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Blue Man Group to Appear on Scrubs

Blue Man GroupFirst, let me just say that I can barely contain myself about the return of Scrubs. It’s been way too long of a wait for diehard fans, but we have been filling the void with the excellent re-runs on Comedy Central. This show is just too good, and with rumors that this may be its final season, we need to hang on to every excellent little morsel that this show delivers. Case in point, TV Squad is reporting that Blue Man Group will make a special appearance on the season premiere—which airs November 30th at 9:00 p.m. In the episode, J.D. (Zach Braff) will join the blue percussion dudes on stage at The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino. This does bring to mind the great gag that Arrested Development had with Tobias (David Cross) trying to become a member of the group. Tune in—November 30th is going to be a great night—The Office, My Name is Earl, Scrubs and 30 Rock! Of course, there’s that little show, Grey’s Anatomy, that’s likely to pull a viewer or two away from Scrubs...

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Happy Hour and Twenty Good Years Cancelled

Happy Hour Two sitcoms on the “critical” list, nearing cancellation, have officially been given the axe. Fox’s Happy Hour has been removed from the schedule due to low ratings. The comedy has ranked fifth for viewers 18-to-49 during its timeslot on Thursdays. The ailing ‘Til Death is still on the roster.

NBC’s Twenty Good Years has also been moved off of the schedule—you may recall a couple of weeks back when NBC announced their new Thursday night line up with nary a mention of the fate of Twenty Good Years. The sitcom aired on Wednesdays along with 30 Rock—with 30 Rock making an upcoming move to Thursday nights on November 16th. Twenty Good Years has been yanked and a two-hour episode of The Biggest Loser will air in its place on November 8th (from 8 - 10 p.m.).

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Must See TV is Back!

Scrubs Remember when Thursday nights were ‘Must See TV’ on NBC? Well, Thursday nights are about to get a great lineup again. Of course, this is just in my opinion, but I’m sure plenty will agree. First, Scrubs is coming back on November 30th! The long-awaited return is finally just around the corner, and here’s hoping that the 9 p.m. slot on the Thursday night lineup will bring more viewers to this great comedy. Second, 30 Rock, the new Tina Fey/Alec Baldwin sitcom will move to Thursdays at 9:30. This little comedy has got potential and Thursday may give it more exposure. My Name is Earl and The Office will continue at 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Oh my god, settle in to your comfy chair for the best night of TV! Kevin Reilly, President of NBC Entertainment, said of the news, “We are excited about the prospect of two-hours of top-notch comedy on Thursday nights, which includes the return of Scrubs. We will stay on-brand with the best comedy block on television, which will position us for the future on the night.” Look for it all on November 30th (and of course, ER is still hanging in the Thursday 10 p.m. spot).

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30 Rock Premiere Available Online

Tina Fey I guess not everyone will share my sentiment about 30 Rock, starring Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin—there are a lot of negative comments out there about the show—but I’m really looking forward to Wednesday’s premiere. Perhaps I was in the minority, but I just loved Fey on Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live and think her writing for the film Mean Girls was fantastic. Alec Baldwin is always a showstopper for me too. Any time he’s hosted SNL, he’s been incredibly funny, with excellent timing. I know, I know, there is already the behind-the-scenes-look-at-a-late-night-sketch-comedy-show on Studio 60, but try and give this one a chance.

That said, you can view the entire premiere episode at NBC.com—in advance of the premiere on Wednesday night. I’m dying to see it, but alas, will have to wait until tomorrow to check it out because I’ve just been too busy. Whether you watch it online or catch it on NBC Wednesday at 8:00 PM, I’d love to hear what you think of it. Good—Bad—or just, eh? Also noteworthy: Tina Fey will have a live blog following the show at NBC.com. Check it out.

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Amy Poehler, Tina Fey Hit the Big Screen

Tina Fey Amy PoehlerThe pairing of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey may be over at the Weekend Update desk at Saturday Night Live, but they will be starring in a comedy film together. The film Baby Mama is about a single woman who wants to have a child, but is too committed to her professional life to give it up for pregancy. She turns to a surrogate, and the laughs ensue. There are no specifics about which funny lady will play which role, but the film does come from the co-writer of the Austin Power sequels. Production will not begin until next summer, after Poehler is done with SNL and Fey with her new series, 30 Rock. Look for Poehler in the upcoming movies Spring Breakdown, Southland Tales, Tenacious D in ‘The Pick of Destiny’ and Blades of Glory.

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NBC Plans to Stream New Fall Shows, Offer Blogs

NBC logo In a press release from NBC today, they announced that NBC.com will stream episodes of their new fall shows for free—Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Kidnapped, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights and Heroes—following the original airing of the episodes. NBC.com is also going to offer blogs written by a variety of shows’ creators, producers or cast members. The blogs will be online for every show on the air, with an additional live blog immediately after the premiere episode.

Jeff Gaspin, President, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, Digital Content and Cross-Network Strategy said of the news, “When you launch a new season, it’s important that you get the shows in front of as many eyeballs as possible. We’ve created a variety of new, engaging digital offerings to generate excitement and drive viewership to the network.”

Upcoming premiere blogs include:

  • Deal or No Deal (9/18), The Banker’s Blog
  • Studio 60 (9/18), Aaron Sorkin, Creator and Executive Producer and Thomas Schlamme, Executive Producer and Director
  • Kidnapped (9/20), Jason Smilovic, Creator and Executive Producer
  • My Name Is Earl (9/21), Greg Garcia, Creator and Executive Producer
  • The Office (9/21), Greg Daniels, Executive Producer
  • 30 Rock (11/11), Tina Fey, Creator and Executive Producer

A number of other blogs will accompany the shows’ premieres, including Law & Order, ER, Heroes, Friday Night Lights and Twenty Good Years, among others.

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