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Grey's Anatomy Like A Train

This week’s episode continued exactly where the last one left off:  with Meredith embarrassingly waiting for Derek to show up at the bar.  Thankfully a horrific train crash was able to distract her from further humiliation.  Always better to focus on a wreck that ruins other people’s lives as opposed to the wreck that is your life.

Unfortunately, hours of waiting for Dr. Shepherd has made Meredith far too drunk to participate in all the chaos.  While her cohorts are busy fighting for patients, she is forced to detox, observe… and wait.  As with all major disasters, this train wreck had its mixed bag of patients:  man with misplaced amputated leg..  pregnant best friends with shared sperm donor… seemingly-well-person-who-collapses-and-dies-due-to-undiagnosed-internal-bleeding.  All in a day’s work.

NOTE TO PRODUCERS:  We do understand that it will be hard to avoid disaster-based shows, but please do your best to not become another ER.  I believe the producers of ER are now deep into the Greek system because they have used up their bag of tricks.  But since you’ve only used up ‘A’ so far for Amtrak, we will forgive you.

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Tom and KatieLet’s recap:  in 2004, Paris Hilton was deemed a “most fascinating person.”  How could Barbara Walters possibly top herself this year?  By sinking to a newer low.  Included in the list for 2005 is - Tom Cruise??  Funny, I didn’t realize that it was interesting to watch someone enter a mid-life crisis.  To each his own, I guess.  Other people included in this year’s questionable list include Teri Hatcher, Lance Armstrong, Kanye West and Condoleezza Rice.

Already in it’s 12th season, the hour-long ABC special will air on Tuesday, November 29th.  Wow - that’s a whole four weeks away.  I sure hope Barbara’s interview with Tom isn’t pre-taped.  In that amount of time, TomKat will have managed to have their child and their wedding.

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