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Rachael RayFor better or for worse, Rachael Ray will debut as talk show host in mid-September. If you’ve never caught her Food Network Shows, she is the self-proclaimed 30-minute meal guru. What started with a cooking show on the Food Network, soon snowballed into other programs on the network, then her own magazine, and now—naturally—her own talk show. I, for one, have a hard time listening to her talk (and I’ve seen the same complaint on bulletin boards), so it’s interesting that she’ll be chatting it up on The Rachael Ray Show. Of course, she does have appeal. For the complaining I do about her goofy little expressions (yummo! or EVOO to abbreviate Extra Virgin Olive Oil), I still watch her cooking shows and my kids absolutely love it. I even have one of her cookbooks and have thumbed through an issue or two of her magazine. The Rachael Ray Show premieres September 18th, with Oprah Winfrey among the guests slated for the first week. Initially surprising that such a high-profile guest as Oprah would appear—then again, the show is co-produced by King World and Winfrey’s Harpo production company.

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Oprah Winfre Oprah Winfrey has big news: she is not gay. She made this statement in response to rumors that she and long time best friend, Gayle King, were more than friends.

“I understand why people think we’re gay. There isn’t a definition in our culture for this kind of bond between women,” Winfrey wrote, in the August issue of her magazine, O. King added, “if we were gay, we would tell you, because there’s nothing wrong with being gay.”

The two women have been friends for thirty years and are inseperable. When they are separated, they say they call each other four times a day. It also probably helps that the two were friends before Winfrey became rich and famous. King is, what sociologist Jan Yager - on The Early Show, Tuesday - calls a “nostalgia friend”. That is, she is someone who is tried and true; who has been there from the beginning.

It is not surprising that some people mistake their close bond for more than friendship and assume that the relationship is also sexual. “Our friendship is better than a marriage or sexual relationship,” said Winfrey, who has never been married. King is divorced.

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Tom CruiseThe most powerful celebrity according to Forbes Magazine’s Celebrity 100 is . If that wasn’t a downer…I don’t know what else is. To make the list Forbes looks at a celebrity’s earnings and media appearances over the last 12 months, traditionally June to June. 

New members of the Celebrity 100 club this year include the cast of The Sopranos in the ninth spot.  U2 was the highest-paid music group on the list. Jerry Seinfeld was the highest-paid comedian, but only the 28th most powerful celebrity. Meanwhile, American Idol stars (29th) and Ryan Seacrest (88th) made their debuts on the Celebrity 100. Simon’s earnings were put at $43 million, Seacrest’s at $12 million. And yes, the stars of The Simple Life made the list as Paris Hilton came in at 56th and Nicole Richie snuck in at 95th. Paris’ dog didn’t make the cut.  The 100th spot goes to ABC’s star of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ty Pennington.

He’s a look at Forbes Magazine Top 10 List:

  1. Tom Cruise, $67 million
  2. The Rolling Stones, $90 million
  3. Oprah Winfrey, $225 million
  4. U2, $110 million
  5. Tiger Woods, $90 million
  6. Steven Spielberg, $332 million
  7. Howard Stern, $302 million
  8. 50 Cent, $41 million
  9. Cast of The Sopranos, $52 million
  10. Dan Brown, $88 million

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Meg Ryan OprahOf all the recent one-on-one interviews Oprah has had recently—I am most eager to see Wednesday’s interview with Meg Ryan.  Is it because this is Meg’s first interview in two years?  No.  Is it because she dishes about the end of her ‘unhealthy’ marriage to Dennis Quaid?  No.  Is it because she addresses her long-forgotten fling with Russell Crowe?  No.  (Though I do wonder how she feels about Russell eventually returning to his long-time love). 

Sadly—the reason I am most excited about this interview is probably the one thing that won’t get addressed:  her botched-plastic surgery.  Dear Gawd, Meg…what the heck were you thinking?  You can deny it all you want—but your face and popularity have coincidentally not been the same since.  Maybe we can get you on an episode of Nip/Tuck so that the boys of McNamara/Troy can salvage your career…

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OprahToday is yet another day that we wish we were as cool as Oprah. I mean, we envy her for being able to get excellent ratings in the 4:00 hour by having people watch her get her ears pierced, but now she is helping to clean up the streets of the U.S. Last week Oprah dedicated a full show to explaining the dangers of sex offenders. During the broadcast, Oprah promised $100,000 to anyone who led to the arrest of specific sex offenders featured on the program. Two days later, William C. Davis of Wadesville, Indiana was arrested in Fargo. After that, Niles Scott was apprehended as well. Two down, and and a couple of people are now one-hundred grand richer.

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