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VIDEO: SNL’s Ambiguous Duo Goes Live Action

SNL’s “The Ambiguously Gay Duo,” an animated pair created by Robert Smigel, have made 12 appearances on the show since 1996... but this past Saturday, fans saw them in a whole new way. Thanks to a flesh-ray invented by the evil villain Brain-O, we learned that the live action version of Ace and Gary look exactly like Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon, respectively.

Late night host Stephen Colbert played Brain-O, Steve Carell Big Head, cast member Fred Armisen became Lizardo and host Ed Helms is the two-face character in the fantastic skit.

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VIDEO: Two Lindsay Buckinghams? What’s Up With That!

Most of the SNL cast, musical guest Paul Simon, special guest Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel, to Gleeks), host Ed Helms and a member of Fleetwood Mac came together to bring us the skit above: an epic “What’s Up With That.” Bill Hader reprises his usual role as Lindsay Buckingham… only this time he’s joined by another Lindsay Buckingham! We’d like to thank sexy cowboys, California raisins and Keenan Thompson for the great video above.

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Ed Helms, Paul Simon Coming to SNL

Ed Helms, The Hangover

Hangover star Ed Helms has been booked to host the May 14 episode of SNL along with musical guest Paul Simon. Helms, who also appears on NBC’s The Office, has never hosted the show. Simon has been a frequent musical guest on Saturday Night Live (dating back to season 1) and a one-time host of the show.

Together, they’re sure to be sensational.

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Scranton, PA Welcomes ‘Office’ Fanatics

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The OfficeHow many other TV shows can garner enough interest to support a convention—let alone in Scranton, Pennsylvania? Fans of rallied together over the weekend to celebrate the series and even a few Office stars joined in on the fun. , who plays Andy Bernard was on hand, saying, “We’re the Beatles in Scranton.” And he’s not too far off the mark, seeing as more than 3,000 people turned out for The Office party. The show has really put Scranton on the map—and this city of 75,000 threw a thrilling enough convention to grab fans from as far away as Australia and Ireland. And wouldn’t you know there was plenty of Office fun to be had, including Dunder Mifflin paraphernalia, a lookalike contest, and a performance by the Scrantones (not Scrantonicity, strangely enough). In addition to Helms, cast members , who plays Angela, and (Meredith) were also at the big event. To top it off, there was an Office Olympics, complete with “Flonkerton,” where fans raced with their feet in empty paper boxes, and yogurt lid medals for the winners.

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Ed Helms Becomes a Regular on ‘The Office’

Ed HelmsFor those of you, like myself, who may have thought that Ed Helms’ character on The Office was on his way out, think again. It would seem that, after he annoyed even Michael Scott (Steve Carell), that the end was near. Helms has done a particularly fine job as the suck-up Andy Bernard, that it makes you feel downright embarrassed for the guy. His status on the show has just been bumped to a regular cast member. Both Helms and Rashida Jones (Karen) joined The Office this season. Karen, who moved to the Scranton branch mainly to follow Jim, will likely have some tougher times ahead now that Jim has admitted he has feelings for Pam. Rashida Jones is still just a recurring character, so we’ll have to see if she decides to move back to Stamford.

Helms worked with Steve Carell on The Daily Show and will soon appear on screen with Carell in Evan Almighty.

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