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Doctor Who's Matt Smith-Reboots can be successful in the theaters and on television. Saturday’s debut of Doctor Who gave BBC America it’s largest audience to date. The premiere also earned the channel it’s best numbers in the 25-54s.

-Vice President Joe Biden will likely have to address his “big f**king” gaffe when he sits down with the ladies of The View next week. Biden will appear on Monday as part of the show’s “Red, White & View” series.

-There’s a slight possibility that Ugly Betty will live on on the big screen. “It’s something that we’ve been talking about and it’s something that America Ferrera would really love to do. That woman has so much determination that I can’t imagine anything she puts her mind to not getting done,” actress Ana Ortiz (Hilda Suarez) said.

-Production on Steven Seagal Lawman has been indefinitely shut down in light of a civil lawsuit filed against the reality show’s star. Kayden Nguyen, a former assistant to the star, has accused Steven Seagal of sexual harassment and is asking for $1 million.

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Bosom Buddies-Bosom Buddies Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari will be reuniting once again on television. The former costars will appear on the upcoming TV Land Awards when their comedy is honored. Donna Dixon, Thelma Hopkins and Holland Taylor will also be present. The ceremony will air on April 25.

-Memories of Captain Phil Harris helped garner big numbers for the return of the Deadliest Catch. The show’s Season 6 premiere drew in the program’s biggest audience ever (4.6 million viewers).

-Rickey Minor, American Idol‘s current musical director, will take over where Kevin Eubanks leaves off. Jay Leno’s music man of 18 years officially announced that he will leave The Tonight Show on May 28. Minor will begin his stint on June 7.

-Rielle Edwards, the mother of John Edwards’ love child, has booked her first television interview. Although she’s had conversations with Barbara Walters, the woman with the crazy hair will be sitting down with Oprah Winfrey. An air date has not yet been announced.

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Jesse James is a Dead Man

Here’s an update on the shows you will and won’t be seeing in the months to come:


  • Jesse James is a Dead Man (Spike)  **Supposedly axed before Jesse James’ current scandal**


  • Adventure Time with Finn & Jake (Cartoon Network) - Season 2
  • American Chopper (TLC) - Season 7 **Renewed despite being recently canceled**
  • The Buried Life (MTV) - Season 2
  • Jeopardy (Syndicated) - Renewed through 2013-14
  • Tosh.0 (Comedy Central) - Season 3
  • Wheel of Fortune (Syndicated) - Renewed through 2013-14

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The Ricky Gervais Show

Here’s an update on the shows you will and won’t be seeing in the months to come:


  • Nurse Jackie (Showtime) - Season 3
  • The Ricky Gervais Show (HBO) - Season 2
  • United States of Tara (Showtime) - Season 3

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Betty White may be “scared to death” about her upcoming Saturday Night Live gig, but she didn’t appear that way during yesterday’s Ellen show.

During Monday’s broadcast, White admitted that she had been asked to host SNL three other times before, but she had always turned the producers down because the program is “so New York” and she’s not. So when this whole “silly Facebook thing started” and she was asked again, she was pleasantly surprised.

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“What more do you want?” - Sherri Shepherd questioning

Elizabeth Hasselbeck

the Republicans about the health care reform bill.

Whether you’re for or against it, the HCR bill passed last night by the House probably has you talking. Well, at the very least, it has the ladies of fired up.

Although this morning’s discussion initially focused on the shameful actions some people took during yesterday’s proceedings, today’s hot topic took a heated turn when referenced those who were allegedly “bribed, bullied, and shut out” because they didn’t want to vote “Yes.”

I can only hear Kristen Wiig saying this phrase right now: “Just let me make my point - it’d be easy!”

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If hearing Roger Ebert sample his new voice on Oprah made you yearn for the old days, this hilarious trip down memory lane is for you.

In this profanity-laced outtake reel from the program, you get a behind-the-scenes look at the - uh, special - relationship Ebert shared with his old partner, Gene Siskel.

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Roger Ebert and Oprah Winfrey

Although his widely-read reviews are still accessible online and in print, there is one thing longtime fans of have had to do without. Now, thanks to the aid of Scottish technology, movie lovers will once again be able to hear the famous critic speak again - with his own voice.

On tomorrow’s episode of Oprah, Roger will sit down with his old friend for his first interview since leaving the air in 2006. Ebert, who was first diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in 2002, has been unable to speak since the illness took part of his jawbone and forced him to go silent.

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Just think of her as NBC’s Oprah Winfrey.

American Idol’s newest judge is in the unique position of having her own talk show and tons of opportunities to throw around, and that creates for some pretty interesting cross-promotions. Ellen DeGeneres stunned former Idol hopeful Angela Martin when she offered the singer a recording contract on the heels of her (televised) rejection from the show.

If Ellen’s just going to scoop up everyone that Idol deems isn’t good enough, let’s get to audition again.

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Nadya Suleman-Spike TV has ordered a pilot about a golfer (John Schneider) and his sex-crazed caddy…named Tiger. It’s not known who’ll play John’s buddy in Back Nine.

-Tina Fey’s admits her Saturday Night Live hosting gig this April will likely include a Sarah Palin sketch. At least there’ll be one funny part that night.

-Nadya Suleman will be leaving her babies behind to co-host The View next Wednesday. The noise may send the Octomom running back home.

-Meanwhile, Barbara Walters has decided that her upcoming Oscars special will be her last. Having to keep ten Best Film names straight is more than she can handle.

-Stewart Bailey, a former co-executive producer on the Daily Show, is now in charge of helping Last Call with Carson Daly. It’s a shame to see talent like that wasted.

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