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Deal or No Deal Here’s one of those things that totally confuses viewers—moving a show to another day and time. The latest is the switch in days between Deal or No Deal and Crossing Jordan. So, the Wednesday night edition of Deal will move to Sundays, and Crossing Jordan will get the bump to Wednesdays at 9 p.m. The change will make Sundays a bit different, with Grease: You’re the One That I Want at 8:00, Deal or No Deal at 9:00, and The Apprentice at 10:00. Whether or not the move will increase ratings, we’ll just have to see. Jordan will now be in good company with the other Wednesday dramas: Friday Night Lights and Medium. Of course, that also puts Jordan in competition with American Idol, which is currently the ratings king.

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Golden Globe  Ladies and Gents – I can’t tell you how excited I am about the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards tonight!!  It’s been a whole five months since I’ve done minute-by-minute coverage of an awards show and I’ve been dying to unload.  (And yes—I am ignoring the fact that the People’s Choice Awards even exist).

The Academy Awards may get the largest viewing audience, but the Golden Globes telecast is the only one I really love to watch.  A cross between the insignificant People’s Choice and the stuffy Oscars, this show mixes credibility with spontaneous fun.  Yes—the Miss Golden Globe tradition is beyond lame.  And yes—separating Dramas from Musicals/Comedies is something I will never understand.  But knowing that I may see a star slam down a drink after bitterly losing is exciting defined.

As for who I think should win?  Well, Jennifer Hudson is an absolute given.  (Though Rinko Kikuchi from Babel would be a nice surprise).  And it would be great to see Forest Whitaker beat out both Leo nominations.  But no matter what happens, I’m ready for the ride.  So bring it on!

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Mary-Louise Parker The 64th annual Golden Globe Awards nominations were announced today, with some decent shows and performances represented. Of course, as these things go, there are certain to be some of your personal faves left off of the list. It’s nice to see Weeds get some love though! The nominees are:

Best Television Series - Musical Or Comedy

  • Desperate Housewives
  • Entourage
  • The Office
  • Ugly Betty
  • Weeds

Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series - Musical Or Comedy

  • Marcia Cross, Desperate Housewives
  • America Ferrera, Ugly Betty
  • Felicity Huffman, Desperate Housewives
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine
  • Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds

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Word is out: these three popular series will remain on NBC’s 2007 line-up. Oh, happy day! Medium will be back! Medium will be back! Sure, Las Vegas and Crossing Jordan are great too, but Medium is one of the absolute best shows (perhaps rivaled only by House, M.D.) on television today. Medium stars Patricia Arquette who portrays Allison Dubois, a real-life psychic who talks to dead people. Although the show was marketed on its eerie, supernatural elements, it’s the everyday, family elements that make it so special. Allison’s husband Joe and their three adorable daughters absolutely light up the screen. The best part of the show definitely centers on its ‘alive’ participants.

Congratulations to all three shows, but especially to Medium. Because Medium is the best.


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Rod Serling MediumWe told you about the November 21st episode of Medium, which will be shown in 3-D. We even helped you make your own 3-D glasses. Now, more cool news: As if the next episode of Medium, “Still Life,” weren’t already intriguing enough, it was just announced that it will be introduced by Rod Sterling! Sterling is of course best known as the ironic narrator of the wildly popular “The Twilight Zone.” Sterling passed away in 1975, but no worries…this show, after all, knows all about raising the dead.

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3-D MediumIt’s November, and if you are a TV fan, it’s your favorite time of year. Sweeps galore! This is the time every show tries to outdo itself to grab you and keep your attention. They’ll shock you, they’ll repulse you, they’ll delight you. Births, deaths, fights, make-ups, marriages, break-ups, murders, weddings, cross-overs and more…nothing is too wild for sweeps.

One show gets my vote for the best sweeps stunt this year: NBC’s Medium. The Nov. 21st episode (Monday, 10pm) will be shown in 3-D. That’s right: 3-D! Perhaps you have to be a child of the eighties to appreciate this fully, but could there be anything cooler? TV Guide first leaked the news back in August, and it’s been a long wait. One pair of 3-D glasses will be included in every issue of the November 21st edition of TV Guide. Don’t get TV Guide? Don’t want to buy extra pairs for family members?

Never fear. The hard-working researchers here at TV Envy, always with the goal of making your viewing experience better, have tracked down a simple tutorial on how to make your own 3-D glasses. Get the full instructions here. Have a wonderful sweeps, and if you’d like to submit an image to our forum, we’d love to see you in your homemade pair of 3-D glasses!

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MediumTV audiences have gone crazy for monsters, beasties, and things that go bump in the night. Nearly a dozen of this season’s prime time shows follow a ‘supernatural’ theme, something that lets the viewer travel away from the ordinary world into the shadows of all that is freaky. With so many shows to choose from, which is the best? Which most deserves your time and loyalty? Luckily, there’s an easy answer. Not only is Medium the best of these supernatural shows; it’s the best show on television right now, in this reviewer’s humble opinion. Medium follows the adventures of Allison Dubois, based on a true person, wife and mother of three…who just happens to communicate with dead people in her spare time. Medium’s marketing played up the spooky side: every preview included as many dead people as live. Although these aspects are intriguing, Medium offers a wonderful surprise: the best parts are the normal stuff. It’s a truly rare quality in the genre.

Never on television have I seen a more realistic portrayal of family life. Allison and her husband, Joe, love each other, lose patience and worry, sometimes even yell at each other, but can always depend on their bond of mutual respect.  Their three daughters, especially the older two, love and hate each other equally in true sibling rivalry form. There are no cloying, cutesie-pie kid actors here; these children are completely real. It is these scenes of family life that hold the show together and attract such a strong fan base: ask any viewer what they love about Medium. I bet the response will have the word ‘family’ in it.

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