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Lance Bass Joins Ex-Boy Band Members for Reality TV Contest

Lance Bass and Joey FatoneLance Bass is wrangling up former NSYNC member Joey Fatone in addition to A.J. Mclean of Backstreet Boys, Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block, and possibly Bobby Brown of New Edition for a reality television competition.

The VH1 contest is expected to rival NBC's The Voice, with the boy band alumni choosing which singers would comprise the perfect boy band.

Bobby Brown isn't confirmed just yet, but Lance says that he "thinks Bobby will do it. I think he'd love it."

Will you tune in to watch Lance and company attempt to resurrect the boy band?

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New Kids to Reunite on Today Show

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New Kids on the Block

After months of speculation, it looks as if it is now finally official.  The are reuniting.

Yes, yes - we’ve already seen their website and heard a snippet from one of their possible new songs.  But until all five boys are together once again in front of the cameras, it just doesn’t seem real.  Ya know?

Well, the matter will be settled once and for all this Friday morning when the gang - Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jonathan and Jordan - make an appearance on the show.  Although it’s unclear from People magazine’s report whether the men will be singing and/or just standing in their ‘courtyard’, I’ll be sure to set my Tivo regardless.  (As much as I would like to see them, I refuse to get up that early.)

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Are the New Kids Back on the Block?

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New Kids on the Block - thenIf you had any proximity to any tween or teen girls in the 1980s and 1990s, you couldn’t escape the boy band that swept the nation into a craze:  . The baggy clothes. The dance moves. The poppy beats. The looks. Girls loved them, guys hummed along when no one was around to listen, and then…they disappeared. So stop holding your breath already - the New Kids (now all grown adults) might be making a comeback. I know, I didn’t believe it either. But it’s true…or, it could be.

The official Web site for the group is up and running again, touting an “announcement” and asking fans to wait for news. According to People magazine, the New Kids (Jonathan and Jordan Knight, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre and ’s older brother Donnie) are reuniting. However, there’s nothing to indicate if or when they will be making new music or going out on tour. During their successful run as pop stars, the New Kids sold more than 70 million albums (that’s a lot). They even topped superstars like Madonna and Michael Jackson in 1990 as the highest-paid entertainers (Forbes).

When their popularity steadily declining as the 90s took shape, the New Kids (now shortening the group name to NKOTB) attempted a “comeback” of sorts in ‘94. But Face the Music (the album) didn’t sell all that well, concert tour dates were canceled, and the story ended.  That is, until the Web site came back up with vague promises and clips of the group way back then..

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