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Aniston and Cox Arquette Together Again

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Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox ArquetteWe reported last week that there was a rumor that Jennifer Aniston might appear on Courtney Cox Arquette’s series, Dirt. The rumor has now been confirmed, with more details about which episode and the character Aniston will play. This appearance will mark Aniston’s first return to television since wrapping Friends in 2004. This time around, she will play rival magazine editor Tina Harrod. The exchange between her and Lucy Spiller should be fun—and good to see Aniston return to her roots. Aniston will appear in the season finale of Dirt, airing on March 27th on FX. Hmmm, sounds like there will be a bump in ratings with these two sharing the small screen again.

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Jennifer Aniston May Appear on Cox Arquette’s ‘Dirt’

Jennifer Aniston While Courteney Cox Arquette and Jennifer Aniston have ruled out a Friends reunion, there is a chance that Aniston may appear on Cox Arquette’s new FX series, Dirt. The former Friends co-stars spoke out at the Television Critics Association Conference, saying of a Friends reunion, “It’s too hard to get everyone together. The writers are doing their thing, and I just can’t see it happening – not that I wouldn’t do it, because it would be fun.” On Dirt, Cox Arquette works as editor-in-chief at a tabloid magazine. While no firm plans have been made about Aniston’s appearance, the two have been in discussions about the type of character that Aniston would play on the series.

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