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Oprah Takes on the Oscar Special

Oprah Winfrey Move over, Barbara Walters. There’s a new Oscar special on the horizon. That’s right, Oprah Winfrey will be presenting a pre-Oscar ceremony special, in the spirit of Walters’ now well-known celeb chat. While Walters has yet to announce her guests, Winfrey has revealed that The Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special will have celebrities interviewing one another. This fresh take will feature Julia Roberts interviewing George Clooney, Nicole Kidman asking questions of Russell Crowe, and Jamie Foxx chatting with Sidney Poitier. The Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special will air three days prior to the Oscar ceremony on Thursday, February 22nd, on ABC, following Grey’s Anatomy. Walters special, as she has historically done, will air on Oscar night, February 25th. No word yet on whether or not Winfrey will appear on the special, although she is the executive producer of the show.

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Oprah Being Sued by Audience Member

Oprah Winfrey When I first read that an audience member at one of Oprah‘s tapings was going to sue Winfrey, it immediately brought to mind those Saturday Night Live sketches where the women are going crazy and fainting because of Oprah’s giveaways. Seems the reason for this lawsuit is that the woman allegedly was injured during the stampede that occurred while trying to find a seat for the show’s taping.

Tayna Milner’s lawsuit says that the studio did not control the crowd properly, resulting in Milner being pushed down the stairs and suffering injuries on April 11th. She is seeking more than $50,000 in damages from Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios.

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Oprah Pays it Forward—With Debit Cards

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Oprah Winfrey Ever the gift-giver, Oprah gave the audience of Monday’s show something a little bit different. Each member of the audience received a $1,000 debit card. But here’s the catch—each person must donate that money in some way to someone else. While it’s not a car or extravagant gift, the debit cards are, as she puts it, the “gift of giving back.” The 300 audience members received the cards, sponsored by Bank of America, to donate to the charity of their choice. “I can honestly say that every gift I’ve ever given has brought at least as much happiness to me as it has to the person I’ve given it to,” Oprah said. “That’s the feeling I want to pass on to you.”

To keep people honest, they are not allowed to give the money to a relative, but they can divide it among several charities. They also received a DVD recorder for taping the experience of donating their money. The stories will air on a future show. Oprah told her audience, “You’re going to open your hearts, you’re going to be really creative, and you’re going to spend it all at once on one stranger or spend a dollar on every person. Imagine the love and kindness you can spread with $1,000.”

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