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American Idol 10: Top 11 Results

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American Idol began Thursday’s results show with an explanation of the Motown genre… though we use the word “explanation” rather loosely. More than 30 million votes were counted to bring the night’s results, which Ryan Seacrest hyped “may shock you.” For once, his words proved true. The male competitors wore black suits for results night, while the girls put on shimmering white evening wear.

As always, Idol peppered its results show with videos of behind-the-scenes action.

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A Final Bow for the Gladiators?

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In my estimation, has always been something of a ride-it-till-the-wheels-fall-off kind of network. Habitually in fourth place behind all the other major networks, the channel is always striving for a first-place hit. For a brief moment in the winter of the writers’ strike, NBC found television gold in the form of a re-make.

More than twelve million tuned in for the January premiere of the first season of the re-vamped and NBC suddenly had a hit on its hands. Instead of playing it cool or playing it safe, the network went full steam ahead into a second season. Way back in April, before season two’s May premiere, NBC announced tentative plans to bring the show back in the summer of 2009 for yet a third season.

But now the second season of the show has arrived, has been aired and has ended. Will NBC still bring this brutal physical reality competition back for another turn in the TV spotlight?

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This Week on TV (7/28-8/3)

Pamela Anderson

(You can view TV Envy’s Summer Television Programming Schedule here.)


MONDAY (7/28)
  • Wanna Bet? (ABC,9pm):  “Corbin Bernsen, , Rip Hamilton and Melissa Peterman are the celebs placing the wagers. Stunts include a man trying to kick himself in the head 45 times in one minute.” Wanna bet people only know who half these ‘celebrities’ are?
  • Paranormal State (A&E, 10pm):  Season Two premiere. “The team investigates supposed activity at a home, including the mysterious destruction of religious objects and the unexplained appearance of dead animals near the home.” Dead animals? Should they be looking for ghosts or a serial killer?
  • Make a Move (DIY, 10pm):  “Amy Wynn Pastor helps newlyweds with their eco-conscious home, including projects like a compost heap, a kitchen upgrade and a wall demolition.” Ah, newlyweds. Always so annoyingly optimistic.
  • Weeds (Showtime, 10pm):  “In Mexico, Celia discovers the joys of discounted medicine at local pharmacies.” If only she had known about the $4 generics at her local Wal-Mart.

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New Gladiators Announced

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Evan Dollard, American GladiatorsIn an action-packed two-hour finale, the two champions were crowned Sunday night. I expected more tough events and plenty of competition, but much of the broadcast was soaked with longer contender interviews, replays of favorite moments from the show and lengthy segments on the four competitors at home.

Twenty minutes were gone in the broadcast before finally gave me what I wanted - an event. The gladiators were in top form, making it difficult for any of the contenders to score points. Lightning-quick Evan Dollard did wow the audience with a spectacularly quick climb up The Wall, for the third time in the show’s history. “Soccer mom” Monica Carlson scored big in Assault, sending Gladiator Helga flying from the platform to smack a pool of water. Quickly, it all started to come down to the Eliminator - the obstacle course that’s broken so many competitors throughout the season.

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Chicago Tribune

Debut Review: American Gladiators

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American GladiatorsZap. Nitro. Lace. Gemini. I’m not just being random here, I’m naming the original . For those of us whose memories stretch back that far, American Gladiators was a great show to watch - and it‘s even better to remember. Original, inspiring and chock-full of muscle-bound beauty, Gladiators ran from 1989 to 1996 and won viewers from a wide range of demographics. Young, old, scrawny or buff, everyone likes to see a single contestant best all the power that strength has to offer.

But I have to make a confession: when I heard was bringing this one back, I rolled my eyes and made a crack about this network’s sheer desperation to find programming. (Frankly, I stand by and maintain I’m not far from wrong. We are talking, after all, about the network which brought back and …I mean, come on).

But I was wrong. There, I said it. I’ll give this one - just this one - to NBC. It was a good idea to bring back , and after Sunday night’s two-hour debut I’m already hooked. and are the perfect hosts, both personable and professionally known for their musculature, and the new gladiators are just as ripped and menacing as the former muscle-bound group who once sent challengers toppling.

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WWE Smackdown Spoilers (12/7)

WWE Smackdown! spoilers We saw a lot of really bizarre things on last few episodes of WWE Friday Night Smackdown. First we saw a disgusting make-out session between “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge and Vickie Guerrero, and then we saw the return of Teddy Long, which would ultimately lead to the making of a huge triple threat match between The Undertaker, Edge and Batista at Armageddon, with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Oh yeah, and this whole ECW/Smackdown talent exchange thing continues, so we can expect to see the boys of ECW as well.

Which superstar got speared so hard that he was out cold for five minutes? Find out in this week’s spoilers after the jump.

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WWE RAW Reflections (12/3)

Jericho and Orton face offWWE Monday Night RAW opens with “Y2J” Chris Jericho in the ring doing his whole “me want title shot” schtick. Jericho replays the video of WWE Champion Randy Orton accepting Jericho’s challenge for Armageddon. Orton comes out and it’s pretty much more of the same. The two get in each others faces - threat, threat, threat - and it almost comes to blows. Of course, Regal comes out and stops them. Orton and Jericho will pick each other’s opponents for the night. It would make sense for them to make Jericho face Flair. Now, that would be a good match. Instead, Jericho will face Umaga. Orton will face off against Shawn Michaels. Not bad main events!

After the jump, three WWE legends and an “Attitude Era” tag team make surprise “returns”!

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Hulk Hogan Scheduled to Host ‘American Gladiators’

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Hulk HoganAs I reported several weeks ago, will be introducing an updated version of .  At the time, I said the classic series reminded me of Iron Chef+Battle of the Network Stars+WWE.  Well, apparently wrestling wasn’t such an original analogy; word has it a former wrestler will now be hosting it.

According to TV Week, has been tapped for the emcee duties.  The


WWE celebrity and star is reportedly committed to the project and is currently finalizing the deal.  As for the Gladiators who will terrorize the naive competitors, those roles are still being cast.

Be looking for the reality competition sometime mid-season.

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Nick Hogan Out of Hospital

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Nick HoganAfter being hospitalized for a car accident yesterday, ‘s son, Nick, has already been discharged.  Unfortunately, his friend is reportedly still in critical condition at this time.

The accident investigation is still ongoing so no charges, if any, have yet been filed against Nick.  Alcohol has so far been ruled out as a factor.

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Hulk Hogan’s Son In Serious Accident

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The HogansNick Bollea (aka ) was involved a serious car accident Sunday afternoon in Clearwater, Florida.  Police report that Nick was driving a Toyota Supra that for some reason lost control and crashed into a median.  Both Bollea and a passenger had to be extricated from the damaged vehicle.  They were later airlifted to the hospital in ‘extremely serious’ conditions.  Although the accident is still being investigated, police say it’s obvious the Supra had been traveling at a high rate of speed.  Nick’s father, wrestler , was notified of the incident and arrived at the scene.

Nick, Hulk and the rest of the family can still be seen on their reality show .

You can see the video of the crash scene via the link below:

NOTE:  Click here to read an update on Nick’s condition.

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