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My Name Is EarlAfter rummaging through Earl’s motel room for the umpteenth time, Joy wonders when she will get some of the money that she is owed. When is she going to get her hot tub?  Earl should have known it was inevitable.  Even after all the grief and illegitimate children Joy gave him, he would eventually have to give her something in return.  Which brings us to #153 on his list:  Broke Joy’s fancy figurine.

Adamant that the winnings were only to be used to for his karma list, Earl agrees to remedy something that he ruined of Joy’s.  He wants to replace the fancy figurine that he and Randy blew up with a firecracker.  Unfortunately, completing that task would not be such a piece of cake.  That particular figurine could only be obtained by the first place prizewinner of the Prettiest Pretty Princess Pageant.  Joy received her last figurine back in 1981 when she and mother won.  Seems Earl destroyed a very important piece of Joy’s childhood because that was the last figurine she ever received.  Once the Stoker family entered the competition, the pageant title never changed hands again.

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My Name Is Earl

This week Earl’s goal was to make up for making fun of people with accents. The way he goes about this is to teach foreigners how to speak English. In the beginning, we see clips of Earl making fun of various foreigners with different accents with his brother laughing right along with him. Catalina tells Earl that he should not only be ashamed of himself, but he needs to teach people the English language. Earl’s friend Ralph (Giovanni Rabisi) gets out of jail after 18 months, and Earl makes it known that he wants to keep the whole “list” and “turning my life around” thing secret from him for the time being. Based on that, Earl found himself in some pretty interesting predicaments, as Ralph continued to steal things left and right in Earl’s presence. This brought up the whole karma issue, with Earl wondering if karma would hold him responsible for the bad things his friends was doing in his presence. He immediately went and made everything right by returning or paying for everything that Ralph stole.

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