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Ana LuciaWhether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Lost’s Ana Lucia, played by perennial tough girl Michelle Rodriguez, has grabbed the attention of viewers. Rumors have spread that Rodriguez would be fired after her arrest for a DUI, but series creator J.J. Abrams is denying the speculation.

J.J. Abrams, creator of the ABC castaway hit Lost, recently told Sci-Fi Wire that Michelle Rodriguez’s character on the show, hair-trigger ex-cop Ana Lucia, will not be killed anytime soon. Rumors had begun to spread that Rodriguez was not long for the show due to her multiple run-ins with Hawaiian police—she was pulled over for speeding three times and she is to stand trial for a DUI in March.

No doubt this will be a relief for fans of the show. What do you think? Is this an example of a celebrity receiving special treatment that others wouldn’t, or is the charge minor enough to excuse without incident? Please share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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Lost RaiseComing off a Golden Globe win for Best Drama, the cast members of Lost were recently awarded an even bigger prize:  a raise.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the original cast members are now raking in nearly $80,000 an episode—a bump from the $20,000-$40,000 they had been earning.  While it may seem appropriate that the cast members receive similar paychecks a la the cast of Friends, Matthew Fox still outearns the rest of his cohorts.  His paycheck included a bonus $250,000.  Apparently playing a surgeon gets you paid just like one.

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LostPHASE SHOCK:  What the $%^&?

PHASE DENIAL:  I don’t care that Shannon was seen with a gunshot wound to the chest.  I refuse to believe that she’s dead. Until I actually see her body buried in the ground, I will refuse to believe she’s dead.  I don’t care how many people told me that this day would come, I still refuse to believe them. 

PHASE BARGAINING: Didn’t the producers say that one person would be lost forever?  Well..where in the heck did that Cindy-chick go?  She’s your sacrificial lamb!!!

PHASE GUILT:  If only we could have stopped her from having sex with Sayid.  Maybe she’d still be alive.

PHASE ANGER:  What about the rest of the Shannon’s backstory?  What happened between the time she was financially cut off and the time that Boone came to rescue her in Australia?  The viewers deserve to know what happened.  And what about Sayid?  Hasn’t he suffered enough??

PHASE DEPRESSION:  Someone please wake me up when this whole nightmare is over…

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janet JacksonWhen Janet Jackson’s breast was exposed during her routine with Justin Timberlake at the 2004 Super Bowl, the world seemed to explode. Suddenly, every channel was carrying censored footage of the event. Newscasters rambled about it. The exposure was the hot topic, everywhere from news stations to the work water cooler.

The reaction was almost violent in its intensity. The FCC fined CBS a record $550,000 for the incident. The NFL swore to never let MTV—surely the most qualified for the position—ever produce a halftime show again. The FCC called the incident “disgusting” and “indecent,” and swore that stricter codes of morality and decency would be enforced upon entertainment media. But who has the right to decide what is decent? More importantly, is it even a relevant issue?

The top 5 television shows in a current Nielsen Rating were:

  1. CSI
  2. Desperate Housewives
  3. Lost
  4. Without A Trace
  5. Grey’s Anatomy

Let’s review what the driving force behind each is, shall we?

  1. Violence. Death. Gross stuff. Really, really gross stuff.
  2. Sex. Quirky sex. Forbidden sex. And Sex.
  3. Violence. Death. Sex on the beach.
  4. Violence. Crime.
  5. Sex. Doctors doing gross stuff in operating rooms. Doctors having sex right after doing gross stuff in operating rooms.

Obviously, Americans are not as concerned with ‘decency’ as the FCC may like to believe. Perhaps it’s time to step off the soapbox and examine the real evidence: Americans want their sex, and their violence too.

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Lost PodcastATTENTION LOST FANATICS:  As you already know by now, you can catch up on lost episodes of Lost by purchasing them on iTunes.  Now, starting tomorrow, you can also listen to the very first Lost podcasts. To promote the show during November sweeps, various Lost cast members and producers will help tease the week’s upcoming episode.  Fans will also have the opportunity to submit questions to have answered during the weekly podcasts. Starting Tuesday, November 8, the first Lost podcast will be available only at ABC.com.  Come November 15, the podcasts will also be available via iTunes.

We have the full release for you, after the jump.

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Lost Numbers

Since Lost was another rerun again last night, here’s a little fun (yet slightly disturbing) trivia fact to occupy your time.  Did you know that over 840 fans of the show took advantage of Hurley’s cursed lottery numbers in an October Powerball drawing?  Needless to say, the numbers were unlucky for them as well. The one person who did win the booty will get to keep the $340 million to themselves (or about $110 million after taxes).  Had the Lost fans prevailed, they would have each received about $130,000 in comparison (after taxes). Just in case you were wondering, those infamous numbers are:  4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.  Just remember to tip your dealer!

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Lost:  And Found

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Lost JinI was having a very bad dream the other night.  I was stuck in this really dark, round-shaped place.  I remember it being very gloomy and confining.  I’m extremely claustrophobic and my breathing was getting heavier.  I couldn’t take it anymore.. I needed to get out of there!  The next thing I know, I’m on the beach.  The open space provides a lot more greenery and life.  I see more people moving around and I’m loving the change.  Then I come to a realization—that was never a dream.  Just an answer to my prayers.  I had been praying to the gods of Lost to get me out of that damned-biosphere for weeks now.  I needed to see see other people again.  You know—those other people that live on the island?  No - not The Others, but the others.  Thankfully the coconut offering I left behind finally began to pay off.

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