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‘Dancing With The Stars’ Extends Invite to Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Tyra BanksDuring last month’s sit down with Tyra Banks, Hillary Clinton said she would like to perform on .  (Okay - what she really said was given a choice of competing on either the dancing competition or America’s Next Top Model, she should probably be on the former.)  Well that remark not only amused the audience, it perked up a few ears at ABC.

Just last week, Jared Paul, DWTS’ co-producer, extended an invitation to the presidential candidate.  Although the reality show is not currently taping, it is still on tour.  It’s Paul’s hope that the senator will exploit one of their upcoming stops for her own campaign purposes.  (This is what you would call a win-win situation.) would be given her pick of male dancer and preferred style of dance.

While an appearance would seem unlikely, Hillary has been doing all she can to drum up support.  And really - this wouldn’t be that much different from her stints on Tyra, Letterman or the Ryan Seacrest radio show.  So who knows? 

As of today’s date, she has four tour stops left to choose from (CT, RI, PA).  Let’s see if she can manage to squeeze in another gig.

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