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Here are some of the options available this Tuesday.

Beauty & The Beast


Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart

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MONDAY (1/7)
  • The View (ABC, check local listings):  returns from maternity leave.  I’d gladly sacrifice her to the union gods for an end to the .
  • Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann (ABC, 8pm):  Here’s our chance to see if the judges can actually teach what they preach.
  • American Gladiators (NBC, 8pm):  “In the men’s competition, an engineer takes on a radiation-control technician.”  The year of the nerd has now officially spilled over into 2008.
  • Medium (NBC, 10pm):  Season four premiere.  “Allison has creepy visions of a boy being kidnapped from a toy store.”  I never did trust that Geoffrey Giraffe.
  • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Travel Channel, 10pm):  Anthony travels to Singapore for his latest season premiere.  I don’t like traveling with crusty people, but I love watching them venture on TV.
  • The Daily Show/The Colbert Report (Comedy Central, 11:30pm):  Tonight Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will crank out their versions of a writer-less show.  God love ‘em for trying.

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Thanks to repeats on , Private Practice rebounded with the 18-49 crowd.  ended off the night with the best demos while had the largest audience.

Deal or No Deal



  • * (10.3 million, 2.7/8 in 18-49 demo) was the hour’s top draw.
  • (7.6 million, 2.57) saw a 1.3 million increase from last week.
  • (6.9 million, 2.4/7) was down just slightly.

*denotes repeat

(You can review last week’s ratings here.)

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The Closer


MONDAY (12/3)
  • (TNT, 8pm):  The special two-hour holiday episode brings Brenda’s parents into the investigative fold.  Nothing says Christmas like talking blood with your blood.
  • (NBC, 9pm):  (NOTE:  This is the last new episode left.)  ‘Peter squares off against former friends thanks to Adam’s confusing story about the Shanti virus.’  He shouldn’t fault Adam; the confusing storyline is to blame.
  • (FOX, 9pm):  ‘Boulet and Cobb investigate an insurance adjuster’s murder.’  As if there weren’t enough people in New Orleans with a motive.
  • (NBC, 10pm): (First half of the two-parter; 2nd half airs Wednesday).  ‘Evidence points to Reese’s father in the murders that sent Crews to prison.’  I’m guessing this won’t be resolved anytime soon…otherwise, we wouldn’t have a show.

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Emeril Lagasse was hardly more than a blip on cable when it began in 1993, with chefs like , and rounding out the programming.  Batali and the network have since parted ways, and now is coming to the end of its reign.

Live, which began 10 years ago, quickly brought attention to the little-known network and turned the host into a household name.  Although the show stops production on December 11, 2007, Lagasse will still be part of the Food Network family.  will continue to air and while the chef himself - who’s still working on new ideas - will remain on hand to take part in food-related specials and shows.

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Michael SymonIt all started with an article in the New York Post. First, they reported that and darling Mario Batali (of Molto Mario fame) was being kicked off the network, stripped of his Iron Chef rank and forced to watch as none of his shows were renewed for another season. Next, they reported that Batali would still be seen on the network from time to time, perhaps. Now, Batali has teamed with none other than Gwyneth Paltrow (how did that happen?) to host a new cooking show for American Public TV.

Batali’s departure left a hole in Food Network’s , sparking an eight-episode search for the . Sunday night, under the watchful eye of the remaining Iron Chefs (, Cat Cora and – my favorite) and the chairman, chefs John Besh and Michael Symon competed under the klieg lights of Kitchen Stadium. The mission? Make five course in 60 minutes. The secret ingredient? Swordfish.

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Rachael Ray I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—Rachael Ray has “accessible” all sewn up. Really, can you think of any other television personality that is as all-around accepted as Rachael Ray? Even if you’re not a big fan of hers, there is no denying that she is on the fast track to fame. And it’s all because she just has that nice girl, easy-going vibe that so many people connect with. Heck, even my kids look forward to watching her cooking show on Food Network. I could do without her many abbreviations and terms (“EVOO” and “Yummo” come to mind), but I watch her shows and have one of her cookbooks. I’m not a big fan of her talk show because she just seems like she’s whacked out on caffeine or something. It’s too hyper for me. Anyway, she’s looking for the next great chef, er… well, cook in her search called “So You Think You Can Cook?” on her talk show. According to Ray, “We just want to give a person — a real person, not a chef or somebody specially trained to do this for a living — a shot at showing everybody their personality and how much fun you can have with food.” Seems that’s a recipe that Ray can relate to, as she’s never had any formal training and has built her empire largely on her personality. She and show producers will whittle the cooks down to five, then they go through the rigors of two weeks of competition before the winner is crowned in November. And, what does the winner take away from this? The lucky cook gets to co-host Rachael Ray’s show (just for a day) and will receive training at a U.S. culinary institute. Also, one of their recipes will be in her magazine, Every Day With Rachael Ray.

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Denis Leary


MONDAY (9/10)
  • Today (NBC, 7-11am):  The show expands to an unnecessary 4 hours.
  • Oprah (syndicated):  Season premiere includes a first appearance by David Letterman.
  • Rachel Ray (syndicated):  Ray’s Second Season premiere includes guests from
  • The View (ABC, check local listings):  The official introduction of their final new host (a.k.a. Sherri Shepherd).
  • Wheel of Fortune (syndicated):  25th season premiere.
  • Monday Night Football (ESPN):  A double-header special.  Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens (7pm ET)/ San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals (10:15 ET).
  • The Closer (TNT, 9pm):  Part-two of the season finale.

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Gordon Ramsay  It’s official – the two finalists have been announced, and during next Monday night’s season finale the fate of one would-be executive chef will be decided. will have to decide between gruff, powerful-looking Rock, an experienced restaurant chef who has been patiently biding his time for just this moment, and Bonnie, the cute, blonde nanny that Ramsay once asked “are you a dumb blonde?” with all sincerity in his voice. During the series, Bonnie has broken down in tears several times, once tried to cook on a stove with no heat, expressed confusion over the actual components of beans and franks, and caused Ramsay to fly off the handle several times.

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Rachael RayIn her attempt to take over the world, Rachael Ray has just signed on as a spokesperson for Dunkin’ Donuts. Dunkin’ is launching a new “health-conscious” menu and wants Ray to sell the heck out of it. Not only will she be the face/voice/whatever of the new line of healthy food and beverages, but she will also help to develop the products. Basically, with the recommendation to avoid trans fats, Dunkin’ is steppin’ up and yanking the trans from their lineup. Ray, of course, is excited (when is she not?)—saying, “I am excited to work with Dunkin’ Donuts’ team of chefs as they expand their menu to include new items for customers looking for more health-conscious options.” Dunkin’s president, Robert Rodriguez, said, “Rachael’s philosophy of creating quality meals quickly and without pretense for busy people living busy lives is the same driving force behind the Dunkin’ Donuts brand.” Oh yeah, he forgot to mention that she is a household name and all around American girl that people are strangely drawn to. Cha-ching!

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