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Rob and AmberFirst of all, congratulations.  Also, I’m a little annoyed with you since I applied for the show a while ago with what I thought was a great hook of an idea, and didn’t get picked.  I don’t think your little thing that makes you special is better than my … oh, you do?  You just have the one … ?  And your partner, she’s never … ?
Okay, fine, yours is better.  As long as you’re not dating models, or dating actors, or actors/models who were formerly dating.  And so on.
Good luck on the Race, which is easily my favorite reality show (sorry Survivor) (And I Love New York) (And … you know, let’s move on), but please remember one major thing before you set out on your Phil-directed race around the world:
It’s a race, which means whoever gets to the finish line first wins.

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Rob and AmberFrom the moment they first met on the set of Survivor, Rob and Amber (Romber) have been making reality waves all over television. They met, they fell in love…they outlasted all their island competitors. Then, in a bit of reality TV magic, Rob got down on one knee to propose to the lovely Amber – before Survivor’s million-dollar prize was even given away to one of them (Amber ended up the winner - by a single vote). From Survivor, they merrily raced to another CBS show, the Amazing Race 7. Fans will recall that the reality power couple was narrowly beaten out of another million-dollar prize by fellow Racers Uchenna and Joyce. All these seasons later, Romber has been cast again into competition with the one team that beat them.

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Gallery: Rob and Amber: Stars of the Reality Race

The Amazing Race logo And I call myself an Amazing Race fan? I have been anticipating the all-star installment of the popular reality show (in my book, the best reality show around) and yet, had no idea it would be premiering this Sunday. That’s right, prepare yourself for the return of some of your favorites and not-so-favorites when the all-stars start globetrotting on February 18th. One thing’s for certain—the all-star concept is likely to do better than their family edition. OK, to refresh you on the contestants again:

  • Dustin Seltzer and Kandice Pelletier (“the beauty queens”), Season 10
  • Joe Baldassare and Bill Bartek (“Team Guido”), Season 1
  • Kevin O’Connor and Drew Feinberg, Season 1
  • Ozwald Mendez and Danilo Jimenez, Season 2
  • John Vito Pietanza and Jill Aquilino, Season 3
  • Uchenna Agu and Joyce Agu, the winners of Season 7
  • David Conley, Jr. and Mary Conley (“team Kentucky”), Season 10
  • Charla Baklayan Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan, Season 5
  • Rob Mariano and Amber Mariano, Season 7
  • Teri Pollack and Ian Pollack, Season 3
  • Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner, Season 9

Who knows what twists host Phil Keoghan will have in store for these stars? Tune in to find out. And visit the new “Elimination Station” on CBS.com/innertube. This gives a look at what happens when contestants get eliminated from The Amazing Race and have to live in the sequester house. The webisodes will appear following each episode of the all-stars season, beginning on February 18th. Find out what happens when The Amazing Race all-stars stop being polite, and start getting real.

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Gallery: Amazing Race All Stars Premieres Sunday

Rob and Amber Although it’s not entirely new news (this had been leaked awhile back), it is official: The Amazing Race All-Stars teams have been announced. I’m looking forward to seeing the “all-star” concept played out on one of the best reality shows around. This is sure to be a fun-filled ride with the following contestants, although some were not as memorable to me as others:

  • Dustin Seltzer and Kandice Pelletier (a.k.a. “the beauty queens”—ack!) from Season 10
  • Joe Baldassare and Bill Bartek (“Team Guido”) from Season 1
  • Kevin O’Connor and Drew Feinberg from Season 1
  • Ozwald Mendez and Danilo Jimenez from Season 2
  • John Vito Pietanza and Jill Aquilino from Season 3
  • Uchenna Agu and Joyce Agu, the winners of Season 7
  • David Conley, Jr. and Mary Conley (“team Kentucky”) from Season 10
  • Charla Baklayan Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan from Season 5
  • Rob Mariano and Amber Mariano from Season 7
  • Teri Pollack and Ian Pollack from Season 3
  • Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner from Season 9

Most interesting among the teams is the pairing of Season nine’s Eric and Danielle, who participated in separate teams during that season. The two dated soon after the season ended. The Amazing Race All-Stars premieres Sunday, February 18th.

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Gallery: Amazing Race All-Star Contestants Announced

Amazing RaceOK, I admit it, sometimes the “All-Star” concept can stink. But in this case, The Amazing Race may bring back some great contestants to have another go at it. Hey, if nothing else, it beats the pants off of the “family edition” they did! So, who will be back for the All-Star edition? So far, Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich of Survivor fame and David and Mary Conley (Team Kentucky) look to be making a comeback. Season five couples Colin Guinn and Christie Woods as well as Mirna Hindoyan and Charla Faddoul are also rumored to make the cut. Rumors were swirling that season six’s Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller may return, but thankfully the ever-grouchy Jonathan will not be on the All-Stars. Season nine winners BJ Averell and Tyler MacNiven and season five winners, Chip and Kim McAllister will also not be returning. The Amazing Race: All-Stars began filming in Miami last week. The remaining stars have yet to be confirmed, but look for this newest installment next year!

