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We’re not sure what Oscar co-host James Franco was trying to tell us with this Tweet, we’re just glad he did. Franco, a relative newcomer to Twitter, shared this short video-only clip with his 150,000 followers earlier this week, and everyone wants to know why.

In the video, he and fellow host Anne Hathaway seem to be performing the iconic final duet from Grease, which we can only hope they’re taping for the upcoming awards broadcast on Sunday, February 27.

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American Idol Spoilers

We can’t be positive the list won’t change again, but for now we’ve got a new spoiler list for American Idol’s Top 24. Only three names have changed from our updated list, and both are a big surprise. Follow the jump to find out which Idol fave is out, and which unknown singer is in...

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UPDATE: We were wrong! Keep reading to get the new, corrected spoilers.

The good folks at Vote For the Worst have obtained a list of American Idol’s Top 24, which was revealed to contestants about the same time we were all watching them perform on stage for Hollywood’s Group Night. Many of the expected names are on the list (the show can only feature the same contestants so many times before it becomes obvious), but that doesn’t mean there are no surprises.

Want to find out what the show’s producers already know? Follow the jump to find out who made the cut -- and who managed to screw it up after all.

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Glee - Regionals, Season 1

Glee’s Regionals competition is going to be even more epic this season. New enemies, old friends and stellar singing groups make it harder than ever for the New Directions gang to move past the hurdle -- but, we do have some good news. The show has scored two very funny guest stars to serve as judges at the event, and we know who they are.

Keep reading to get the spoiler . . .

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Will Ferrell

At long last, Will Ferrell will be returning to NBC. The actor has signed on for a guest-starring stint on The Office, which will be down one Steve Carell.

For a little while, at least, Ferrell will step in as the temporary boss at Dunder Mifflin. He will play a branch manager who comes to take over for Michael Scott (Carell).

“We are proud to continue The Office’s tradition of discovering famous talent,” said Paul Lieberstein (who plays Toby). “We hope that once America gets a good look at Will, they’ll see what we see -- tremendous, raw sexuality.”

Oh, we do … ever since we saw SNL’s now-legendary “Patriotic G-String” skit.

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Heather Morris, Kevin McHale on the set of Glee

The Glee cast was hard at work filming scenes for their big "Thriller" number, and now there are photos to prove it.

In a recent Entertainment Weekly interview, Lea Michele (who plays Rachel Berry) said that Glee isn’t trying to re-do the number. “We’re making it our own.”

And everyone looks fabulous! Popeater has an online photo gallery offering several shots of the cast in all their zombie glory if you’d like to see more. The big number will be featured on the show's Super Bowl episode, scheduled to air in February.

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It’s pretty hard to say no to a star when they’re holding a Golden Globe in their hand. Just ask Glee’s Chris Colfer.

Weeks ago, the man behind the Kurt told reporters that he’d like to have Anne Hathaway on the show -- and now, he’s getting his wish.

Hathway caught up to Glee writer/creator Ryan Murphy during Sunday’s Golden Globe celebration, and he’s confirmed that she will be appearing in at least one episode of the series. Previously, Colfer said Hathaway wanted to play his lesbian aunt.

We're convinced she'll nail it, but it's time to ask an important question: can she sing? Watch the video above to hear Murphy's comments.

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Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson - American Idol 10

The tenth season of American Idol begins this week … but if you like, you can skip all the auditions and go straight to the Top 40 judges’ picks.

Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres are history as far as the show is concerned, but our favorite anti-Idol site is still hard at work spoiling the series for the rest of us.

Find out what Vote For the Worst knows, and get an inside scoop on all the contestants, by reading on …

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We’re getting closer and closer to the return of Glee, which will come back with a bang. Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes, promises that the episode will be “really big.” We’ve got info on the music, the guest stars and the casting that’s going on behind the scenes. Keep reading to get the spoilers …

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Songs from Lady Gaga’s new Born This Way album, which drops February 13, will be featured on Glee in “March or April,” according to show co-creator and main mouthpiece Ryan Murphy.

Want to know who’s going to be singing the album's title track? We’re hearing a few rumors about the upcoming plot …

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