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Although it’s been days since Rick Sanchez made unflattering remarks about Jon Stewart (and his own CNN bosses), we had to wait until Monday night to hear Stewart’s response to the controversy.

Despite being called a “bigot,” host feigned excitement about being mentioned by the (former) CNN anchor. “Rick Sanchez knows my name!” he squealed.

Stewart even gave props to Rick—who claimed Jon “grew up in a suburban, middle-class New Jersey home with everything that you could every imagine”—for really nailing “what is was like growing up in Central Jersey in the early seventies. The fortunate son of a single mother in the education field.”

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UPDATE: You can see Stewart’s response here.

One day after calling Daily Show host “a bigot” on a radio program, CNN’s Rick Sanchez received some (not so) surprising words of his own: “You’re fired.”

The Cuban-American anchor, who has been the subject of Stewart’s jokes before, made that accusation about the Comedy Central personality while speaking on SiriusXM’s Stand Up! With Peter Dominick yesterday morning.

So which group(s) does Rick think Jon is bigoted against? “Anybody who’s different than you are, anybody who’s not form your frame of reference; anybody who doesn’t look and sound exactly like the people that you sound [like] and grew up with. The people that you put on your show, who always reflects somebody who’s, ‘I’m bringing in to sit around me,’ you know, who’s very different from me. I’m sorry, but I just don’t buy this thing that the only people out there who are prejudiced … are the right. There’s people that are prejudiced on both sides.”

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Jon Stewart, who has been about it for over a week, made a momentous announcement on the Thursday episode of The Daily Show. The Comedy Central funnyman announced his Rally to Restore Sanity, which will be held at the Washington, D.C. National Mall on October 30, 2010.

Stephen Colbert, , made his own announcement on The Colbert Report, which follows Stewart’s show. Colbert’s rally is, of course, the March to Keep Fear Alive. “Now is not the time to take it down a notch. Now is the time for all good men to freak out for freedom,” Colbert explained.

The National Park Service has confirmed that Colbert and Stewart submitted an application for the grounds in front of the Washington Monument for the date of the dueling rallies, though the permit is not yet finalized.

In a poll, Time magazine named Stewart “America’s most trusted newscaster” following Walter Cronkite’s 2009 death.

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At the close of Tuesday night’s , Jon Stewart made a surprising announcement: he will soon be making an announcement.

Stewart made it clear that he “will have an announcement at some time,” which means “in the near to not-so-near future.” What he has to say may in fact be “the most important announcement in history … equivalent to 7.3 Gettysburg Addresses.”

“I don’t know what it is,” Stewart admitted. “Though I have my suspicions…and if I am right, it’s going to be huge.”

View the entire hilarious announcement teaser in the video above…and try to guess where Stewart is going with all of this.

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The ongoing war between Bernie Goldberg, FOX News contributor and frequent guest on O’Reilly Factor, and Jon Stewart, late-night Comedy Central variety show host, just got hilarious…though there’s probably zero chance that FOX News will find it so. It all started, according to Stewart, when he told FOX News to “go [expletive deleted] themselves” on his April 19 installment of .

Goldberg fired back during one of his visits to O’Reilly (Papa Bear to Stephen Colbert fans), calling a “funnyman” who only wants to crack jokes before an audience. “But if, clearly, you want to be a social commentator…you better find some guts,” Goldberg addressed his comments directly to Stewart.

On his April 20 show, Stewart had plenty to say in response to Bernie Goldberg - and by extension, everyone at FOX News.

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And I thought it was funny when Jimmy Kimmel did his entire show as Jay Leno.

On last night’s Daily Show broadcast, Jon Stewart devoted nearly 15 minutes of his own program to mocking possibly the second easiest target on television: FOX News’ .

Be forewarned: the impersonation is so good…you might just start tearing up.

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Former Illinois Governor appeared on The Daily Show last night to talk candidly with Jon Stewart about his public fall from grace…er, sort of. Actually, Blago mostly stuck to his carrot-on-a-stick “I’m innocent” story, wherein he is prevented from actually disclosing the evidence that will prove he did no wrong.

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After a week-long media battle, in which anchors from several different networks weighed in, and Jim Cramer enjoy a much-anticipated meeting on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

Stewart has recently focused on many of Cramer’s predictions and bits of advice, which he provides through his CNBC show Mad Money.

“I understand that you want to make finance entertaining, but it’s not a [expletive deleted] game,” Stewart sassed Cramer near the top of the interview. “I can’t reconcile the brilliance and knowledge that you have of the intricacies of the market with the crazy [expletive deleted] I see you do every night,” he said a few minutes later.

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As part of the Indecision ‘08 political coverage which has been raging all year long, will pit its two most popular late-night hosts against each other in a poll results special scheduled to air Tuesday night.

MSNBC, CNN, FOX News and all major networks, as usual, will also be offering post-poll coverage (and perhaps announcing winners early, as they are wont to do). Comedy Central’s hour-long special will surely provide more laughs than other networks, and the comedy duo of Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert is destined to create plenty of hilarious moments.

We may want to cry over the results come tomorrow night, but Comedy Central will try to make us laugh instead…come what may.

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Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart

favorites Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are proudly sporting “Union Made” labels and enjoying a full staff of writers once more, much to the delight (and sheer relief) of fans. Late night TV is finally back on track now that the strike has ended.

With a newfound comfort in front of cameras and a relaxed joy in the air, the hosts resumed their normal duties…this time, with scripts. After weeks of watching them invent ways to fill the gaps in their programs, it was a relief to see them with full episodes once more. Though both did remarkably well under improvisational pressure, I’m happy to see them back at full staff.

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