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Gallery: Amazing Race: All-Stars

Dave and Mary ConleyWell, Kentucky couple Dave and Mary Conley didn’t go the distance on The Amazing Race, but they did end up with some riches after all. This sweet couple gained a whole lot of love from fans of the 10th installment of The Amazing Race, with their honesty for playing the game. Few on reality shows have played a straighter game than Dave and Mary, and while they didn’t make it to the end, they were handsomely rewarded by The View. They appeared on the chatfest on Tuesday, where Rosie O’Donnell showered them with gifts to show her appreciation, saying they were “so unbelievably kind and giving.” They had previously been offered a cruise from The View, but during this interview received a package of goodies including: $1,000 Carhartt gift certificate, an Apple PowerBook laptop computer, a Canon Rebel digital camera, vacations to San Diego, Disneyland, and the Grand Canyon, and a 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition SUV. As if not enough, Rosie then presented them with a new three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath home. So Sunday night’s elimination on The Amazing Race had me openly weeping, and the prizes Dave and Mary received on The View left me in a puddle of tears. I can’t take much more!

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Gallery: Kentucky Couple From Amazing Race Receive a Happy Ending

The Amazing Race CBS has renewed The Amazing Race for an 11th go-around. And why not? The show has won four Best Reality Competition Emmy awards and deserves even more awards (with the exception of that crummy family edition). The show is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, with the amazingly fun Phil Keoghan serving as host. The show has hit some amazing locales and featured a lot of memorable team members since it all began in 2001. The ratings continue to be good for this reality show too—the premiere on September 17th drew more than 10.1 million people. The premise never gets stale, sending contestants around the world in search of clues as they compete in a variety of strength, endurance, intellectual and gross-out challenges. The option of two choices per road block and the ability to yield other teams or fast forward are all exciting elements of the game. Contestants keep their eyes on the $1 million grand prize—testing their teamwork along the way.

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Gallery: Amazing Race Renewed for Another Season

Amazing Race

It was a sad state of affairs for Team Cheerleaders as they were the third team to be eliminated on this 10th season of the Amazing Race. To add salt to their wounds, Kellie did not even complete the roadblock before she and Jamie had to take the walk of shame, already knowing that they were the last team to arrive. The teams were given the task to shoot a fire-tipped arrow at a target that seemed to be a mile away; there is no way I could have finished, my arrow would have probably ricocheted backwards and hit some innocent cow grazing in the pasture so I give props to Kellie for sticking it out ‘til the sun go-eth down on her. Leading up to their demise, they were given the wrong directions heading to their last roadblock so believing they were headed in the right direction, they gave the team of Lyn and Karlyn, the single moms, the lead they needed to secure a 9th place finish. I guess they can look at the bright side and think about all the beautiful scenery they were privileged to see on their drive to Mongolia: just breathtaking. Unfortunately for them, anything can happen, and everyone has a chance to win.

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Amazing RaceThings are starting to kick into high-gear now with the introduction of three high-profile reality shows and the finales of several others:

Sunday Night Football (7pm EST on NBC):  TV sales will increase once women realize that football season will contend with Desperate Housewives.
FOX Comedies (starting @ 8pm):  Those men not already watching football—and/or live on the West Coast—will have a line-up of father-oriented comedies to watch:  The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy and The War at Home.

9/11 Anniversary (various):  Most of the networks will choose to pay tribute on the 5-year anniversary.  Other programming will most likely be interrupted by a scheduled Pres. Bush speech at 9pm EST.

Big Brother (8pm on CBS):  The finale between Mike Boogie and Erika.  Sadly, someone has to be chosen the winner.  Maybe they can just have each other.
Dancing with the Stars (8pm on ABC):  The 2-hour debut of the ABC powerhouse.  Am I the only one who believes that Mario Lopez still deserves some karmic embarrassment for cheating on Ali Landry before their wedding?

Today Show (NBC):  The debut of Meredith Vieira.  I’m betting she’s happy to have a little more testosterone in her life.
Rock Star: Supernova (8pm on CBS):  The winner will be announced.  If Dilana doesn’t win, I’ll be boycotting CBS.

Survivor:  Cook Islands (8pm on CBS):  My 24-hour boycott of CBS will have ended when I return to watch this controversial racial experiment.  Being 1/2 Asian, 1/2 Hispanic…I’m not sure which team I will root for.  I just know that if those two tribes merge, the other groups could be in a world of hurt.

SUNDAY (9/17)
The Amazing Race 10 (8:30pm on CBS):  Twelve teams of two will depart from Seattle and travel around the world.  Twelve teams of two will also be that much closer to Phil Keoghan than I will ever be.

Gallery: The Week Ahead in TV

Emmys  As some of you might remember, TV Envy brought you live remarks during the 2006 Oscars.  I had so much fun last time - I thought I would do it again for the 58th Annual Emmy Awards.  Unfortunately, since I live on the West Coast, live blogging is not possible.  I could cheat and write this while reading the online reports—but I won’t.  I will keep my eyes focused on the TV screen before me and make catty remarks as I think of them in Pacific Standard Time.

Although I’m still a bit bitter that neither Lost or Desperate Housewives were nominated this year (apparently due to the recent changes in the nomination process), my annual viewing must go on.  If someone can manage to eke out a win for either Entourage, The Office or Scrubs, I may be able to forgive and forget.

Okay—let the time-delayed festivities begin!

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