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thecloser TNT has ordered 15 more episodes of The Closer, starring Kyra Sedgewick, to run in summer 2007. With top ratings for the second season of the detective drama, TNT wasn’t about to let this one get away. The ratings set a record of 8.3 million viewers – more than any other basic cable original scripted series. Anyone out there catch this show last season? If so, let us know your thoughts.

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Futurama Comedy Central has ordered 13 episodes of former Fox animated series Futurama to debut in 2008.  The network bought the rights to the existing 72 episodes of the cult series last year, and talks about bringing the series back began at 20th Century Fox Television with show creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen.  Voice actors Billy West, Katey Segal, and John DiMaggio are all expected to return to the comedy about a frozen pizza boy who wakes up 1000 years in the future.  The show has done well on DVD,  much like the other cancelled Fox show Family Guy, which was resurrected on that network last year.  Ah, the power of TV-on-DVD!

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The ApprenticeDespite lower ratings for season 5 of The Apprentice versus previous seasons, NBC just can’t say “no” to The Donald. Season 6 will feature the back-stabbers…er…contestants in Los Angeles, and is set to air in January. The future of the reality franchise seemed uncertain given the declining ratings, however Trump told Daily Variety that NBC has given the go-ahead for a 7th season. Presently, NBC and Trump are scouting locations, with the leading contenders being Las Vegas or Miami. According to Trump, the decision will be made in the next two months.

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NBC PeacockIf the new summer shows have you feeling blue, NBC has a solution.  The network just released what they are calling “NBC First Look.”  It has new video clips of every new show including Heroes, Studio 60, Friday Night Lights, Twenty Good Years, 30 Rock, and Kidnapped. You can also find out what will be happening on your old NBC standbys next season. 

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Det. Vic MackeyThe Shield will live to see another season on FX.  The network just ordered a seventh and final season for the cop drama.  The entire cast will be back including “The Commish.” OK, wrong show…Michael Chiklis, who will always be “the Commish” in my mind, will continue to play Detective Vic Mackey for the last 23

13 episodes of Shield.  For you Shield fans out there…when the cast put down their shields at the end of season seven, you’ll have watched 88 episodes.

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Top ChefThe popular reality show Top Chef is looking for the next great Julia Child or Emeril Legasse. (Remember Emeril? Apparently he was quite the cooking sensation before he sold out to appear in toothpaste commercials.) Bravo has ordered a second season of Top Chef, and now needs…well, a top chef.

In case you’ve missed it, Top Chef is a kinder, gentler version of Hell’s Kitchen, where chefs of all specialties compete against each other to be named the best. Producers are now auditioning contestants for the second season, and will focus their search in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Have you got what it takes? Then grab your white hat and apron and go for it.

If you’re already a fan, you’ll be pleased to know that the May 17 season finale has been extended to two hours, and will feature The Sopranos sensation Lorraine Bracco. There’s also a special reunion show that will air May 10. Now that’s cooking up good television.

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Word is out: these three popular series will remain on NBC’s 2007 line-up. Oh, happy day! Medium will be back! Medium will be back! Sure, Las Vegas and Crossing Jordan are great too, but Medium is one of the absolute best shows (perhaps rivaled only by House, M.D.) on television today. Medium stars Patricia Arquette who portrays Allison Dubois, a real-life psychic who talks to dead people. Although the show was marketed on its eerie, supernatural elements, it’s the everyday, family elements that make it so special. Allison’s husband Joe and their three adorable daughters absolutely light up the screen. The best part of the show definitely centers on its ‘alive’ participants.

Congratulations to all three shows, but especially to Medium. Because Medium is the best.


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