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The American Music Award Nominations

Justin TimberlakeThe heaped honors this week awarding Beyonce, , Linkin Park and Daughtry (led by American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry) with three nominations each. Idol winner Carrie Underwood nabbed two nominations, showing that FOX can, at least, find talent. Daughtry will also be a performer, along with Celine Dion, Fergie and Rihanna.  is set to host the event, which will air on ABC November 18.

Nominees for the AMAs are initially chosen based upon record sales, but this year marks a first for the award show: members of the public will be able to vote for nominees online.

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Thursday Ratings: ‘Grey’s’ and ‘CSI’ Both Come Out on Top

The 9pm hour proves to be Thursday night’s most heated battleground.  And just like Wednesday night, ABC ruled the 18-49 age group while CBS gathered the largest audience.



  • (18.9 million, 7.8/19 in 18-49) led the night in the demo market.
  • (19.6 million, 6.0/14) raked in just enough viewers for evening’s win (despite being down about 1 million).
  • (8.9 million, 4.7/11) gained about 410,000 viewers from last week while (3.2 million, 1.2/3) was up over 250,000.
  • (1.8/4) came in fourth with 5.6 million viewers overall.


  • Although down 18% from its debut, (13.6 million, 3.6/10 in 18-49) ruled the hour in viewers.
  • (9.3 million, 3.6/10) was up 600,000 while (8.4 million, 3.4/10) was down about the same.

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Fisher Stevens Joining ‘Lost’

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Fisher StevensRabid Lost fans will take any tidbit of news they can. And so, I offer this tasty morsel of Lost casting news. Fisher Stevens is joining the show! Now, I’m not sure if that exclamation point is disbelief or excitement, and while I certainly don’t have anything against Stevens, I’m having a kind of “huh?” reaction. And that’s primarily because I associate Stevens with Short Circuit and have no recollection for anything else he’s done. So, all I can envision is that robot saying “Number 5 is alive!” And that really doesn’t have too much to do with Fisher Stevens because he didn’t even say that line. Even looking him up on IMDB didn’t jostle my memory about other roles he’s had, although he appeared on the series Early Edition and has made many guest appearances. Hmm. Anyway… back to Lost. Stevens is set to play the role of Minkowski, who we have only heard through the satellite phone during the last season’s finale, telling the Losties they would be rescued. Will this little nugget o’ info carry us until the season premiere in February? Not likely, but it’s at least something.

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Wednesday Ratings:  ABC and CBS Both Take Wins

Depending on how you look at it, two networks shared last night’s crown.  CBS may have grabbed the viewers, but ABC had it where it counts: the demos.

Private Practice


  • Despite mixed review, (12.42 million, 4.9/13 share) took the hour’s demos with ease.
  • At 14.55 million, CBS’ (3.9/10) won the night in viewers.
  • (10.28 million, 3.9/10) continued its losing race against Practice.
  • (6.37 million, 3.0/8) was up from last week’s numbers.
  • (1.3/3 share) rounded off the hour with 2.8 million viewers.


  • (4.1/11 in 18-49, 13.43m) pounded the competitors with 13.43 million viewers.
  • ABC’s (8.64 million, 3.3/9) was down slightly from last week as was (8.1 million, 2.7/8).


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Chevy Chase Guests on Brothers & Sisters

Chevy ChaseIt’s the age old question: when did Chevy Chase become un-funny? I mean, SNL, Caddyshack, Vacation, and Fletch—Chevy ruled the comedy scene. Then it was as if his tank approached empty and he sputtered with every Caddyshack/Vacation/Fletch sequel. Not to worry, however. He has managed to show up in some recent films and even appeared on an episode of Law and Order last year (not to mention dropping in on SNL last weekend). So, his comedy chops may have fizzled, but he’s still around. Next up? A guest appearance on Brothers & Sisters, playing an ex-boyfriend of Nora’s (Sally Field). We’ll be seeing him on the series sometime in 2008 and he’ll stick around for a few episodes. I’m just hoping Chevy’s storyline is a little more interesting than last season’s guest, Peter Coyote, who played Nora’s potential love interest. And, since it’s a drama, he doesn’t even need to try and engage that dormant funny bone of his. Aww, I kid Chevy. I love Brothers & Sisters and I’m looking forward to seeing what role he’ll play.

