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Despite having a Tivo and another DVR, I know that a new television season can take some serious planning.  When will your favorite shows start?  What days are they now on?  Which programming ‘conflicts’ will you have to resolve?  Will you need to buy another TV???

Hopefully our detailed scheduling guide can assist you in the weeks to come.  We have compiled information from five different networks (, , , and ) and included the days, times and premiere dates for this fall’s shows.

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Gallery: Fall 2007 TV Programming Schedule


Shane WestThe FOX network has announced upcoming pilots, and with the news comes casting details. First up is a drama, called Supreme Courtships, starring Shane West. West can currently be seen on E.R. and was a cast member of ABC’s Once and Again. Of course, no word on whether or not West will stay on E.R. With a name like Supreme Courtships, you can kind of guess the subject matter—Supreme Court clerks and their relationships.

FOX also announced a new comedy, called The Rules of Starting Over, with Craig Bierko and Rashida Jones. The comedy will look at the lives of friends who are jumping back into dating following their divorces. Jones is currently on The Office, and there has been a lot of speculation about how long her role as Jim’s girlfriend will continue. Perhaps her signing on to a new pilot is good news for Pam and Jim fans?

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Top ModelAfter a few weeks of sporadic debuts, we can all now breathe a sigh of relief.  You now have a reason to be sitting on your couch every night because the TV onslaught has officially arrived!  Here are the highlights for this week:

Oprah, Rachel Ray and The Megan Mullally Show (various)
Wife Swap (8pm on ABC)
Deal or No Deal (8pm on NBC)
The Class (8pm on CBS)
How I Met Your Mother (8:30pm on CBS)
Two and a Half Men (9pm on CBS)
The New Adventures of Old Christine (9:30pm on CBS)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (10pm on NBC)
CSI: Miami (10pm on CBS)

NCIS (8pm on CBS):
The Unit (9pm on CBS)
Law and Order:  Criminal Intent (9pm on NBC)
Law and Order: SVU (10pm on NBC)
Smith (10pm on CBS)
Boston Legal (10pm on ABC)

America’s Next Top Model (8pm on CW)
Jericho (8pm on CBS)
Biggest Loser (8pm on NBC)
Criminal Minds (9pm on CBS)
Kidnapped (10pm on NBC)
CSI: NY (10pm on CBS)

My Name is Earl (8pm on NBC)
The Office (8:30pm on NBC)
Grey’s Anatomy (9pm on ABC)
CSI (9pm on CBS)
ER (10pm on NBC)
Six Degrees (10pm on ABC)
Shark (10pm on CBS)

Smackdown (8pm on CW)
Ghost Whisperer (8pm on CBS)
Close to Home (9pm on CBS)
Law and Order (10pm on NBC)
Numb3rs (10pm on CBS)

Extreme Home Makeover (8pm on ABC)
Desperate Housewives (9pm on ABC)
Cold Case (9pm on CBS)
Brothers and Sisters (10pm on ABC)
Without a Trace (10pm on CBS)

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NBC logo In a press release from NBC today, they announced that NBC.com will stream episodes of their new fall shows for free—Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Kidnapped, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights and Heroes—following the original airing of the episodes. NBC.com is also going to offer blogs written by a variety of shows’ creators, producers or cast members. The blogs will be online for every show on the air, with an additional live blog immediately after the premiere episode.

Jeff Gaspin, President, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, Digital Content and Cross-Network Strategy said of the news, “When you launch a new season, it’s important that you get the shows in front of as many eyeballs as possible. We’ve created a variety of new, engaging digital offerings to generate excitement and drive viewership to the network.”

