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Bradley WhitfordWest Wing star Bradley Whitford will join an esteemed cast, including Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet, in the new comedy Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. He’ll also reunite with Aaron Sorkin, creator of the West Wing, who heads this new show. Studio 60 is a drama/satire of a late night sketch show reminiscent of Saturday Night Live. How can the show fail with this much talent? Of course…NBC is notorious for canceling excellent shows. (Can we all have a moment of silence for Freaks and Geeks?)

Whitford will play a producer-director and recovering cocaine addict who has come back to run the sketch show he used to work for. Also joining the cast is Sarah Paulson, who plays a Christian fundamentalist, and Timothy Busfield as the control-room director.

Whitford won an Emmy in 2001 for his role as deputy chief of staff Josh on West Wing. Paulson most recently appeared in the feature Serenity and on HBO’s drama Deadwood.

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West Wing Cancelled

The West Wing will end its seven-year run in May. Most viewers will agree that the cancellation has long been due. With the departure of Martin Sheen, and the death of beloved character Leo McGarry, the series has lost its sparkle. Be sure to tune in on May 14th to bid your fond farewells.


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John SpencerThe West Wing writers are scrambling to come up with a plot solution to deal with the sudden death of John Spencer. Spencer portrayed Leo McGarry , administration chief of staff in previous seasons, and vice presidential candidate this season. Besides being an important featured player on the show, Spencer was a fan favorite and will be deeply missed. Oddly, Spencer’s character, Leo McGarry, suffered a near-fatal heart attack last season, the same affliction Spencer died from Friday.

The full article is accessible at tv.com:

The West Wing was on a scheduled production hiatus for the holidays at the time of Spencer’s death—the actor died less than a day after he checked into a Los Angeles hospital with a bad cold, according to his publicist. Writers and producers for the series are expected to gather this week to decide how to handle the remainder of the season, a studio spokeswoman said.
Spencer appeared in seven of the 14 episodes of The West Wing has completed for its seventh season as of last week, according to The West Wing producer Warner Bros. Television. Nine of those 14 episodes have already aired; The West Wing isn’t scheduled to air a new episode until January.

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West Wing Debate

In case anyone thought the West Wing live experiment would go unnoticed, you were wrong.  The debate between Republican presidential candidate, Arnold Vinick, and Democratic candidate, Matt Santos, brought in nearly ten million people.  The debate, moderated by TV news veteran Forrest Sawyer, brought in approximately 1.5 million viewers than on an average Sunday night. Maybe people were eager to finally see a debate between two intelligent and articulate men?  I know I was.

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