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Surprise, surprise!  ABC has finally announced the long-overdue series finale of Alias.  After five-long years, the producers have exhausted all the reasons for Sydney (and now Rachel) to do recon in a bikini.  While it distresses me greatly to know that my time with Sark will end soon, I’m hoping and praying that the show’s conclusion will finally bring an end to all those unanswered questions.  Mainly—who is Rimbaldi again, and why do I care?

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Alias SoloWhen we last spoke about Alias, there were two things that we pointed out:  the new character of Rachel was simply recycling old Sydney storylines, and that actor Balthazar Getty was simply doing nothing.  Sadly, it’s been weeks since we’ve made those first remarks…and absolutely nothing has changed.

This week started off with the detainment of Rachel Gibson’s family.  Now that she has become a target, she has unintentionally put her parents and siblings into harm’s way as well.  To help Rachel understand why a witness protection program is necessary, Sydney gives her a bit of sage advice:  “You do it because you don’t have a choice.”  After having to live a double-life for her friends Will and Francie, Sydney knows all too well how this must go. And so do the viewers.

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Alias: The Shed

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Alias: The ShedOkay, is it just me—or did Jennifer Garner gain like 20 lbs. since the last episode?  No matter how much she’s gained, I’m apparently the only one who’s noticed because it doesn’t seem to stop her own father from assigning her to risky missions.  Unless, of course, he secretly wants her to miscarry Vaughn’s love-child.  After all, Jack does know first-hand how hard it is to raise a child in this business.

Well, even if Jack Bristow doesn’t recognize Sydney’s limitations, JJ Abrams apparently did, which is why he added another 100+ lbs. to Sydney’s side by giving her another child to look after—a new protege.  While we can understand the introduction of agent Rachel Gibson (after all, Sydney’s zombie/sister is currently of no help to her,) her introduction has been lackluster.  I mean, was it really necessary for them to give her the exact same back story as Sydney’s?  Methinks this is JJ Abrams’ lazy way of plotting out the show beyond this year.  Should Jennifer Garner fail to return post-baby, the producers could just start the show all over again - with the same heroine!  And with the introduction of the new SD-6 clone, The Shed, they could retool the same plot lines as well.

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