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Writers Guild Has Tentative Deal

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WGA Key word: tentative.

Early Saturday, the bosses announced they have reached a tentative deal with the .  Details of the proposal were to be presented to union members in New York and Los Angeles today.  (A copy of the email sent by the WGA presidents can be found here.)

If the strikers react favorably to the proposed contract, union leaders will meet again on Sunday to finalize details.  Assuming a formal vote is not needed, the writers could theoretically be back to work this Monday.  Approximately 10,500 WGA members have been off the job since the strike began back on November 5th.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed…

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No Agreement Yet Between Writers and Producers

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Hand writingDespite a federal mediator and plenty of bargaining sessions, the and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers failed to come to terms on a new three-year contract. Talks ended after several not-so-fruitful hours, three hundred and sixty minutes before the current contract expired. The writers and producers are stymied over one central issue: the pay writers receive when work is released on DVD. DVD sales are huge, and have been since the discovery that people will actually pay to own episodes of television shows they watched the first time they aired. Even syndication hasn’t hurt the DVD sales of old TV episodes, and the writers want their cut. Well, the producers don’t want to give it to them. That, in a nutshell, is what all this strike talk is about.

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Is a Writer’s Strike Imminent?

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Writing HandIt’s been making headlines for months as negotiations continue to drag, but that doesn’t mean the bomb has been completely defused. In fact, it’s ticking louder than ever before. The union representing TV and film writers (the Writers Guild of America) is currently trying to work a deal with the networks and studios (the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers)—unfortunately, things aren’t going well.

Back in 1988 during the famous writers’ walkout, the entertainment industry lost an estimated $500 million when writers refused to produce scripts. Today? A strike would be even more damaging. The current issues up for debate include splitting revenues for new media, and whether reality shows should be unionized. The guild could call for a strike as early as November 1, which would really put a damper on the fall season…and even the mid-season, if things aren’t worked out. As a result, studios have moved up production schedules to shoot as many new episodes as possible, before any work has to stop. Extra script orders are coming in…which isn’t making it any easier for the possibly-striking writers. The good news is that reality shows don’t use writers (at least, that’s the official story), so fan favorites like American Idol should be safe from the threat…but that also means the mid-season could be crammed with reality and re-runs…and not a whole lot more.

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