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Although it’s been days since Rick Sanchez made unflattering remarks about Jon Stewart (and his own CNN bosses), we had to wait until Monday night to hear Stewart’s response to the controversy.

Despite being called a “bigot,” host feigned excitement about being mentioned by the (former) CNN anchor. “Rick Sanchez knows my name!” he squealed.

Stewart even gave props to Rick—who claimed Jon “grew up in a suburban, middle-class New Jersey home with everything that you could every imagine”—for really nailing “what is was like growing up in Central Jersey in the early seventies. The fortunate son of a single mother in the education field.”

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season 7 begins tomorrow might, but you can check out the cold open for the season premiere above, right now. It’s a lip dub dance number that the employees are recording for the Internet, with some genuinely funny moments. Go ahead and take a look.

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MONDAY (9/20)

Season premieres: Castle, Chase, Chuck, Dancing with the Stars, The Event, Hawaii Five-0, House, How I Met Your Mother, Lone Star, Mike & Molly, Rachael Ray, Rules of Engagement, Two and a Half Men

  • How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8 p.m.):  “In the sixth season opener, Ted runs into Cindy (Rachel Bilson), whom he dated briefly—and who is also the roommate of his future wife.” He heard from a little bird (a.k.a. Twitter) that she wasn’t with Hayden Christensen anymore.
  • Chuck (NBC, 8 p.m.):  “Season 4 opens with Chuck engaging in a sweeping quest to find his mother (Linda Hamilton), all while keeping the rogue mission a secret from his sister.” The only clue he has to work with is the fading Polaroid picture John Conner gave him.
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS, 9 p.m.):  “In the eighth-season opener, Charlie this it’s time to cut back on his drinking.” His judge He also thinks it would be smart to film a PSA.

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Supernatural Season 5 DVDHere are some of the options available this Tuesday:

  • Boy Meets World (Seasons 1-3)
  • Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam - Extended Edition (TV Movie)
  • Chuck (Season 3)
  • Clatterford (Season 3)
  • Criminal Minds (Season 5)
  • Dirty Jobs (Collection 6)
  • Doctor Who: The Creature from the Pit (Story 106)
  • Doctor Who: The King’s Demons (Story 129)
  • Doctor Who: Planet of Fire (Story 135)
  • The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Beatles
  • The Guardian (Season 2)
  • Less Than Perfect (Season 1)

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Steve Carell and Ricky Gervais worries that Ricky Gervais hates him.

The actor, who recently announced he is quitting the American version of Ricky’s sitcom The Office, is paranoid his comic contemporary doesn’t like him because of his modest personality.

When told Ricky hates people who project an “ever-so-humble shtick” during an interview with the Observer Magazine, Steve laughed and said, “Oh dear, he probably hates me.”

The 48-year-old star also doesn’t understand why people are interested in him because he thinks he is “ordinary.” Steve - who has two children, daughter Elizabeth, nine, and six-year-old son Johnny, with wife Nancy Walls Carell - said, “I don’t know how other people perceive the lives of actors but mine is fairly ordinary. I go to work, I come home, I put my kids to bed. If I’m home in time for dinner, I have dinner and then it’s bedtime.”

Despite his apparently mundane existence, Steve wouldn’t change his life in anyway: “It’s not like I’m a wallflower. I think I’m fairly average. I don’t attempt to stand out in any way. I’m not out there. I’m not somebody who’s constantly entertaining, I’m not the life of the party. But on the other hand, I am at the party.”

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Kevin Spacey-Oscar winner Kevin Spacey could be making a home on television. The American Beauty star is in talks to play a cult leader in a The Crux, a new HBO series. Details on the project are scarce.

-A reported suicide attempt won’t keep Fantasia Barrino from a publicity tour. The former American Idol winner will being promoting her new album next week. First up, an appearance on GMA on August 24.

-Will Jet Blue steward Steven Slater slide his way onto a television show? Stone Entertainment has reportedly offered the flight attendant a chance to host a reality series about disgruntled employees and their dramatic exits.

-The Office will soon be opening a new headquarters overseas. Creator Ricky Gervais has announced that a Chinese version of the comedy is currently in development. The U.S. version will start Season 7 on September 23.

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Ryan and Tatum O'Neal-Actor Ryan O’Neal and daughter Tatum O’Neal may soon make nice—for a reality show. The estranged relatives are shopping a series called Lost and Found.

-Levi Johnston is also pitching a reality program. Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office would follow Bristol Palin’s ex as he runs for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

-Ricky Gervais insists he has no intentions of replacing Steve Carell in The Office. He says he doesn’t want to get up at “6am every day of the week for 7 years.”

-The Kids in the Hall will be reuniting for an eight-part original series. The comedy troupe can be seen on IFC starting August 20.

-Polygamy will be the focus of a new TLC series debuting September 26. Sister Wives will center on “Kody Brown, his three – soon to be four – wives and their many children.”

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Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott will be , but producers are already eyeballing a new funnyman to take his place.

According to rumors, Ricky Gervais may soon join the ranks of the NBC sitcom. Gervais played David Brent in the original UK version of .

Executive producer Paul Lieberstein dished on some of the details: “We talked about it today for a while. It’s not the leading idea…it’s not a dead idea.” Of course, there might be some story issues. “[Brent] was fired for incompetence, so we’d have to create some back story for what happened.”

Time for the writers to get to work!

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Did Jay Leno make an awkward situation even more awkward? Or was he simply being a good sport?

On last night’s broadcast of The Tonight Show, the talk show host brought up the fact that his program was technically nominated for four Emmys yesterday - though it was for work Conan O’Brien’s crew did.

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The road to the officially kicked off early this morning. Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara (who received a nod) and Community‘s Joel McHale (who didn’t) were the ones who had the honor of reading this year’s list of nominees.

Although - with 17 nominations - once again topped off all dramas, 30 Rock did


lead the comedies. did. The freshman FOX series raked in a total of 19 noms, only a handful short of the overall leader. (HBO’s miniseries, The Pacific, received 24 mentions.) 30 Rock did receive 15 nominations, though, while Modern Family followed closely behind with 14.

The August 29 ceremony - which NBC will air live on both the East and West coasts - will be hosted by Jimmy Fallon. You can see a partial list of nominees after the jump.

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