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My Nagging Question About ‘Pushing Daisies’

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Pushing Daisies While I truly love , there’s been one issue plaguing me since last week’s premiere episode.  So if there is anyone out there who can answer this question, please let me know.  Otherwise, just let me use this as an opportunity to vent.

Young Ned learned that he could revive dead things when his dog died early in the episode….but he didn’t know that a second touch would make things die again until later.  Are we to assume he never touched his dog before that discovery?  (And I double-checked.  He was wearing a different shirt when his mom died, so that must have been another day).

Okay—maybe that really wasn’t a question; it was probably like a gripe.  Nevertheless, I’m willing to overlook that one minor detail.  The rest of the show was absolutely perfect.

Tuesday Ratings:  Viewers No Longer Curious About ‘Cavemen’

ABC’s Cavemen may have seen decent ratings last week, but it appears the experiment’s novelty may have just worn out.  Meanwhile, House scored another ratings victory for FOX (followed by NBC, ABC, CBS and CW)


  • (16.1 million, 3.4/10 in 18-49) won both the hour in viewers and demos.
  • (8.3 million, 3.1/9) gained 430,000 viewers coming in second.
  • ABC’s (2.5/8 in 18-49, 7.0 million viewers overall) lost about 20% of the premiere’s audience; (7.4 million, 2.8/8) was also down, but improved on its lead-in.
  • NBC’s (2.1/6 in 18-49) started off the hour with 6.7 million viewers; (6.6 million, 2.7/7 in 18-49) carried them from there.
  • (3.2 million, 1.5/4) brought an additional 500,000 viewers to the CW.


  • (17.7 million, 7.3 rating/18 share in adults 18-49) ruled the whole evening with the viewers and demos.
  • ABC’s (16 million, 4.0/10 share) pulled in second.
  • (11.1 million, 3.0/7) saw a slight decline.
  • (2.7 million, 1.3/3) scared away approx. 170,000 viewers.


  • (12.2 million, 4.9/13 in 18-49) was up 500,000 from last week.
  • (11 million, 2.8/8 in 18-49, 11.0 million viewers overall) held steady for second place.
  • (9.1 million, 2.3/7) continued its steady decline losing another 140,000 viewers.

Dancing With The Stars: Week 3 Loser

Wayne NewtonHaving never broken past the 20-point mark, Wayne Newton and his dancing shoes were finally put to rest on tonight.  Despite being paired with two-time winner , Mr. Las Vegas could never quite find his groove.  But he was a charmer up until the very end, even when he was forced to don a silly ponytail and mustache.

Although was technically the next lowest scorer last night (he scored a 20; Newton an 18), he once again dodged the Bottom Two.  It was ‘pretty boy’ who narrowly missed getting a ticket home tonight.  Let’s just hope for pouty Karina’s sake he can polish his technique by next week.

Monday Ratings:  ABC Dances Away With Another Win

It’s unclear how some of these programs would have fared without stiff competition from Monday Night Football and the Yankees/Indians game.  Regardless, it’s not surprising that to report that ABC easily danced away with another ratings victory (followed by CBS, NBC, FOX and CW).



  • (10.7 million, 5.0/11) was down 24% from its premiere but still pulled the hour’s win in the 18-49 age group.
  • CBS’s (13 million, 4.4/10) lost 400,000 fans; (10.7 million, 3.8/9) gained 200,000.
  • (5.4 million, 2.0/5) remained steady with last week.

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Which New Shows are You ‘Still’ Watching?

Enough of all the butt-kissing already.  Except for a few exceptions (e.g. , ), most shows have already had a chance to give us their first and second impressions.  Some premieres dazzled, while others simply fizzled.  Several weeks in—which new shows do you still plan on watching? 

Which series did you immediately embrace or cast off?  Were there any that started fresh then quickly spoiled?  Are you still holding out hope for others?  Here’s how my fall season panned out:

Immediate Faves:
Pushing DaisiesPushing Daisies
Gossip Girl
Dirty Sexy Money

Flawed but Still Likeable:

Gave It a Second Shot, Didn’t Like It Either Time:
Bionic Woman

Lowest Tivo Priority:
Private Practice
Back To You
Kitchen Nightmares

Earned My Complete Indifference:

Not Gone Fast Enough:
Big Shots
Kid Nation