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Deal or No DealHe’s the man in the dark.  He’s the man with the money.  He’s the man who asks you to take the money and run.  He’s the banker on NBC’s hit Deal or No Deal.  The season finale aired Monday night and he had a lot of cash to give away…to the tune of $5 million dollars.  TVGuide.com recently interviewed the banker and he revealed that his role model was Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life.  It’s a tongue in cheek interview that kind of gets a little annoying.  Makes you wonder who the real banker is…

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Ricki LakeIf you can’t spring for the Game Show Network on cable, your prayers have been answered as the Gameshow Marathon premiers May 31st on CBS.  The show will be hosted by TV talk show host Ricki Lake. Yeah, that’s right Ricki Lake will be the host of the show that brings TVs best game shows back from the 70s, 80s and 90s and to 2006. 

The twist on the Gameshow Marathon is that six celebrities will compete on a variety of game shows including The Price is Right, Let’s Make a Deal, Beat the Clock, Press Your Luck, Card Sharks, Match Game and Family Feud.  Each episode will feature just one of the game listed above as one celeb a week for the rest of the summer gets booted off.

If Ricki Lake wasn’t enough of a star for you to watch here are the celebrity contestants that will be slugging it out all summer long, including Paige Davis (“Trading Spaces”), Tim Meadows (“Saturday Night Live”), Leslie Nielsen (“Airplane”), Kathy Najimy (“Sister Act”), Lance Bass (‘N Sync), and Brande Roderick (“Baywatch”).

Gameshow Marathon, hosted by Lake, will premiere on Wednesday, May 31, at 8 p.m. and also air the following night at 8. Set your TIVO because it will then air the following week at 8 p.m on June 7 and 8, before airing once a week in its regular time period on Thursday, June 15 at 8 p.m.

You can bet Bob Barker won’t be watching.

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Lost Game

ABC has high ambitions: they claim that an online game version of Lost will be “the largest interactive game ever based on a TV show.” Considering the popularity of the mystery-laden drama, this seems entirely possible.

The game is entitled The Lost Experience and will feature a bonus storyline not seen on the show. Intriguing! Viewers will become detectives, collecting clues such as important telephone numbers along the way. As the show airs around the world,  each geographical location will receive different clues. Producers promise that anyone can play, even those viewers completely new to the show.

The first clue will air May 3rd, so pay special attention to the episode. Even though we lose patience with the sloooow build-up of Lost at times, there’s no denying this game sounds like a blast. Will you be playing?

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Merideth VieraTo virtually no one’s surprise, and to the obvious delight of many, including Today co-host Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira is joining Today, filling the chair at the hosts’ desk being vacated by Katie Couric.

The 52-year-old Vieira currently co-hosts ABC’s daytime talker The View, and she hosts the syndicated Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
During an emotional segment of yesterday’s The View, Vieira announced her departure from the show.  As for Millionaire, she will either negotiate her way out of a contract that runs for two more seasons, or she will negotiate a better shooting schedule that allows her to simultaneously co-host Today and continue hosting the game show. Right now, Millionaire tapes 200 new episodes per season over a grueling four months.  That schedule will be incompatible with her Today responsibilities.

Although Couric departs Today after the May 31 show, Vieira won’t be sharing Studio 1-A with Lauer until September.  Campbell Brown of Weekend Today is expected to be Lauer’s interim partner.

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Deal or No DealDeal me in for Deal or No Deal


I don’t know.  I’m somewhat embarrassed to be hooked on a game show determined by random selection, and lorded over by one, recurring question, “Deal or No Deal?”

Since childhood, I’ve only succumbed to game shows twice before.  I’m smitten by the syndicated Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? because I’m a trivia buff, and I find Meredith Viera extremely charming. And there was Weakest Link.  I never could resist a tart-tongued Brit, much less the flame-throwing Anne Robinson.

But that doesn’t explain my affinity for Deal.  As an actor-comedian, Howie Mandell has never been a personal favorite.  While he’s small-talking contestants, or letting the Banker’s call ring off the hook, I’m thinking, Who sews the gowns for the gorgeous models?  Deal or No Deal is an international hit, broadcast in thirty-something countries.  Nonetheless, it strikes me as quintessentially American.  Perhaps, therein rests my attraction.

By and large, we Americans are greedy.  Our national motto should be: “Nothing succeeds like excess!”  This series plays exclusively to our greed; Deal glorifies our “money buys happiness” mentality.  Most of the contestants deify money.  In-studio advisors fuel their money love.  The studio audience is a greed machine.  The series is all 1980s’ American, “Greed is good!”  How can I not play moth to Deal or No Deal‘s flame?  I find greed personally repugnant in real life, and even on The Real World. But I can’t resist greed’s ugly head when it’s reared in the arts and entertainment.

Now that I’ve identified my affinity for this Deal, my other question still goes begging, “Who does design and sew the costumes for Deal‘s gorgeous models?”

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Entertainment Weekly VH1On the series “Twin Peaks,” what is Agent Dale Cooper’s favorite dessert?

Do you know the answer? If so, you may be ready for The World Series of Pop Culture, a new game show from the minds behind VH1 and Entertainment Weekly. The two entertainment powerhouses have joined together to test the knowledge of contestants in the areas of television, film, and music. This show seems like a sure hit, especially considering the enormous popularity of VH1’s pop culture retro-themed series, I Love the 80s. The World Series of Pop Culture is set to premiere on VH1 this summer, and searches for contestants will begin in March. Do you have what it takes? Then make sure to see if an audition is coming to a city near you!

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