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‘The View’ To Announce Replacements

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The ViewFor months now, our view of The View has been constantly changing.  A long roster of guests have helped to help fill the seat once occupied by Star Jones Reynolds.  And occasionally, Whoopi Goldberg has sat in the first seat left cold by Rosie O’Donnell.

The guessing game should end next week when producers are expected to announce permanent replacements.  Frequent seat-warmer Sherri Shepherd is finally expected to move from contract to permanent status.  (As many times as she has spilled her life story to those ladies, I would be incredibly upset if she did not get the gig).  As for the other slot?  That has Whoopi’s name written all over it.  Apparently, this means all rumors of a possible gay counterpart will probably be squashed.

Unfortunately, ABC’s Human Resources Department will only be getting a quick break.  Their job recruitment services will again be on demand soon when goes on her maternity leave.

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Rosie Off ‘The View’

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Rosie O'Donnell Well, at least she went out with a bang. Snip, Snipe—she and co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck got into an on-air war of words Wednesday, complete with split screen debate (those clever producers). The political feud over Rosie’s view about the war in Iraq made headlines and, of course, web gossip. As a result, Rosie O’Donnell isn’t gonna hang around for her final three weeks on The View. ABC announced that O’Donnell won’t be back to complete her remaining contract, instead asking for an early leave. Barbara Walters commented, “Rosie contributed to one of our most exciting and successful years at The View. I am most appreciative. Our close and affectionate relationship will not change.” Can’t you just sense Walters’ relief over the early departure? It has been a turbulent year on the show, and although they enjoyed better ratings with Rosie, the numbers came at a cost—Rosie’s outspoken manner made many headlines, most notably her battle with Donald Trump. Unfortunately, her early departure leaves us without the typical Rosie musical spectacular that she would have likely commissioned on her last appearance. Am I upset about that? No way.

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Rosie O’Donnell Apologizes for Comments to Co-Host

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Rosie O'Donnell Rosie O’Donnell’s big opinions have gotten her in trouble again. This time, she butted heads with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Wednesday’s show. While the show is called The View, I believe the format’s intention is to be a bit more tolerant of other people’s “views,” especially when you’re sharing the same table. Rosie and Elisabeth couldn’t see eye-to-eye on whether or not the government should be privy to citizens’ telephone conversations. Elisabeth was ok with it, but Rosie was not and berated her on the show, saying, “Elisabeth, you are very young, and you are very wrong.” Thursday, Rosie posted an apology on her web site via haiku (ugh, enough with the haikus already). The poem began, “i said some of elisabeths comments were ignorant / which was ignorant itself.” There was no mention of the incident on Friday’s show, so seems life will go on for The View‘s ladies.

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Former Survivor Contestant Joins Rachael Ray Show

Colby DonaldsonFollowing in the footsteps of Survivor contestant Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who co-hosts on The View, Survivor castaway Colby Donaldson will be joining Rachael Ray. Perhaps an effort to appeal to the male demographic, or just another personality to cut Ray’s over-the-top persona? His job is “content buddy”—he’ll give viewers more of a male perspective and conduct interviews. Donaldson told Us magazine that he is “thrilled to now be with Rachael Ray enjoying this daytime adventure with real people. I love hanging out with Rachael and the food perks are pretty great too! It’s good to know my days of eating bugs are over!” Ray’s show has done very well in the ratings and earned a renewal, so seems Donaldson will be sitting pretty on the daytime talk show. You may remember him from his runner-up status on the Australian edition of Survivor, or from the all-stars edition, where he was the seventh to be booted. You could have seen him on Curb Your Enthusiasm, or maybe you know him from the razor ads. At any rate, he will be a handsome addition to the show.

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