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CrashThis must represent a record: Less than one month after winning the Best Picture Oscar, Crash is premiering on Showtime, Sunday, 8:05 PM, ET/PT.  Even better, the Crash TV debut is part of Showtime’s Free Weekend Preview.

I saw the triple Oscar-winning Crash last May at the Writers Guild of America, West, Theater in Beverly Hills.  Following the screening, Crash‘s Oscar winning writer/producer/director Paul Haggis took the stage for a Question and Answer session.  He claimed to have been inspired to write Crash after he and his wife were car-jacked on Wilshire Boulevard’s Miracle Mile in Hollywood, after renting videos at Blockbuster.  Sunday you can see the acclaimed motion picture in the privacy of your own home, no rental or late fees apply.

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Academy AwardHere’s the night that many people around the world have been waiting for.  The rare opportunity for us to see all our beloved movie stars at the same place and time.  As for me—while I can’t wait to watch the red carpet affair, I have a love/hate relationship with the annual event.  The bad news?  When I notice that I’m watching beautiful people parade by while I’m sitting in my PJ’s gorging on chicken wings, I feel lower than low.  But when I realize that I now have the opportunity (and the vindictive excuse) for me to sit back and be catty to my heart’s content—the good then outweighs the bad.

As for how I actually feel about the awards portion of the event, I think that this could be a potentially exciting year—especially if my personal fave, Crash, sweeps in and takes away the grand prize from Brokeback MountainThat whole gay cowboy thing was so two months ago… we have all moved on now.  But even if Brokeback does come away with the win, it’s still a victory for us all.  Who would have ever thought five years ago that a gay-themed movie could become Best Picture?

Well, we’re now less than an hour away from the big event.  Please keep checking back with us here at TV Envy as we’ll keep you updated with play-by-play commentary of the big night! You can view it all after the jump - and feel free to play along in the comments.

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Jack BlackComic genius and musical talent Jack Black will rock the house on April 1st as the host of the 19th annual Kids Choice awards, hosted by the kid-centric Nickelodeon. We can’t imagine a better host than the energetic, always appealing Jack Black. Really, it’s enough to make us want to tune in - especially after reading Jack’s plans:

Black told E! Online that he had “a lot of secret plans for when I host the awards, but I can tell you I’m going to bring the super-duper, freaky-deaky, ultra-clowny super dance! But that’s all I’ll say.”

Nickelodeon’s executive vice president of development and original programming, Marjorie Cohn, said Black was a natural fit for the show. “With Jack as host, the surprise factor is naturally elevated. Even we can hardly wait to see what will happen,” she said in a statement.

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Television AcademyThe nominations for the Daytime Emmys were announced on Wednesday and The Young and the Restless rose to the top of the pack.  The CBS soap opera received 18 nominations and will compete for Best Soap Opera against 8-time winner . Other expected nominations went out to Ellen DeGeneres for Best Talk Show Host (one of 11 nominations overall) and to Alex Trebek for Best Game Show Host. A highlight of the evening will be the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Carol Spinney—the long-time voice behind Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.

The Daytime Emmys will air on April 28 on ABC.

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Golden Globes 2006

The best thing about award ceremonies is the fun we can poke at them later. And of course, we’ll also honor the deserving. Here are some highlights from the television awards of the 63rd annual Golden Globes. We’re proud to present our picks for The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…and The Pretty.

Agree? Disagree? Please leave your picks below!

The Good

  • Hugh Laurie’s Best Actor/Drama award. The choice of anyone else would have been a travesty. Never before has a television actor transformed himself so successfully into a complex character with such an intriguing mix of toughness and vulnerability. Laurie’s talent has taken a show with (originally) little possibility to succeed, and made it a favorite of both critics and fans.
  • Best Speech of the Night goes to The Office’s Steve Carell, who, claiming that his wife wrote his speech, gave a hysterical reading of an acceptance speech punctuated with praise of his lovely wife.
  • Sandra Oh winning Best Supporting Actress. As Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy, she bring equal parts drama and delight to her complex character.
  • The Desperate Housewives’ reaction to Mary Louise Parker’s win in their category. Even though they ‘lost,’ they were excellent sports about it, brimming with goodwill and cheer.


The Bad

  • Did every single Desperate Housewife really deserve a nomination in the Best Actress/Comedy category? Obviously, the winner would be the one non-Housewife. More importantly, loads of comedic talent was overlooked, such as Sarah Chalke from Scrubs, Jaime Presley from My Name is Earl, and many others.
  • Desperate Housewives as the winner of Best Television Series/Comedy. No, it isn’t. The show is experiencing a major sophomore slump, and though there have certainly been shining moments this season, they have been overshadowed by tedium. (Applewhite subplot, anyone? Yawn.)
  • The traditional “Gee, I never thought I’d win,” while pulling a prepared speech out of the pocket shtick. At least memorize the speech beforehand, celebrities, so you don’t seem like big liars!

The Ugly

  • Many people seemed to love it, but we weren’t impressed with Teri Hatcher’s Versace gown. Cutouts are most often tacky, and to us, she looked like a sequined mermaid.
  • Emilie de Ravin of Lost. Well, it wasn’t really ugly; she looked quite beautiful. But the dress was so almost perfect that it truly disappointed. The cut and flow were gorgeous, but the pale gold washed out Emilie’s cool blond looks. We would have loved to have seen her in a deep pink or emerald.
  • Paris Hilton’s tulle mess. The back and white colors did nothing for her, and the skirt’s length ruined the line of her long legs. Plus…tulle?
  • Mischa Barton in her red dress with ruffled edges. Red is not her color, but more importantly, why did she make the dress out of curtains?
  • Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo in a frumpy, belted concoction. Did she raid her grandmother’s closet for this dress?
  • Pamela Anderson is starting to look an awful lot like a taxidermy project. Enough said.


The Pretty

  • Eva Longoria looked gorgeous in her lipstick-red Bob Mackie halter dress. Very few people can actually look good in red, and Eva has the perfect coloring—and spunk—to succeed.
  • Felicity Huffman looked like a Greek goddess in her flowing ivory gown…a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that she was completely believable as a man wanting to be a woman in the recent Transamerica.
  • Lost’s Evangeline Lilly in her gorgeous green dress that perfectly matched her eyes. It must have been nice to get out of that grungy Lost wardrobe!
  • Hugh Laurie in his perfectly tailored tux looked great…and is one of the few men in this world ever to pull off a bowtie.

Until next year, happy TV-ing!

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