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Top Model

The girls return to their pad after the elimination of Clueless Kathleen.  Yes, she wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch…but am I the only one who thought she was at least honest??  Bolstered by her winning photo, Jaslene calls home feeling confident about her chances.  Meanwhile Samantha, the young country girl, is having a hard time adjusting to the all crazy ladies around her.

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Jeremy SistoKidnapped seemed ill-fated when NBC switched it from Wednesday to Saturday nights—the proverbial “kiss of death.” Well, the series has been kissed, and it’s now officially dead. NBC has removed the show from the schedule permanently. Good news for fans, however—NBC will air the eight remaining episodes on NBC.com. I saw a commercial for Kidnapped the other day, and it’s a surprise that it didn’t take off—with stars like Jeremy Sisto, Delroy Lindo, Dana Delany and Timothy Hutton, there was plenty of star power. The original timeslot averaged under 7 million viewers per week; the move to Saturday proved lethal, with numbers dropping to 4 million. So far, we’ve seen the passing of CBS’ Smith and The CW’s Runaway. Twenty Good Years will reportedly get the axe as well, since it will be leaving the air in a couple of weeks. Warner Bros. TV, however, says the show is still in production.

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Dixie ChicksNBC has refused to air a TV commercial for the new Dixie Chicks’ documentary, Shut Up & Sing due to the subject of the film. NBC’s policy is to prohibit ads that show “public controversy.” The film looks at the slide from the top the Dixie Chicks experienced after they criticized President George W. Bush during a London concert in March 2003. If you recall the incident, lead singer Natalie Maines told the audience that they were “ashamed” to come from the same state as Bush. Following that, some radio stations refused to play the bands’ records and boycotted ads for their “Accidents & Accusations” tour.

The documentary opened on Friday in New York and Los Angeles, and local affiliates of the big five broadcasters did run promos for the movie in those cities. The Weinstein Co., who is distributing the film, said of the rejection that they are “exploring taking legal action.” Harvey Weinstein made a statement saying, “It’s a sad commentary about the level of fear in our society that a movie about a group of courageous entertainers who were blacklisted for exercising their right of free speech is now itself being blacklisted by corporate America.”

Following suit, the CW network also refused to air the ads, saying they had “concerns we do not have appropriate programing in which to schedule this spot.”

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Friday Night Lights  MONDAY
The Bachelor (9pm on ABC):  Are you seriously telling me that an Italian prince needs to find love on a reality show?  Flavor Flav must make it look appealing.

Friday Night Lights (8pm on NBC):  Men everywhere will welcome programming that counters Dancing with the Stars and Gilmore Girls.
Veronica Mars (9pm on CW):  Strangely enough, I haven’t yet watched the show that takes my name.  But it shouldn’t surprise me that people think it’s so good.

Lost (9pm on ABC):  I’m gonna make a prediction and say Walt’s never coming back.  Otherwise, the producers will eventually have to explain why he’s gained more weight than Hurley.
The Nine (10pm on ABC):  First a plane crash mystery, now a secret amongst hostages.  I’m not sure I can take all this uncertainty on the hump day.

Trading Spouses (9pm on Fox):  If the Bachelor saw this show, he might rethink the whole American wife thing.

Gallery: The Week Ahead in TV

Ugly Betty  The CW let America’s Next Top Model kick off the new network last week—now they’re hoping you’ll stick around to see the other premieres they have to offer.  Also up, the much-hyped debut of Ugly Betty.  Will the stellar reviews have any effect on last season’s best comedy,The Office?

Heroes (9pm on NBC)
7th Heaven (8pm on CW)
Runaway (9pm on CW)

Gilmore Girls (8pm on CW)

One Tree Hill (9pm on CW)

Ugly Betty (8pm on ABC)
Smallville (8pm on CW)
Supernatural (9pm on CW)

Degrassi (9pm EST on The N)

Saturday Night Live (11:30pm on NBC)

SUNDAY (10/1)
Everybody Hates Chris (7pm on CW)
All of Us (7:30pm on CW)
Girlfriends (8pm on CW)
The Game (8:30pm on CW)

Gallery: The Week Ahead in TV

Top ModelAfter a few weeks of sporadic debuts, we can all now breathe a sigh of relief.  You now have a reason to be sitting on your couch every night because the TV onslaught has officially arrived!  Here are the highlights for this week:

Oprah, Rachel Ray and The Megan Mullally Show (various)
Wife Swap (8pm on ABC)
Deal or No Deal (8pm on NBC)
The Class (8pm on CBS)
How I Met Your Mother (8:30pm on CBS)
Two and a Half Men (9pm on CBS)
The New Adventures of Old Christine (9:30pm on CBS)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (10pm on NBC)
CSI: Miami (10pm on CBS)

NCIS (8pm on CBS):
The Unit (9pm on CBS)
Law and Order:  Criminal Intent (9pm on NBC)
Law and Order: SVU (10pm on NBC)
Smith (10pm on CBS)
Boston Legal (10pm on ABC)

America’s Next Top Model (8pm on CW)
Jericho (8pm on CBS)
Biggest Loser (8pm on NBC)
Criminal Minds (9pm on CBS)
Kidnapped (10pm on NBC)
CSI: NY (10pm on CBS)

My Name is Earl (8pm on NBC)
The Office (8:30pm on NBC)
Grey’s Anatomy (9pm on ABC)
CSI (9pm on CBS)
ER (10pm on NBC)
Six Degrees (10pm on ABC)
Shark (10pm on CBS)

Smackdown (8pm on CW)
Ghost Whisperer (8pm on CBS)
Close to Home (9pm on CBS)
Law and Order (10pm on NBC)
Numb3rs (10pm on CBS)

Extreme Home Makeover (8pm on ABC)
Desperate Housewives (9pm on ABC)
Cold Case (9pm on CBS)
Brothers and Sisters (10pm on ABC)
Without a Trace (10pm on CBS)

Gallery: The Week Ahead in TV