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Nip/Tuck: Is The Blade Losing Its Edge?

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Nip/TuckFans have been concerned about one of their favorite shows: . Most of the unease seems to revolve around ‘The Carver’ storyline, which the show has heavily focused on since the second half of season 2.  The show gained such a huge following in the first season largely due to the way it focused on the pain and terror inside us all, the way we try to change the outside to quiet the monsters inside. Now, with The Carver as a central focus, those emotions have been taken outside of the characters and transformed into a ‘real life’ monster…which has proven to be less fascinating than the original insights. The possibilities were looking up, though, on last night’s episode. Christian dealing with family demons, Sean facing the loss of his family, and both doctors realizing something is missing without their long-time friendship, harkens back to the first season. Bring on the demons, Nip/Tuck. Just keep them inside.


Nip/Tuck:  Remember to Turn Back Your Clocks!

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Nip/TuckOkay – is it just me, or does this show have some serious issues with chronology?  I really do love and am willing to overlook its flaws for the sake of overall enjoyment, but the glaring errors with time cannot go without comment.

Going back to the show from two weeks ago—
Let’s assume that it took about a week for Sean to agree to the crematorium job that was presented to him (the mortuary couldn’t have let those dismembered corpses wait any longer.)  Are we supposed to believe that in the same amount of time: Gina pitched her proposal to Julia about the spa.. the ladies presented their plan to McNamara/Troy.. the building was purchased and permits were secured… and a crew had been hired and already started working??  Seriously—by the time Sean got around to dismembering Frankenlaura, the women were already


into their project!!

Now let’s proceed to last week’s episode—
Let’s again assume that it took about a week for Christian to meet with a patient then eventually agree to saw off his leg.  In this short period of time:  the ladies were able to conceive a new semen-based product.. collect samples from a sperm bank… mix the final ingredients and package it.. present their idea to Joan Rivers.. get it on QVC.. and then already determine that they will turn a profit in their first year?

I mean, I know that women can multitask—and can move mountains when working in threes—but they’re not miracle workers.  It pains me to say this:  but we’re not gods.

Kathy Baker Returns To Nip/Tuck

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Kathy BakerBaker finishes her two-episode arc this week on . The November 8th episode will have Christian confronting his mother about the huge bomb she dropped on him in the October 18th episode regarding the identity of his father. Kathy Baker, a three-time Emmy award winner, is best known for her role in the groundbreaking drama Picket Fences. Fans everywhere are anxious to find out if Christian will finally get the closure he deserves. You don’t want to miss this one.

Even The Stars Blog About Nip/Tuck

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DescriptionWeird, wild, and way over the top: say what you will about , the viewers love it. Just take a look around the Internet sometime to find blogs and message boards galore dedicated to this cult hit. Sure, the fans blog about their favorite show…but did you know the actors do, too? Willam Belli plays the transvestite, Cherry, who had a rather violent encounter with Matt. Belli recently blogged about his experiences on the hit show. The link and excerpt appears after the jump, to avoid accidental spoilage.

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Nip/Tuck:  Frankenlaura

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Nip/TuckAfter such a spectacular ending to ‘s last episode, this week’s started with such a letdown.  Whatever happened to Kit?  After all, she was only slashed by The Carver, how they could not address that at all?  I guess when you’re racked with debts, other people’s problems fall to the waste side.  Sean and Christian can’t afford to be doing pro bono work on backstabbing detectives.

Still reeling from the publicity backlash, McNamara/Troy is forced to deal with the financial health of their company. Unsure if they will survive past a few more months, Liz offers to help them out by turning in her resignation.  Sean and Christian try to assure her (and themselves) that they will be back up and running very soon.

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Nip/Tuck:  Granville Trapp

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Nip/TuckAlthough I’ve never been able to stomach surgery scenes, I’ve ironically been obsessed with anything related to plastic surgery.  Who are the freaks behind these stories?  Why does that socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein, insist on looking like a cat?  Why does Melissa Rivers want to emulate her mother?  Why did those brothers on MTV actually think they could look like Brad Pitt?  And more importantly—why do I care?  This is why I love .  It gives this newcomer all I want - and more.  Some Nip/Tuck devotees may accuse me of jumping late onto the bandwagon, but I don’t care.  I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring. 

Oooh—and did things get all nice and awkward in last week’s episode, or what?

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