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Survivor Panama ShaneThe members of Casaya return back to camp after their first tribal council in some time.  Shane is still reeling from the decision that the women made to vote Bobby off that night instead of Bruce.  While Bruce is within earshot, Shane lashes out at Danielle in their sleeping quarters and berates her for making a bad decision.  He tells Danielle that he wants out of the alliance because the girls are disorganized.  Danielle thinks he’s a lunatic who’s lost his mind and she decides that she doesn’t need him bashing her anymore.  Since Courtney was not present to hear Shane’s outbursts,  Cirie takes the pleasure of alerting her the next morning to her intentions.  After learning of the news, Courtney proposes kicking Shane out next time and gets Danielle on board.  Later, Shane tells the ladies that while he would break the alliance, he unfortunately swore on his son’s name to stick with them.  The woman make it easy for him (and themselves) and absolve him of his promise.  Meanwhile,  Cirie gets to sit back and laugh while the alliance apparently starts to deteriorate.

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The  ApprenticeWe’ve discussed the best; now on to the worst! Many of you won’t agree with these choices—-these don’t even express the opinions of everyone here at TV Envy-—but that’s what makes it fun. Be sure to leave your own choices in the comments section.

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Survivor Panama Episode 5The La Mina tribe came back to camp one member short after having voted out Ruth Marie at the previous tribal council.  Sally was feeling pretty good about herself since the men obviously deemed her a worthy enough female to stay.

Back at Casaya, the younger tribe members were puzzled as to why Bruce was working on creating a zen rock garden when they were still struggling to create a fire.  Maybe because he was sick of doing all the work for you? Aras’ frustration built up and he lashed out at Bruce.  Bruce didn’t appreciate the ‘childish behavior’ and the attack on his character.  Later, Aras privately wished to go to Exile Island so that he could seek some calmness.  Too bad the immunity idol is gone, dude!

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