority, the Paris sorority,” said Paris Hilton of the second season of her MTV show, , which premieres tomorrow. Though the heiress found a friend in Season 1 winner Brittany Flinkinger, and subsequently in the UK version of the show, she’s apparently still on the hunt.

Lil’ Kim, Kathy Griffin and a handful of ’s celebrity pals will make guest appearances on the show, which will renew her quest to find a pal among a dozen or more male and female contenders. Last season, Paris’s quest began with makeovers, challenges and very quick eliminations.

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Fashions of the 2009 Grammys

Snoop and Shante Broadus

Every year, Grammys are awarded to the music industry’s best, brightest and most tuneful. Many songbirds showed off their stuff on the big stage, but first they had to walk down the red carpet and past the cameras. Which stars made music with their fashion…and which celebs hit a sour note?

Find out who wore what after the jump.

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Paris Hilton and Her New BFF

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MTV didn’t pull any punches when it came to the end of their reality project. First, there was the hour-long reunion show, a spectacle replete with cat fighting and mini-games. Next, there was the drama-infused finale, where Paris was asked to choose a BFF in either Brittany or Vanessa. But wait - there’s more! After the very drawn-out conclusion, MTV aired a 30-minute special showing Hilton’s friends welcoming the new BFF into their midst.

It was two and one-half hours of TV. And I watched it all.

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Paris Down to Two Potential BFFs

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Heiress Paris Hilton has narrowed the field down to only two potential BFFs, the number down from eighteen hopefuls who participated in the MTV reality project . After Tuesday’s double-elimination episode, Paris is left with two choices: Brittany and Vanessa.

And from what I’ve seen so far, she’s stuck between a rocker and a head case.

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This Week on TV (11/10-11/16)

Anthony Edwards and Angela Bassett in ER

(You can view TV Envy’s Fall Television Programming Schedule here.)


MONDAY (11/10)
  • Chuck (NBC, 8pm):  “Chuck chances upon his ex-flame (Jordana Brewster) and embellishes his status in life to impress her.” We’re talking about a girl who starred in D.E.B.S.. He shouldn’t try too hard.
  • Prison Break (FOX, 9pm):  “Gretchen gives Michael the rest of the bird book, but he suffers another seizure after deciphering it.” That pretty much sums up my feelings about bird books as well.
  • Samantha Who? (ABC, 9:30):  “Sam is sentenced to community service, where she meets a troubled young woman () and decides to help turn her life around.” Sam has now become the better-looking version of Earl Hickey.
  • 17 Kids and Counting (TLC, 10pm):  “Jinger takes her driving test; the family celebrates Michelle’s birthday and responds to viewer questions.” Uhh, I have a question. Jinger? Seriously?

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Paris Hilton’s My New Obsession

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Paris Hilton

Last night saw the premiere of Paris Hilton’s new MTV reality show (which has been getting buzz for months). Hilton chose “sixteen girls and two boys” to become her potential platonic party partner for . I expected that I would hate it…but I just can’t escape the magnetic pull of unoriginal, fairly bad reality TV. That’s right, I said it - I’m an MTV fan.

I was instantly under the spell of Hilton’s friend search, a premise itself which is obvious malarkey. Casting is already under way for the second season, so I’m guessing no true best friendships were forged during this first one. Or perhaps , like me, can see the immediate potential of a show filled with good-looking twenty-somethings (most of whom seem as dense as bricks) that hero-worship the vapid Miss Hilton. It’s so far out of actual reality, it’s just crazy enough to be reality TV.

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David Letterman Continues Complaining About McCain Snub

Paris Hilton on David Letterman

While last-minute talk show cancellations are nothing new, ‘s absence this week is apparently something David Letterman won’t be getting past anytime soon.

On Wednesday night’s Late Show with David Letterman, the host spent a good portion of the evening reacting bitterly to the presidential candidate’s snub. (You can see that clip here.) McCain, believing he needed to suspend all campaigning to focus on the economy, called Letterman to explain the situation. But instead of heading directly to D.C. like he had claimed, the senator was found taping an interview with Katie Couric during Letterman’s show.

Although McCain’s camp later explained that they didn’t think an appearance on a comedy show would be appropriate, David continued to unleash his disappointment during Thursday’s taping. Coincidentally, one of the guests during last night’s program was Paris Hilton—a former McCain target. You can watch segments from Day Two after the jump.

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Paris Hiilton Seeks British Best Friend

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Paris HiltonI apologize, World. is going international.

Although her new reality show, , hasn’t yet debuted, the famous hotel heiress has already opted to try again. Hilton, believing her American choice won’t fit in overseas, has decided to do an entire new search in the UK.

Starting this October, Paris will start taping a British version of her fall program. While the concept will remain the same, the title will get a slight adjustment: Paris Hilton’s New Best Friend. On both programs, a group of wannabes fight for the opportunity to become a fixture on the celebutante’s side.

In a statement released today, Hilton tried her best to explain the upcoming mission:

“Everyone knows I love LA, but London, watch out—I’m coming to town and bringing my fast-paced life with me. I’m in the UK all the time, but of course I can’t bring all my friends, so I’ve decided to look for a new BFF across the pond. I need a best friend who is hot, who can keep up with me, and most of all, who is real and won’t be a backstabber. I’m not leaving London until I find that amazing girl or guy who can meet the challenges of being my British bestie!”

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NBC Lines Up Another Celeb-Reality Show

NBC trying its hardest to find that special celeb-realityBecause we can apparently never have enough celebrity reality shows, NBC is currently developing yet another one.

Realizing that perhaps the very out there circus atmosphere was not their forté, producers have opted to focus on resorting to what they do best: partying!

Well, okay, maybe not the Paris Hilton kind of party, but the more formal kind. A typical episode for Celebrity Come Dine With Me will feature one celebrity who hosts a dinner party for his or her famous friends. At the end of the night, the party will be judged on presentation, food, and entertainment value.

Sounds kind of lame to you, too, right? I mean, I love watching celebrities, but watching them eat and be entertained doesn’t interest me all too much. I say that knowing that the show has found “success” in 16 other countries.

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Nicole Richie to Guest Star on Chuck

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Nicole RichieAfter years of acting like a bratty socialite, has finally decided to dabble in real comedic fare. (I mean - if Paris Hilton can attempt it, anyone can.)

Next fall, we’ll be seeing Richie in an episode of NBC’s Chuck. The new mom will play a “snarky and spiteful girl who tortured Sarah in school.” (That description is so Lohan on Ugly Betty.) The two cross paths again when Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) is forced to attend her high school reunion for a mission.

This job actually won’t be the first non-reality role for Nicole. star has also made appearances on American Dreams and 8 Simple Rules.

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