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Gladiators Fail to Slay Competition

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American Gladiators Season 2

won big ratings and big press during the writer’s strike, prompting NBC to immediately sign the series for another season, cast new gladiators and create bigger, better events for a triumphant second season return. The season kicked off last night…but was it as victorious as NBC hoped?

Ratings-wise, American Gladiators is already going the way of other shows (to third or last place). FOX’s House led the night, while the Gladiators raked in only about 4.9 million watchers.

The season premiered with bigger obstacles, more competitors and a bevy of new Gladiators, all in hopes that this could be the show to secure NBC a first-place ratings slot. For those of you who didn’t watch it, I did.

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Hulk Hogan Scheduled to Host ‘American Gladiators’

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Hulk HoganAs I reported several weeks ago, will be introducing an updated version of .  At the time, I said the classic series reminded me of Iron Chef+Battle of the Network Stars+WWE.  Well, apparently wrestling wasn’t such an original analogy; word has it a former wrestler will now be hosting it.

According to TV Week, has been tapped for the emcee duties.  The


WWE celebrity and star is reportedly committed to the project and is currently finalizing the deal.  As for the Gladiators who will terrorize the naive competitors, those roles are still being cast.

Be looking for the reality competition sometime mid-season.

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The Return of ‘American Gladiators’

GladiatorsThe sick voyeur in me has always loved seeing Average Joes fight for their lives—which probably explains why Schwarzenegger’s The Running Man still remains a guilty pleasure for me to this day.  This fascination also fueled my enthusiasm for the horribly addictive show from the 90’s known as American Gladiators.

The series pitted male and female contestants against the Gladiators who reigned over their arena.  The poor souls would do their best to score points by navigating various obstacle courses.  They would also try and avoid being taken down along the way.  I would compare the show to Iron Chef+Battle of the Network Stars+WWE.

Gladiators, which ended its run in 1996, is now being resurrected by as a mid-season addition.  Unfortunately, the show will be subject to an ‘updating’....which could mean just about anything.  (Having tried to watch Battle of the Network Reality Stars, I’m hesitant about anything that’s tweaked).

Here’s to hoping that some of my favorite challenges like The Assault and Breakthrough & Conquer will return.  If not, I may have to turn to the re-runs currently airing on Classic.

What were your favorite challenges?  How about your favorite Gladiators?  Let us know!

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