Upcoming premiere blogs include:

  • Deal or No Deal (9/18), The Banker’s Blog
  • Studio 60 (9/18), Aaron Sorkin, Creator and Executive Producer and Thomas Schlamme, Executive Producer and Director
  • Kidnapped (9/20), Jason Smilovic, Creator and Executive Producer
  • My Name Is Earl (9/21), Greg Garcia, Creator and Executive Producer
  • The Office (9/21), Greg Daniels, Executive Producer
  • 30 Rock (11/11), Tina Fey, Creator and Executive Producer

A number of other blogs will accompany the shows’ premieres, including Law & Order, ER, Heroes, Friday Night Lights and Twenty Good Years, among others.

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Forest_WhitakerAndre Bauer, who was unable to fulfill his commitment to the drama ER, has been replaced by Forest Whitaker. Whitaker will play a man who comes into the ER with a cough, but quickly faces a paralyzing stroke—his story arc will take place over five episodes. Whitaker continues to be busy with the FX series The Shield, returning for at least the first two episodes of the next season. Whitaker is most famous for his many film roles, including Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Platoon, The Crying Game and The Panic Room. He’ll make a great addition to ER, now entering it’s 25th season (seriously, how long has this show been on?!).

Busy Philipps will also join the cast of ER with a recurring role as an intern. You may remember Philipps from the short-lived, but well-regarded Freaks and Geeks. She was also seen last season on the UPN sitcom Love, Inc.

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Description  The ending of Will & Grace has taken away two gay roles from our boob tubes this season—and those who care about equal representation for gays should be concerned.

Did you know that of all the regular characters on major networks last year, less than 2% of them in primetime were gay, lesbian or bisexual?  And the numbers don’t fare much better this year.  GLAAD (The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) has been analyzing the numbers for several seasons now.  Of the 95 Fall shows announced so far (for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW and MyNetworkTV), only 9 of the regular characters are gay or lesbian.  That’s down one from last year.  In other words, out of the 679 roles—only 1.3% are homosexual.

Keep in mind—this study only applies to the major networks.  Maybe that’s why cable is increasing in popularity.  We need to turn to shows like The L Word and Degrassi to see greater diversity.

Trivia question:  Of the 9 gay/lesbian roles this fall—only 3 are from returning shows.  What are those shows?  AnswerDesperate Housewives (Andrew), ER (Carrie) and The Office (Oscar - the closeted gay).

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Gallery: Fewer Gay Roles This Season

Will & Grace cast OK, so here’s a curious study—finding that the number of homosexual characters on television has decreased for the 2006-2007 season. Only nine homosexual characters will be on network-TV series, down from 10 last year. This information was released from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Interesting, I suppose, since the study looked at 679 series lead or supporting characters in the new season, and only about 1.3 percent are gay, lesbian or bisexual. GLAAD looked at the 95 new prime-time comedies and dramas from six major networks. While shows like Ellen and Will & Grace paved the way for more diverse roles, the numbers are still relatively low when looking at the total number of characters that the study analyzed. The characters were identified on the following shows: Help Me Help You (ABC), The Class (CBS), Brothers & Sisters (ABC), Fashion House” (MyNetworkTV), and Hidden Palms on the CW network. Returning shows include Desperate Housewives (ABC), The Office (NBC), and ER (NBC). Recurring gay, lesbian or bisexual characters are also in the series Ugly Betty, Big Day, The Simpsons, The War at Home and Grey’s Anatomy. GLAAD president Neil Giuliano commented on the study, saying, “It’s clear that the broadcast networks have a long way to go before they accurately reflect the diversity of their audience and our society.”

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Gallery: Study Finds Fewer Gay Characters on TV

ER Human ShieldIs it sad that the most satisfaction I got out of this last episode was watching former Outsider, Tommy Howell (I mean C. Thomas Howell), be dissected? WOLVERINES!!!  A close second was witnessing Dr. Ray Barnett get his butt kicked for sleeping with an underage girl. If you were that girl’s father, you probably would have felt the same way about that punk.  Is my morbid fascination a reflection upon me or on this show?  All I know is that even though I still watch this show routinely, ER has now become so routine that I am forced to entertain myself with the little things.

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